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Found 20 results

  1. Is there any news on the implementation of the Matrix/Slitherine PBEM system to the CM franchise and CMCW in particular? I also wonder how the delay of CMCW release on Steam affects the CMBN release on Steam?
  2. Longtime wargamer but newbie to these Combat Mission games. Looking for both novice and veteran opponents. Semi-retired with a flexible schedule. Please contact here or by PM. Looking for good after turn/battle assessment from more veteran players. Thanks! Also: Considering purchasing a WWII Combat Mission in the near future.
  3. Hi everyone I'm quite new to this game and wonder a bit about playing a pbem game. What I'd like to know first, before I invite someone or reply to someone's invitation to such a game, is how likely it is that my opponent will "cheat" when he is doing his moves. As far as I understand there are two possibilities when one is involved in a pbem game. Person A - Gets the save and makes his moves before he sees the real-time result of his moves and the ones from Person B and then saves the file. Person B - Gets the save and looks at the real-time result from his own previous moves and the ones from Person A as well as makes his next moves before he saves the file. In this way Person A is able to make his moves and only after that see the result of his and the opponents moves. If he doesn't like the result because one of his armored cars, tank or whatever is being destroyed by an enemy tank, anti-tank gun or an anti-tank rifle he can simply order the tank or whatever, which is being destroyed, to use direct shots towards the area from where the enemy shot came with the result that the new real-time result is better than it was earlier. Or he can decide to use a mortar crew to use direct shot on a position he didn't think about and only during the real-time realizes is filled with enemy squads. There are of course many new decisions Person A can make to improve his possibilities to win the game after he has seen the result. The above ones are only two of them. What I wonder is how often do you think those things happen? And maybe you have noticed a little odd thing happening and been thinking to yourself that your opponent probably changed his moves after he had watched the real-time result? Or maybe you could be honest enough to let us know when you changed your moves to get a more favorable result and also why you did it?
  4. Send me some PM's. Am ready for my first PBEM!
  5. This thread will be a repository for videos showcasing a PBEM game I had against @BletchleyGeek which had finished about 4 months ago. Do not expect quick or timely updates, this is a free-time only type of project, and is mostly me trying to shake off my lethargy after running three PBEM games concurrently, which left me feeling a bit burned out for a while. Without further ado, stand by to receive your mission briefing! Feel free to leave comments, or ask questions, but I would ask that ancillary discussion be kept to a minimum.
  6. Long time lurker here, been scouring the forums for the above-mentioned thread with no luck. Is there any good place to challenge people for pbem games nowadays?
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This is an AAR of a PBEM played with the British Forces module of Combat Mission: Shock Force. The scenario is "Sabres at Dawn" - I am attacking with a British light armoured reconnaissance force and @Rinaldi is defending with a Syrian reserve mechanised infantry force. So, without further ado, let's do a quick analysis of the situation. My primary task is to attack and clear a compound known as the "East Yard" approximately 500m to the North-Northeast of my deployment zone. My secondary task is simply to destroy the enemy in the field. I must not suffer over 20% casualties and must have my force "arrayed for future operations", which presumably means I must keep ammunition expenditure to a reasonable level and have as little vehicles immobilised as possible. My force consists of light armour and mechanised reconnaissance infantry, supported by ATGM teams and rotary-wing assets. My enemy is defending positions in and around the East Yard, north of a deep irrigation ditch running west-east across the Area of Operations (AO). Intelligence states that there are no enemy units South of the irrigation ditch. Presumably, given the low quality of my enemy's units, his intent is to hold his position for as long as possible and bleed my forces as much as he can before being eliminated. Enemy forces are estimated to be a platoon-sized force from a reserve mechanised infantry battalion equipped with BMP-1s. It is possible that they may be supported by ATGM teams. Due to my enemy commanding a reserve unit, it is likely that the equipment, training and leadership of his units are of a low quality. However, several things should encourage me to caution. Firstly, my own force is small and very light, designed for reconnaissance, not assaults on fortified positions. The BMP-1 is not a fearsome machine in Shock Force, but even its low-velocity 73mm cannon can easily pop any of my vehicles if it can land a hit. Secondly (and more importantly), Rinaldi is a highly skilled and experienced player of Combat Mission. I myself have very little experience, with only two other PBEMs under my belt (one of which ended prematurely because my opponent got bored, the other of which ended with Rinaldi kicking my teeth in). I can expect my opponent to quickly develop a very clear appraisal of the situation, with great knowledge of the capabilities of both his and my own units. He will likely try and engage me at as short a range as possible to try and offset the advantages that modern optics and firepower give me. He will be on the lookout for any weakness or mistake and will exploit such opportunity ruthlessly. I must be very careful if I am to avoid being severely embarrassed here (doubly so, as Rinaldi takes great pleasure in denigrating the fighting ability of my countrymen ). Now for the terrain. The AO is small, only about 350x600m. To my immediate front and right, the ground is open and rises steeply, before gently falling off to the north. To my left, the ground rises more gently, with an MSR running