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Found 3 results

  1. Hello What will next Combat Mission be? /Thx Dan M
  2. Hi folks Has taking your CMs game a priority in your life when you wake/stand up ? ... like drink a coffee or cup of tea and buy news paper... Or is just a game in forrum that you play/talk in the evening ??
  3. Hey there been playing for about 4 months know and just played the scenario Kings in retirement and i came out with a minor victory was able to take the church and preserve the chateau but man did i take a beating clearing the buildings out by the time i got my infanrty up the the chateau mt tanks where out of ammo and the infantry got pretty beat up clearing the buildings so i was able to hold OBJ on but not to advance to clear the infantry out any tips on a diffrent approch ETC on clearing bulding i would normal try and supress athen with another squad assulat the build
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