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  1. Do my eyes deceive me? Are people really comparing "kills per minute" in some hyper sterile lab test to actually argue whether or not a weapon of suppression is better than a different weapon of suppression? In a combined-arms game where individual weaponry is basically irrelevant unless you exclusively play tiny scenarios? Has anyone here actually gotten into combat and just sat completely stationary with a Bren and an MG42 firing at each other and just waited to see who would win? The Syrians aren't underdogs because the RPK is probably worse than the M249 or something and the I
  2. The 30 point hinds only have ammo for their .50cal MGs, probably still a bit cheaper than they should be but really only annoying more than actually useful
  3. If we're discussing the hopes and dreams of revamping old games; How many organs do I sell to get CMAK 2?
  4. I've also found the Javelin drastically less accurate this patch (2.03), earlier I played Guarding the Far Flank by PBEM, with my opponent and I swapping sides after the first match and we both found the Javelin to have an atrocious hit rate. (6 misses over 2 turns, which was all the ATGMs fired) Specifically, it seems that the missile fails to drop attack and instead just sails over the target and off the map.
  5. @gallycadetWell you've caused some amount of aggravation no doubt due to clearly having an axe to grind and getting it out there by having a review of pretty questionable information that you've put forward as objective fact, like: "The engine isn't designed for modern combat, it was built for WW2" (engine was literally designed for modern combat, Shock Force was the initial release) "LoS is dice rolls" (it isn't) "It isn't equipped for MOUT combat because I have to micromanage and can't just cartwheel my men forwards to victory" (actually laughed to be frank with you) "It'
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