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  1. Excellent match and AARs, very entertaining. This has certainly got my mouth watering for CMCW! Although it's a pity that neither side's artillery got much of look in. I was looking forward to seeing the effects of DPICM.
  2. Something of a long break between entries, but oh well, let's take a peek at the next mission. The mission is a little more sedate than the last one. The scout platoon of TF Thunder has encountered resistance from dug-in enemy infantry whilst reconnoitring along a small valley through which runs an alternate route of advance, Route Echo. Two rifle platoons from A Company have been appointed to clear the enemy out. We must sweep the enemy off the high ground along the valley and then regroup at the far end. I have an hour to complete my objectives. The enemy is known to be l
  3. Grand, hope you enjoy it 😁 Thks bby ❤️ Yes, the quality of life improvements from the new engine are really nice. And the presence of actual fortifications makes missions like this much more interesting. I agree about the mines, it was highly irritating that I kept my breach team squatting on top of the things for the whole battle and they only spotted one little patch. Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.
  4. Well, it took longer than expected to put this together, but better late than never, right? My basic plan at this stage is to initially make an attack by fire from the berm, driving them up the ramps into positions where they will be hull down and able to engage the enemy static tanks and fortifications. Meanwhile, the breach team will move to the berm opening and begin looking for mines. 1st Platoon of A Company will be first through the breach. My Fire Support Team calls in the Shadow UAV. Hopefully, this will enable us to ID enemy tanks and strongpoints before my tanks g
  5. Right, let's get cracking. Our first mission is a nice simple one. The invasion of Syria is beginning and TF Thunder is leading the charge. Our target is an old fortress watching the Syria-Iraq border. My forces for this mission are a mech-heavy company team from my battlegroup. Our mission is to occupy the barracks and HQ building of the border fort and to secure the border crossing by destroying the Syrian forces garrisoning the crossing point. The enemy is a reserve infantry battalion, dug in and supported by static T-55/T-54 tanks. The enemy positions have little t
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This will be an AAR series, covering my playthrough of the US Army campaign of Shock Force 2: 'TF Thunder'. I briefly dipped my toe into this campaign in Shock Force 1, but only as far as the first mission. This will be my first proper playthrough of a Combat Mission campaign, and I'm sharing it all with you! So, without further ado, let's get into the campaign briefing. The ground invasion of Syria has begun. After a three-day-long aerial bombardment, NATO forces are pouring into the country from all sides; The US Army from the
  7. If you are done making blatantly political statements whilst professing to be apolitical, then sure.
  8. And you really thought that the best way to do that was to say that NATO is lying about the threat from Russia?
  9. >when you can't afford a one-bedroom flat but you somehow control what the film industry decides to make Loving this millennial life
  10. Advancing on a broad front is a little difficult when you have the Mediterranean Sea to your right and an untraversable ocean of sand to your left (or vice versa if you're in the Axis).
  11. Actually, in academia the definition of terrorism is fairly well defined; it refers to violence committed by non-military actors against non-military and/or civilian targets, with the direct victims not usually the ultimate target. So Commandos and Resistance/Partisans attacking military targets are emphatically not terrorists. Quelle surprise, Hitler was wrong. A helpful source is attached. The Revised Academic Consensus Definition of Terrorism.pdf
  12. In the introductory briefing for the British campaign, it states that the MOD have been scrambling to make new maps for Syria, but in the meantime, they've found some old Soviet-era maps for you to make do with.
  13. And now the end is near, And so I face the final curtain . . . The time has come for the final assault. The Scimitars trundle forward and start pelting the buildings of the East Yard with 30mm HE. Unfortunately, there is some fratricide as a cannon shell bursts on a tree next to my Javelin men, wounding one. Another mistake, I should have pulled the Javelins back by this point. The APCs of the Command Troop and the leader of the Support Troop zoom up and start hosing down the objective with their machine guns. The scouts charge forward in th
  14. In the last entry, things were not going well for the 9th/12th. I suffered my first casualties and the enemy managed to escape unmolested (again). But over the next few turns, I feel the pendulum swinging in my favour once more . . . My Javelin men take aim at the enemy ATGM team. The missile pops out of the tube and howls skyward like a bloodhound let off the leash. I believe in you, little missile! I never asked for this. The missile plops into the berm at the foot of Point 228. If the enemy doesn't kill the rest of my Javelins, I bloody wel
  15. This is beginning to really irritate me now. With my Javelins in position on the forward slope of my hill, I am swiftly rewarded with the sight of an ATGM team perched in the bushes atop Point 228. I expect the Javelin teams to use their launchers and wipe the enemy team off of the face of the Earth, but instead, the idiots start plinking away with their rifles! I hurriedly give the team that has spotted the enemy a 'target' order on the offending ATGM. The AT operator finally puts away his rifle and takes aim with his launcher. I anticipate the thunk-whoosh o
  16. It would be a good way to smoke out the BMPs, but I need every gun, missile and rocket softening up the objective. The Apache has such little ammo left, I need to be sure that it will be spent well. Also, the buildings aren't exactly tough. In other games, I've seen 60mm mortar rounds tear right through them. I'm confident that they are no defence against the weapons that my Apache carries.
  17. Alas, it has very little left, so I'll be using what remains on the objective.
  18. Cheers. No, it still has some munitions left. Yes, that little bit of re-evaluating was quite helpful. Cheers Bil, and yes, I really must take better care of my vehicles. I've done this in other battles too, left my vehicles exposed in one spot for too long. Even the mighty Abrams can be greatly inconvenienced by a lucky Sagger hit.
  19. Gosh Fungling Darn it I knew that I'd kept that Scimitar exposed for too long. I knew that I hadn't checked the lines of sight of my other units on the hill. I was just thinking 'my Scimitars are pretty vulnerable there, I'd better pull them back soon'. Then whoosh! Crack! Bang! The Troop Leader's Scimitar is a smoking wreck and no one even saw where the missile came from. How very irritating. The only saving grace is that the whole crew escaped with only minor wounds. I think that the missile was launched from a trench on the eastern slope of Point 228, so I spray the offending
  20. Shouldn't joke about that, I'm already resitting my third year Yes, I can see how this battle could be a challenge. I'm still concerned about how I'm going to make my final assault on the objective. Thank you for the offer of help, I'll keep it in mind. No, I attend the University of Wolverhampton.
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