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  1. Nope, doesn't work in FB and that has external files.
  2. For once Microsoft is not at fault here. This is on MacOS. I will try with the other games. Maybe there is a difference.
  3. FB has external files and it works. CM itself can be started from anywhere in the file system. Why would BFC go to lengths to forbid symlinks? Why am I doing this? To save space. The laptop is a bit low on disk space and the mods work for 3-4 games.
  4. I've symlinked a mod folder into the Z folder but it seems that CMBN doesn't recognize the mods. Is there a reason why this doesn't work? Nelson:Z markus$ pwd /Applications/CM Battle for Normandy/CM Battle for Normandy.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Z Nelson:Z markus$ ln -s /Volumes/Jack/CM/Mods/HQS\ 2.6/ HQS Nelson:Z markus$ ls -la total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 markus staff 96 21 Jul 14:14 . drwxrwxr-x 25 501 staff 800 21 Jul 13:53 .. lrwxr-xr-x 1 markus staff 30 21 Jul 14:14 HQS -> /Volumes/Jack/CM/Mods/HQS 2.6/
  5. Hi, anyone with that combo? Is that working for you? Which hardware & driver do you have/use? Thanks!
  6. Hi mate

    Im liking the google map. Excellent idea :)

    Happy to be involved - what info would you need to plot the scene of an action on the map? I can give you CMBN CW stuff and if interested CMRT stuff.


  7. Thanks, glad you like it! But also thank @Combatintman - his testing was invaluable. The only text I've ever gotten from a bunker is a penetration when you manage to hit the opening from the front. I'm also not sure how far you get with the bazookas. Satchel charges are the way to go. Just put an engineer reasonably close to the bunker. No need to target. You are sure they fire through the bunker? There is also trench to the right in the background. You could receive fire from there, too.
  8. Generally splitting squads is a good idea if you are getting close to the enemy. But you need to make sure that they are still in good range to their HQ or they will get brittle. Minefields can only be found when your are in the same AS as the mine. There are two ways to find them: stepping on one or spotting them. Chances rise for both methods if you put more men in the spot but since you usually don't want to kill your men smaller teams and patience are the better choice. Experience and being an engineer helps. Also slow or hunt are very much advised. I think your analysis why the
  9. You underestimate German grammar. Of course that is possible. In a formal situation with strangers (e.g. in front of a customer) when a higher up addresses someone who he is on informal terms with. He could use the family name instead of the normally used first name. Mostly depending on age and status of the addressed. E.g.: "Herr Müller, kannst Du mal ...". Also the other way round in the same situation where an apprentice addresses his master. Reason is that the stranger needs to know the family name of the person if he wants to address him as he could not use the first name. Funny language
  10. Harry - a good test would be to replace the running animations with prone ones. That is of course not something you want to have in the game but then you can test casualties between running prone and running running targets. That should give you a very decisive difference.
  11. IIRC 2vs2 is on the 'never' list. I can't remember if something was said for 1vs1 campaigns though I wish it would happen (see sig )
  12. Unfortunately you are probably quite right. I was going to propose that this rule was only for mortars but then remembered that the number one counterpoint for this idea is that it would make smoke unusable - d'oh! So the rule is now that on-board mortars can only area fire non-smoke bombs on or near contacts... ok, I'll stop here.
  13. That is why there is the 'fire anywhere but only 15 seconds' clause. That is not enough time for mortars to get more than one bomb out. Playing styles differ but I would really very, very seldom target an area with aboslutely NO contact. The point of this is to emphasize the necessity of C2. To really get that info to the support units and not just by the all knowing eye. Actually this would level the field a bit as the AI can't area fire at all. But no need to fuss about it, won't happen. Taking abilities away from players is not popular anyway and BFC wouldn't want to open that can
  14. I can area fire anywhere I like if I have LOS to the AS. No need for a contact. Thus you can use (especially) mortars in an unrealistic way if you as the player know where an enemy unit is but the mortar unit does not. Hence my proposal to only allow area fire at or near contacts (sound or full). That is in spirit of Bills proposal but not going all the way but as far as the engine would make that possible.
  15. Just a sunday morning what if What if CM would only allow area fire at or near a contact? That would make C2 much more important especially for the mortars (and life more difficult for players of course). Downside would be that recon by fire becomes impossible. That could be accepted or it would be allowed to target short for 15s to anywhere in LOS (like now). The latter is a loophole to still fire anywhere (especially in RT) but makes it at least cumbersome. Before I forget: +1 to you MOS! Very good and informative, thank you.
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