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  1. Ok, I'm partway thru the Marine campaign. Can I save it to continue in a reinstall? If not, is this update worth losing the campaign progress?
  2. Unfortunately that isn't it. The patch doesn't create a new directory like it the post said. I didn't get the patch until a few days ago so I think they must have fixed that problem. I can't figure out the problem. The modified date for the exe file after installation of the patch is July 6, 2020, but when I run the game it still says it's version 2.01. I've tried installing the patch to another temporary directory and then copying it over, and I've copied the individual files over also. I did run the patch from the temporary directory.
  3. Well, apparently I'm having a problem installing the patch. I've installed the recently released patches for all the other Combat Mission games except CMFB. Haven't done that yet. No problem on any of them, but for CMSF2....I can't get it to work. Every time I run the game is says version 2.01. I've installed to the default location, apparently there's two locations that contain the game...one of them is in my /documents folder. Anyway I've installed to both locations trying to get the patch to work but have had no success.
  4. Ok I have shock force 2 version 2.01. Readme file says I need 2.02. How do I get it?
  5. Ok I have Final Blitzkrieg 2.01. Readme file says you need 2.02. How do I get 2.02?
  6. ok I have Black Sea version 2.11. Readme file says you need 2.12. How do I get that one?
  7. The readme file for 4.03 says you have to have 4.02 installed. I don't. I don't see a link for it either. How do I get it.
  8. Ah ok...currently downloading both...would have been nice to know so I could have skipped the mac file.
  9. So that link points to two files. Do we download both or is one for mac and one for windows? If so, which is which?
  10. Ok finally got everything working. Thanks for your suggestion sburke!
  11. Still haven't heard from John. Still can't play the game. I wish there was another way to get some help here. The ticket system isn't working for me for some reason and I appear to be on a back burner or something seeing as how so many others seem to get almost immediate help.
  12. When I made my purchase I was offered the option of disk and manual. I purchased the upgrade and got the download and printed manual.
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