North-South and a small Orchard running North along the edge of the map. The aforementioned irrigation ditch runs east-west, bisecting the AO. The briefing informs me that the ditch is unfordable, with only two crossing points, designated Tweedledum (to the north-west) and Tweedledee (to the north-east). North of the irrigation ditch, the terrain becomes more complex. There is a small compound immediately North and to the left of Tweedledum, known as the "Tool Houses". North of the Tool Houses there is a gentle hill, designated "Point 228". Immediately North of Tweedledee is my objective, the East Yard, a sprawling compound of one-storey buildings. North of the East Yard is another hill, designated "Point 225". Both Point 228 and 225 are covered in trenches. There is a thick haze covering the AO, the temperature is warm, the ground is very dry and there is a medium breeze blowing from the west. Finally, a view of the AO through the eyes of my enemy. He has some excellent positions to take advantage of, with a large obstacle to his front, the complex semi-urban terrain on his left and right, and elevated fighting positions to his left-rear and right-rear. Now to identify the key terrain (KT) of the AO. The first KT is the hill immediately to the front and right of my deployment zone. This is one of the highest points on the map and will provide excellent sight lines and fields of fire to the North. The second KT is Tweedledum and the Tool Houses. Tweedledum is one of only two points where the irrigation ditch can be crossed and the Tool Houses could provide cover and concealment for forces defending the crossing point. The Tool Houses could be a good place for a forward observation post. The third KT is Point 228. this hill provides sightlines and fields of fire across almost the entire AO, and the reverse slope offers an excellent place to conceal forces, for ambush or counterattack. Any advance towards the East Yard will be enfiladed by fire from Point 228. The fourth and final KT is the East Yard and Point 225. The East Yard is my objective and must be cleared, but is also likely to be the toughest nut to crack. If he so wishes, Rinaldi could hide units deep in this compound as my units approach, before making a potentially devastating point-blank ambush. Point 225 provides good lines of sight over the open ground south of the irrigation ditch and would make another good location for an observation post. Now for a detailed assessment of the force at my disposal. I command a small company-sized force from "A" Squadron of the 9th/12th Lancers. Firstly, we have the Command Troop with the Squadron Leader and Second in Command (2iC) mounted in Sultan APCs. A Tactical Air Controller team is mounted in a Spartan APC and will be directing the fires of a single Apache gunship. Secondly, we have 1 Troop, consisting of four Scimitar light tanks. These little fellows are fast, agile and equipped with a hard-hitting 30mm autocannon. They wield the heaviest firepower of my force but are very lightly armoured, only really able to resist small arms fire. Thirdly, we have the Support Troop, consisting of the command team and four four-man scout teams, all mounted in Spartan APCs. Each scout team has a SAW, a sniper rifle, an under-barrel grenade launcher and three light anti-tank weapons (LAW). These infantry teams will be needed to clear out the East Yard and conduct dismounted reconnaissance, but are all very fragile. This is undoubtedly the most vulnerable but also the most important part of my force. Last, but definitely not least, we have the Guided Weapons Troop, consisting of two Javelin teams mounted in Spartan APCs. Each team has five missiles. The Javelin is an excellent weapon, accurate and very hard hitting. These teams will likely be the best option for knocking out AFVs and other hard targets. Troops thus covered, all that remains is the time; it is currently 0530 and I have 50 minutes to complete my objectives. Phew, so much for a quick analysis! I still haven't really thought much about what my enemy might do or made a tentative plan yet. However, this post is getting rather long so I shall leave that for my next entry. Stay tuned!
  8. Hello this is my first AAR. This is an AAR of a quick battle I fought against @sid_burn I have fought more recent battles against Sid but this is one of the more fitting battles for an AAR. I am attacking as Germans against Americans in a medium size attack. The map is well forested with all the objectives being accessible by forest from my right and there is some forest on my left. The map for the most part slowly declines but trees in front of the town obscure some los from the hill. This is my first time attacking Sid in a QB so I am unsure of what to expect. I expect infantry and artillery but am unsure of how much armor he will take. I am only sure he will put AT guns on a ridge that overlook a good portion of the hill. My own forces consist of a battalion of Grenadiers and three Brummbars. This is one of my first time using Brummbars and I'm curious how they will perform. If Sid takes a lot of armor that could be problematic since Brummbars only carry 3 HEAT rounds and aren't very accurate. Probably would have better to replace 1-2 of the Brummbars with a stug but oh well. Given the terrain I should be able to get infantry AT close enough against armor if he has any. For artillery I have four on map 81mm mortars and two off map. I also have 2 heavy mortars and a forward observer to spot for them. Unfortunately I didn't bring any trps this battle. My base of fire is the hill using my Brummbars and HMGs to fire into the town. The 10th company will also move here. One platoon will secure the minor objectives (where I expect only a token or nonexistent defence), another platoon will be with the Brummbars and HMGs to protect and assist with fire into the town, and the third platoon along with the panzerschreck will move into the forest to secure it and flank the town. The 11th company will move along the forest to flank the major objectives and will be the main force pushing into the objectives. The 9th company will push along the far right to neutralize whatever forces he has on the ridge and to support the 11th company in their attack on the town. Will make more posts soon!
