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  1. We''l get those when they do France 1940 and Barbarossa...
  2. Puritans don't go for humour, they have iron rods stuck up their backsides, however, if you kick their rods hard enough they often crack a smile every now and then.
  3. Never mind the Priest's... these buggers are killers too!
  4. Never seen that film footage before... what a great clip, really enjoyable!
  5. I never knew a little whimpering from me would bring forth a reaction Cheers Elvis!
  6. All I would like to see is CM Barbarossa... if CM3 is somehow in the works, what a great first module that would be!
  7. By the time CM3 comes out most of us will have kicked the bucket... not to mention the designers themselves.
  8. It's a great little video... if that doesn't get your juices going, nothing will!
  9. Someone clearly hasn't talked... no sinking ships reported anywhere!
  10. Barbarossa is certainly my main interest in the Eastern Front... I hope they do go down that road at some stage... sooner would be better
  11. Just seen the patches... all installed no problem. Many thanks
  12. No news about anything... is it the easter hols?
  13. Yes, 30 odd years of 'making myself have it' have pretty much messed up my knees, hip and lower back... do I regret it? Absolutely not... my career choice, my job required me to hammer my body physically to the extremes. I'd do it all again!
  14. So what... I'm in my 60's now and still intend to be killing pixel truppen when I'm in my 80's and beyond!
  15. Very nice... now all I have to do is get me some Marines....
  16. So I just bung these in the Z folder and they will straighten those shark teeth road?
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