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  1. Thank you and thank you for the uploader (is it you, Kraze?) especially big thanks to Kieme!
  2. Excuse me , is there "kieme mods megapack " anywhere? I had to reinstall OS and did not remember to backup z folder . If there is no such "megapack " how about someone to pack and upload it? Just a suggestion . . .
  3. What BarbaricCo's FXShine you are using, or is there specific one already for CMFB?
  4. Interesting, when I tried to use sound mod(s) in CMBN with mac, the sounds did not work properly, and there was also discussion about it in here forums. Nice thing, if yhey work now.
  5. Sound mods wont also work. At least couple of years ago, when I had mac. What a shame.
  6. I tried the SweetFX, but it makes game very, very dark. Also SweetFX information text in top left corner is blurred, so is briefing text also. Idea seems to be interesting, but how to get it work properly?
  7. Thank you thousand times! Pics look absolutely fantastic! You have spent many, many hours to complete this. One best aspects in CM is that there is so talented people modding the game. Downloading now. Thank you once again. You should deserve a medal!
  8. Worghern,great work, so good looking pics! Waiting for the release...
  9. ^ Hmm, tried to instert some writing there, but here it comes: That "Moonwalker" pose is usual in CMx2 games, BF, how bout to fix it. By the way, there is some CMx2 videos in my channel, check it out! Just bought CMBN (third time) and I will start to make battle vids etc when I have time.
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