  9. Hi, I've never played anyone via email before and was wondering what's involved? Does anyone fancy a game or two please? Thanks, 2Dog PS. I'm a newbie.
  10. Greetings all, The blitz (A great wargaming site btw) is running a scenario of the month for years now, April's is up and includes CMFB . More details below (including this link to main page) but the idea is to play some scenarios against random blitz members and report back on their suitability for H2H play, a useful resource for everyone and a great chance to meet some serious players. ------ start extract Three scenarios will be tested, one being from the newest addition to the CMx2 series: Final Blitzkrieg The scenarios tested this month are: CMBN: MG - Out on a Limb CMFI: GL - The Forrest of Wild Beasts CMFB: Cutline to Grosshau end extract -----
  11. Greetings all, The blitz (A great wargaming site btw) is running a scenario of the month for years now, April's is up and includes CMFB . More details below (including this link to main page) but the idea is to play some scenarios against random blitz members and report back on their suitability for H2H play, a useful resource for everyone and a great chance to meet some serious players. ------ start extract Three scenarios will be tested, one being from the newest addition to the CMx2 series: Final Blitzkrieg The scenarios tested this month are: CMBN: MG - Out on a Limb CMFI: GL - The Forrest of Wild Beasts CMFB: Cutline to Grosshau end extract -----
  12. Greetings all, The blitz (A great wargaming site btw) is running a scenario of the month for years now, April's is up and includes CMFB . More details below (including this link to main page) but the idea is to play some scenarios against random blitz members and report back on their suitability for H2H play, a useful resource for everyone and a great chance to meet some serious players. ------ start extract Three scenarios will be tested, one being from the newest addition to the CMx2 series: Final Blitzkrieg The scenarios tested this month are: CMBN: MG - Out on a Limb CMFI: GL - The Forrest of Wild Beasts CMFB: Cutline to Grosshau end extract -----
  13. Greetings all, The Blitz has started signup for it's scenario of the month programme (November) so hussle over there and signup if interested. The Blitz tests 2 scenarios each month to assess their suitability for H2H play, OTOH it's 2 scenarios that guarantee an opponent and you can feel good by helping fellow CM players http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=68691 Scenario this month CMBS: First Clash
  14. Looking for more PBEM games, a lot of spare time over the next month. Have CMBN CMRT and CMFI all modules Only pref I request is Elite difficulty, anything else goe's Would also like to find some Oceanic/AUS/NZ players as I have none thus far. Make dropbox folder add game file, invite grandearmee77@gmail.com or let me know if you would rather me choose the settings. P.S prefer CMRT as I have very little experience with CMBN/CMFI thus far but I'm Easy .
  15. im tired to fight against ridiculous hard A.I. i want to play multiplayer with other guys, and i didnt play any PBEM match in CMSF before. if anyone can play PBEM for SF, tell me. i will wait for you (maybe if i can )
  16. Hi I've start playing CMFI over PBEM. We both have the base game with GL and patch V112. Been playing several smaller scenarios for weeks now, everything been working fine with file transfer via DropBox etc. One particular large scenario in GL called Cesaro has stopped working after we've played for 2 weeks or so. Incoming file V049 comes in at 32Mb , transfers OK, I copy the file in my Incoming Folder yet the file is "invisible" for the game ! I can see the 047 file ok, can load and replay w/o any issues. The 047 file is at 28Mb size. I've restarted the game several time, re boot computer, re installed the DBFI , GL and the two patches. Asked my game partner to re-play m re load the file (keep browser open , check internet connection etc) Still no luck. This 049 file is invisible for some reason. I am using Win8.1 , 16Mb RAM with an AMD 64 processor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. GD
  17. all details are here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/hungry-for-battle-looking-for-opponents.21884/ long story short: large battle map and funds,i am german,mixed formations,meeting ,1 turn per day minimum* ,dropbox enabled, Hypaspist33@gmail.com,rarity standard you can start first turn and choose exact map/weather
  18. Prefer Quick Battles, like to buy my own forces. Drop Box, will try just about anything.
  19. Hello. I am interested in starting a PBEM battle. I have no qualms as to side or type of battle. I might need a refresher on how to use Head 2 Head Helper, but I've used it before in conjunction with drop box. Maybe I'll need a hand with that too. If anyone could direct me via link, or post below, how to use them, it would be a great help. My email address will be RutherfordBonnerIV AT G m a i l . c o m. Thank you for any and all replies. PS: Maybe we can make short battles... it might be a bit optimistic, but they might release another patch during our game that could make it unplayable.
  20. Okay, this is embarrassing. I'm currently playing a PBEM game of The Passage, and CMH has wiped the chat log, so I'm not sure if my opponent is receiving my chats. I'm also not quite sure who I'm playing, and if I gained the opponent here, or at FGM. So if anything of this sounds familiar please message me here, or e-mail me. Oh, and if anyone is looking for a game of CMRT, or any other CM games (minus the CMBN vehicle pack), feel free to message me.
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