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  1. It's not even that they are that deadly (well, they are) but the way moral is SIMULATED (CM2 is a simulation, not a game, right?) the small caliber mortars are the weapon of choice for anti infantry action - cheap, fast, no delay in firing, cause casualties. In fact the British 2lb and Italian Brexia - you don't even need to deploy them, it's automatic. And for CM2 casualties cause the permanent morale hit. Also if your target hides behind a wall for example, you can't order MG to suppress them - you will get no target marker(no LOS == no target). With mortars it's no problem - they will hit around the target and cause suppression and casualties. The more I play CM2 the more I come to a conclusion that from a simulation view point CM1 was a better game. If one could remove the Borg spotting from it - CM1 would be better than CM2. That is such a shame.
  2. Actually now I know why. My engine 3 purchase was a mail order, not web. I don't have the disk any more. How do I activate it?
  3. Er... I got CMBN version 3. I don't have the keys though - just a download link. I then upgraded to version 4 and I have keys for that one and the battle pack (also have a key for that one). What do I do? I got CMFI vs 4 and I was able to install and activate it.
  4. Hm. I downloaded CMBN Engine 4 Unzipped the files. Run the activation module and entered the activation key. It said activation was a success. Clicked on Play After that I get a splash screen with tank and explosion close by at night (I guess ) and nothing happens. It stays there for a while and exists without starting a game. If I run CMBN again it goes through the same routine - asks for an activation key, says it was as success, and once I clock play it hangs. Does anyone know what should I do differently? I am on Windows 10.
  5. I remember there was an application that would install and activate the modules. You just had to enter the product key. I can't find it anywhere. I forgot does it come with the games or should I download it separately? In general I have two games CMBN and CMFI with all the modules. Do I need to download all the files consecutively and install one after another until I get all the modules to engine 4? I searched and I could not find the answer...
  6. I got a new PC. I have the online download versions of CMBN and CMFI. Will I be able to install them on the new rig without uninstalling them from the old computer?
  7. I think scenarios, campaign... they help new players to get an idea how to play CM. The game is too complex to have even a semi descent AI. In order to balance that the designers boost the defending AI with tons of points. Most scenarios that I saw basically give the defender and the attacker about equal points. If instead of AI you put any human player as a defender there would be no game. Of course there are scenarios designed for H2H games in those AI just can't compete. I strongly believe that CM was designed with the idea of humans playing vs humans. You want to have a good, fun game - find a human opponent.
  8. I'd say Stuart and Lynx should be close in pricing with Stuart costing 5-10 more. Greyhound and Puma also should be close in points and 15-20 points below Stuart.
  9. Hm. Not sure if Puma is a better vehicle that Lynx. 20mm gun is really effective against any soft vehicles and infantry. More so than 50mm gun. But that is beyond the point. Lynx should not cost more than Stuart.
  10. I don't see why QB can not be ahistorical. It also can be unbalanced - there is a choice to give one side extra points. Basically CM gives us an engine that allows us to play a tactical game the way we see fit. There is a lot of different equipment in the game and it would be great if all of it would get used. For that different units, vehicles should be priced in a way to let people chose different force compositions.
  11. Here we go again. Those who want some historical content can play scenarios designed with special historical considerations in mind or set the rarity to whatever they feel comfortable with - strict, standard loose. We are already pushed toward using historical formations by the way purchasing for QBs is done and by the the way C2 works in CM2. The point value of vehicle reflects just the vehicle value expressed in terms of points and in that way is related to the other units int eh game. consider points to be currency that you use in the game. Economical factors are well outside the scope of the game. Please, lets move on from that. I agree with Redwolf - Shermans, Pz IVs and StuGs should be priced about the same. They offer similar values and each have their own advantages and disadvantages and work better relative to each other in different situations.
  12. I did not know that and I didn't bother to count points. Interesting. Each formation starts with 50 points. Thank you! I am not sure how to use that yet but it looks like adding single vehicles to the existing formations might be better rather than adding a new formation with few vehicles.
  13. You can mix Tigers and King Tigers, Panthers and Pz IVs, StuGs and JPz IVs and still get a discount. Once you start purchasing vehicles as stand alone you lose the formation discount.
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