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  1. I believe it is just talking about voices, I thought the same there is already ethicities so must just be extra voice wav files. I can't believe they want to spend the money to do this but must be ticking an "inclusivity" box for someone.
  2. I have just seen this announcement from dstl, looks like the the UK are getting a more “inclusive” version of CM! https://www.gov.uk/government/news/diversity-on-the-virtual-battlefield
  3. Very interesting topic. I would love to see the logic in how BF work out the price for tanks. I suspect they have a formula but during beta testing when people are using them in different situations there is a lot of “that tank is way OP for the price, it needs to cost more” and it evolves to be what we end up with now. I am at the point where I go with whatever interests me at the time, so do not get too hung up on the cost, but it does grate sometimes as the axis that I know I am paying a lot more the the US for their tanks (whether it’s fair or not)!
  4. I believe 'quite' places it somewhere in between the next 7 days and 7 years
  5. Mmmm intriguing, I cannot believe hanging on to hear about the release of F&R is about to be replaced with hanging on for some info on CM3 . P.S. if it anything like the change from CM1 -> CM2 it is going to be mind blowing!!
  6. The troops thought Easter was important too
  7. “best combination of fire power , mobility and armor”. That is the holy trinity of tank design, however for world war 2 I think you have to add ease of manufacture and complexity of the design/reliability. For me the Panther 1 on 1 with any other tank probably comes out on top but add in the the time it took to manufacture and that it was a complex machine prone to breakdowns then it’s T34/85 1st, Sherman 76 2nd and panther down to 3rd place.
  8. The new game looks great. I forum trail for a Fulda gap games goes back so many years, I thought it was never going to happen. Keep the surprises coming BF
  9. I volunteer for beta testing the patch/FRmodule as well
  10. Great news the game is on its way. Been a while since the last release so thanks Steve, Charles and the team!!
  11. really interesting interview - I had forgotten how much I played those first CMBO demos back in the day
  12. Very interesting news, lets hope it ends well as a win win win all round.
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