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  1. I'm sure its fairly easy to avoid, especially because the Sherman only travels at 5mph with the flail in operation
  2. I think you're right, and thankfully it really isn't important to the game, blocking traffic with destroyed vehicles however will hopefully be something we get to see one day.
  3. So this isn't really too important to the game but I ran a test in the editor and found that the mine flail on the Sherman tank doesnt kill infantry, and while this isn't game breaking (or even necessary) a mine flail should still kill any infantry it hits. Is there a game engine reason for this or is it purely a design decision?
  4. I can recall you doing this in a few of our matches 😉
  5. It is absolutely unrealistic, no army on the face of the earth trains soldiers to displace out of fighting positions, or to run around like headless chickens when they take indirect fire.
  6. I'll have to disagree, infantry become absolutely useless once they start taking indirect fire. Its not hard to give us an update on the progress of the patch, even a simple "its taking longer than expected to fix" would be fine
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