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Found 6 results

  1. What's going on fellas! I finally decided to venture out into the world of modding and made my own uniform mod. It's nothing serious, I just took the coyote brown vest from Black Sea and put it over the UCP uniforms. I got the inspiration from the occupation phases in Iraq & Afghanistan; figured it'd make more sense to combo desert gear and equipment with the UCP uniforms. To make this mod possible I used gear from Oleksander's 7th Infantry Division skin mod and rag-tagged existing equipment found in the base game. S/O to Oleksander. In the preview pictures I am also using ViperA
  2. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This will be an AAR series, covering my playthrough of the US Army campaign of Shock Force 2: 'TF Thunder'. I briefly dipped my toe into this campaign in Shock Force 1, but only as far as the first mission. This will be my first proper playthrough of a Combat Mission campaign, and I'm sharing it all with you! So, without further ado, let's get into the campaign briefing. The ground invasion of Syria has begun. After a three-day-long aerial bombardment, NATO forces are pouring into the country from all sides; The US Army from the
  3. Hello, people! Is there any way to have unconventional and US army together on a mission? Like a joint operation with US special forces guiding Syrian rebels? Thanks in advance!
  4. The US Army, prompted by increased proliferation and combat use, notably China's Predator counterpart CH-4 and an Israeli Harop kamikaze drone which wiped out a busload of Armenian volunteers during the Nagorno-Karabakh affray, as well as ISIS et al for propaganda and maybe even troop control, has been going hammer and tongs on a solution. Using a 10 KW (bottom end of High Energy Laser definition), it has been wholesale killing drones as small as the small quadcopters so common here in the US. The platform is a HEMTT reconfigured to be a HELMTT, with the laser being positioned high enough to f
  5. Some help for those learning to handle US infantry! These are what the Army's CM level sims look like. My understanding from one of the comments on a vid is that this is something called VVS and is a military only version of Arma. Introduction to Rifle Squad Squad Movement Formations & Techniques Regards, John Kettler
  6. What is the best way the M7A3 Bradley Fire Support Vehicles should be used? So far I haven't noticed that they have any advantage over the regular units in spotting, plus they are more difficult to hide, than the small infantry teams.
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