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  1. really interesting interview - I had forgotten how much I played those first CMBO demos back in the day
  2. Very interesting news, lets hope it ends well as a win win win all round.
  3. Yes I know before everyone chimes in it will never be in the game. 😭 Or the Maus 😭😭
  4. was it an Is-3 on the receiving end??? We have to see it!! 😄
  5. Hi All, challenge going out for anyone interested in a CMBN or CMFB QB preferably med or small. Anyone interested?
  6. Great to see BF still supporting the older games. Downloading them now 😀
  7. The first aider has to be in the same square of the map, it can be hard to judge somethings when the soldier seems to be across the edges of 2 squares. As I have found trying to get hold of a precious MG42 or AT rocket from a fallen soldier. As already said it also boosts you casualty figures at the end as well even though they take no further part in the battle.
  8. I think they had a few scimitars and tracked recon vehicles, but you are right it would not be quite the scope of shock force.
  9. How about U.K. vs Argentina in the Falklands
  10. Really interesting video, thanks for sharing. I always thought there was a place in military training for CM so very glad the U.K. are making use of it.
  11. I thought this might have been prompted by Radio general being released. An all voice command 'armchair general' style game.
  12. thanks for sharing - i am going to give it try!
  13. Really looking forward to getting back to the eastern front. Thanks for the update Steve.
  14. is the download site down at the moment? I cannot get the download to start or get past about 80mb the one time it did start.
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