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  1. Afghanistan gets an engine upgrade and becomes a module. The game is called Cold War so anything can happen in those years.
  2. Thanks, Steve. I'm looking forward to what's coming up.
  3. God bless you Steve and your full spectrum team. Will Afghanistan be getting an engine update? also why are the screenshots called bones?
  4. Thank you for the response, I am now able to play the games. I had to revert from 1920x1080 to 1600x1200.
  5. Anytime I launch any of the original CM games my game looks like the picture below. I am running on Windows 10. https://imgur.com/pv88AQV
  6. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Elvis unlike the Germans in Berlin, 1945.
  7. I love playing these games but I'm wondering as to why I can't achieve a high frame rate on any battle size despite having a modern gaming pc. I get a higher frame rate on more demanding games on my system like Metro Exodus or Total War Three Kingdoms.
  8. LOS is going to be hell. All those ****ing question marks in the bushes, god damn charlie's everywhere!
  9. I noticed that in the first level of the campaign you have 7-man sections while in real life the Canadian section consists of 8 men. I did a check in quick battle and noticed the sections also have 7 men instead of 8.
  10. The first mission of the saving private Ryan campaign was intense because an entire platoon died immediately after starting the mission
  11. In terms of content available, Shock Force and Normandy have a lot of player-made content.
  12. I am a silly little man. Thank you for clarifying with me.
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