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  1. I have CMPE, and after playing a lot of it, testing it, etc, I have come away most shocked with how feature complete and functional the convoy command is. I am absolutely surprised it was never put into Engine 4, and specifically, that there are so many rumors about how non-functional it is. I hope it comes in Engine 5. I wonder what prevented it from becoming a universal feature?
  2. Unfortunately the project got put on hold because my life got busy. If I was to run it again, it wouldn't be a Beta test. But I really need to find a more efficient way to run my end of things. A lot of time was spent managing the playing board. Maybe if there's interest I would host a public game eventually, thank you everyone for your interest!
  3. Can you explain some more about what is incorrectly stated in this list? Many of us felt like it was a little disingenuous to the series as a whole considering thermometric warheads are in Black Sea, and cluster is in Cold War.
  4. This has since been changed. Threads, their archival, and management is now a feature of the platform.
  5. I'd like to address that the Combat Mission discord is probably the fasted growing community for Combat Mission, if not already the biggest. I insist that many of the forum members step off their high horse and try to understand the Discord isn't just a few immature children, but one of the most productive and diverse places that relate to the game. The BFC.com forum, while being an amazing resource, is becoming more and more obsolescent as time moves on. One would benefit from not settling on one means of discourse forever.
  6. Those kids aren't shouldering their weapons correctly, also not impressed by their uniforms. Is there a mod in the works to help fix this?
  7. This after we fix HE and Airburst damage to tank subsystems.
  8. Tortoise and the Hare except they finish at the same time and the hare starts a couple years later. EDIT: I'm checking the forum every minute until then though haha
  9. Speaking on retirement, what will happen to BFC once you and the rest of the crew retire?
  10. Hint at a game that includes the Spanish? Spanish Civil War, or maybe very interestingly, the Ifni War? The Spanish could use some CM love haha.
  11. When you buy it on Steam, both Steam and Slitherine take a cut before it gets to BFC. When you buy direct from BFC there is no cut taken. It's pretty simple.
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