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  1. Want to bring it to the power at be’s attention. When a soldier with a machine gun, rocket launcher etc gets wounded and is buddy aided off the field of battle, his weapon is forever lost. Not a big deal for a single scenario but for campaigns it’s a pain.
  2. Any update??? Likewise is there anyone out there with the capability to unpack and work on other campaigns??? If so I am willing to Venmo anyone a couple bucks to make some minor troop experience adjustments to the main US campaign as well as the Ukrainian campaign. There are a couple scenario/ campaign designers out there that do amazing work but their love and reasoning behind using green troops does not align with my thoughts on troop experience levels. To the point that it ruins the immersion factor for me. For instance, I do not believe any frontline infantry unit
  3. Haha pretty interesting take on a non offensive speech. Lol. I am curious though why the hostility? I for one am a veteran, but am not one for mushy speeches but to get bent out of shape about it (unless you are standing in formation while someone drones on about blah blah blah) I just don’t get. I personally feel that the US and the U.K. are the closest of allies and very similar culturally. I know lots of Brits and it’s never awkward talking to them due to cultural reasons. Only their goofy accents lol. Kidding, I’m just having a laugh (see that was for my British frien
  4. IMO, for what its worth, the firing rate may need to be adjusted in game. I think a lower firing rate would cure the CV’s from blowing through all their ammo to quick. But I could be wrong. I really love those vehicles. Just an observation for the designer of the CV by chance they’re monitoring the battlefront forums lol, you should include some kind of ATGM system on the vehicle. That would make it a truly dominant vehicle. id like to say again to BFC bravo for this latest patch, IMO the game is really close to perfect now. Thanks to all the Beta testers as well.
  5. Lol have you never pbem'ed any other war game? In many other war games you can create mini nukes if you wish but if you pbem with an opponent it will default to vanilla settings. HOI series of games make switching between having mods on and off really easy.
  6. I get why BFC does not allow it because it is a simulator “as is.” But....... I think they would draw in more customers, including a younger than us old crusty vets crowd. Which would be good for growing CM games. Not to mention I could personally adjust how artillery impacts buildings and not start threads about it being not very effective lol.
  7. Almost sounds like he patched the wrong location because he mentioned something about the icons being messed up
  8. Gotta say this is one of my favorite scenarios I have played recently. Bravo to the designers of this one. It really highlights why I and others love the CM games. It's a short battle (30mins) with a small amount of troops on both sides. I love using British troops and equipment, cant wait for the updated campaign to be released. IMO other than the US, the English are the only other force that I have used in the modern titles that have well balanced infantry units. Even though this scenario only use's engineer troops just an observation of mine and am wondering what others think. Possibly the
  9. Just checked out the file you uploaded and indeed the infantry did take a lot of casualties as one would expect. To refine my point down a bit, I think one 155mm shell bursting over a soft skinned target in the open should be more devastating than it is. If air burst rounds need to be adjusted maybe it is in this aspect. In the tests I've run it appears as if troops in the open stand a far better chance of taking less casualties than troops in a trench. Possibly due to troops in a trench being more tightly packed together? On another note how did you adjust the campaign parameters?
  10. Cpt Miller, upon further testing the vehicle fired air burst munitions do appear to be working better than I first assumed. I think your response regarding how they work is 100% correct. I think I initially observed a couple one off bad lucks.
  11. Just ran a little test scenario in CMSF2, where Syrian infantry was hiding behind a low wall while I fired air burst 155mm at them. The result was even if the round burst right over them it would cause maybe one casualty.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fd71axzgilw6us8/AABlBL247G7v73ceZ9xYNk7xa?dl=0 There is the dropbox link
  13. While I give a big bravo for the infantry being improved, much more durable. The arty and other air burst munitions don’t seem to be working correctly. First example, in the Black Sea game I called an air burst 155mm strike on a couple non armored lorries carrying troops in the back under their canvas covers. One air burst round burst directly over the truck and did no damage to man or machine. 155mm artillery is a very devastating weapon and should completely annihilate those soft skin targets. This next example I have seen a few different instances of with various cal
  14. Hmmm, another thing I have noticed (only played CMSF2 with the new patch) is that mortars are very inaccurate now. I don’t remember this being this way pre-patch. This goes for both on board and off. In fact my Canadian 60’s direct line of sight fire is atrocious. The on board US 60’s in the WWII games are head and shoulders more accurate at least pre-patch. I have only played CMSF2 patched.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that when they call in an air strike from a jet, that the jet noise effect occurs like a bombing run just happened but no bomb is dropped. Then when I check the jets available load out it show one bomb less. Is this to simulate a dud round? If so I believe the frequency needs to be adjusted. In the last two missions the dud rate is like 40-50%.
  16. If there is a vehicle I’d like to take out with the styker tow on the offensive I like to drop smoke on the target vehicle. Then move the styker into position give it a tight arc wait for the smoke to clear and KABOOOM. Either way, hopefully it will be the enemy’s vehicle lol.
  17. Just checked and range is 2500m and it does need a launcher. Which brings me to another campaign quibble, the mortar platoon has GILL Missiles available in their vehicles but no launchers.
  18. What is the range on the GILL? Also does it need a launcher like the JAV? Or is it just the missile?
  19. If I am remembering correctly this is what I do with JAV teams. I give them a 30sec pause order for them to fire them a sprint to cover order. Haven’t tried it with the GIL but that could work unless it has a deploy/ pack up delay.
  20. I’ve run a little test and it is not air bursting, just blowing through all my precious KETF rounds. But I get why they shoot the KEFT instead of the solid shot. Another question, do those vehicles really only hold 200rds of ammo. Seems like a small amount, I guess since it’s a bigger round maybe less storage space?
  21. Just started the Dutch campaign and noticed some errors in the 1st mission brief. It stated that I would be getting a platoon of YPR's but instead have a platoon of CV90's #winning. But a mistake in the briefing none the less. More importantly, the CV90's are firing the KETF rounds at the bunkers. I thought this was fixing in the patch.
  22. Love your videos, thanks for taking the time. Your videos have lead to many hours of entertainment and lack of productivity at work for me. 😀😀😀😀
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