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  1. Nothing too crazy, very simple like the AK mount. You just insert the PK into the mechanism. The point of the contraption is to keep the PK connected to the glass plate. I wonder if there's a way to connect any tube that vents gas like on the AKM.
  2. Since you worked on the game, can you provide some insight as the infantry dynamic? When US infantry engage Russian infantry, who usually ends up on top? Once they get into the Town I'm curious if the US infantry will make up for their low numbers.
  3. It would definitely be an interesting strat if the Capt decides to use his infantry as M60 bait.
  4. Judging by what we've seen so far I'd agree. It seems that Capt has been using his BMPs fairly liberally. But then again, he has a lot of them, + his tanks will prove an issue for Bil I believe. As long as Bil can stop Capt from entering the town then the game is definitely seems to be in his favor.
  5. No one has to watch the streams lol. To be honest the Slitherine screenshots aren't showing the game in the best light as is. Also, screenshots that have already been officially published show very incorrect (unfinished) things as well. The US infantry with WW2 BDUs and multicam radio packs are kit.
  6. Can Beta Testers stream themselves playing the game? We have in-game screenshots on the Steam page courtesy of Slitherine so it would seem appropriate for streaming to be permitted.
  7. Sure. I'll send you or publish the maps I make.
  8. Each map will be 1x1km (just like the hexes) Their creation will be aided by per-existing maps, user-made maps (cut up and edited), and since I have a lot of experience making maps I will be doing most of them by hand probably. The maps terrain will correspond to the real life location the battles take place in.
  9. Current Game Map (v0.9) Red is the main highway, pentagons are the towns.
  10. Here's a picture of the formations the players will be starting off with. (Mortars are not included in this)
  11. Hello, I am Rice and I am about to start my first trial run of my Combat Mission Afghanistan dynamic campaign; Afghan Dust. This dynamic campaign will feature 6 total players and me, as the Game Master. I will post screenshots and updates about the ongoing game here. As for introduction to how the game is intended to work I will provide a brief description. Currently the trial run is meant to serve as a Beta Test to make sure it holds up as an actually playable game. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What units do the players command? Each team has a bat
  12. This is just justification for not using it IRL, my original post was about the logic of your first message. I think it makes sense not to add it but that wasn't what I was pointing out lol.
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