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  1. Pandur my friend I have seen what you have seen. i am currently playing this same monster scenario and the same thing has happened to me. If your troops were closer they would respond different by firing back which is consistent with realism. For instance have you ever seen the different forms of infantry fighting positions? these things are tiny to where the defender will only minimally be exposed. So in this scenario as the attacker your troops are full exposed, they take fire from 265 meters away, they hit the deck, they look to see where the fire is coming from and they can barely make
  2. Late night at work, I guess it sounded funnier in my head. Not meant to be mean. It's nothing like the CMSF problem was.
  3. So, by binary do you mean your troops are on the objective and no enemy troops are on the objective capable of resistance? If so how is this not adequate as a victory condition?
  4. Upon further reflection, I kind of associate the reverse slope situations as they are. The enemy has a prepared fighting position that is fairly well protected. Your troops know where the fire is coming from but cannot make out individual enemy soldiers firing at them. So they wait for orders to suppress and start the infantry flanking drills that they so loved in training. Especially at 265+ meters, I don't think it is much of an issue for them not to fire back at something they know they can't accurately engage. Plus they put themselves at risk of being shot with little chance of shootin
  5. Oh thank god, finally! I have been impatiently waiting to hear your two cents worth. I can now stop refreshing every five minutes and get some sleep. As far as reverse slope is concerned, you can still usually area fire that action square. I usually suppress with mg's and close with my rifle men. Seems to work good for me.
  6. Haven't played with or against stukas yet so no comment. Uhhh you do realize the MG42 and the maxim are both machine guns right. To what are you referring to? It is not like the MG42 had heat seeking rounds and the maxim fired rubber bullets. In my experience my Russian troops suffer a great deal of casualties when bunched up to the MG42. I'd even say a higher number of casualties than to any other small arm weapon. Panther being brittle I have not experienced on a wide scale or at all really. Again in my experience I have a definite advantage at long ranges against the Russia's so I do
  7. I do not get what you think was under modeled? I am having literally no problem using German equipment in any of the games. In fact the only thing off the top of my head that was over modeled was the Stug's frontal armor in CMBB. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems as if you get upset when you lose a single tank or soldier to enemy fire (in the game of course). So some how you think this isn't realistic because the Germans were invincible. This may surprise you but the German loses in total KIA, WIA and MIA for the invasion of Poland nearly equaled 50,000. That was just against the vastly
  8. I too would like mobile 88's. But I have not witnessed the under modeled German units that some seem to be whining about. Maybe you guys just place your units in unfavorable situations. Like taking on an smg squad at 15 meters with rifle men. After your German rifle men got wiped out you would probably claim how un-relistic it was because even though your troops only had rifles they were German after all. Believe it or not the allies to include the Russians had military equipment that could kill their enemies. The sense I get from you guys is the Germans should have won because they had m
  9. I was kidding, of course I want it now I am an American. I was mostly making light of MikeyD's statement that did not really pertain to the OP's question.
  10. Even though my tanks were ko'ed I was happy that I wasn't able to spot the gun straight away. Seemed more realistic.
  11. I think they are much harder to spot even after firing. A Russian 57mm fired four or five rounds knocking out two tanks from 380m before being spotted and knocked out.
  12. To my knowledge it has always been so. For example : Set a 50 meter cover arc order your troops/ vehicle to hunt. Your unit will follow through with the hunt order unless an enemy appears inside their 50 meter arc or your unit receives fire from an enemy unit.
  13. Yes, covered arc will keep your units going until fired upon or an enemy unit appears inside it's arc.
  14. Sburke, I think BF should comp your game as well for saying the UI is just fine. Anyone who thinks that puke green color silhouette of a gun is fine and defends it needs a comped game and maybe even a spot on the legal team. If you can defend that you can defend anything. If they don't hire you I will. ;-)
  15. Dl'ed and it looks great. This should be what it looks like out of the box. BFC should comp your game at the very least.
  16. I once did this with my bare hands. I didn't want to be gamey and use a tank.
  17. Yep, it is in the English briefing and made quite clear too. I don't know if you have a German version and maybe it is not in that one, but the English version is pretty clear about the commies exiting.
  18. I know we're not supposed to talk about other games but I feel compelled to respond. I own this game that you claim is more accurate (mind you infantry warfare isn't really modeled). So it's basically a tank sim, which I had a different experience with. I played a mission where I had a platoon or so of Tiger I's going up against a company of t-34 76 tanks. In a couple instances I had my Tigers in hull down positions firing at t34's at about 500-800 meters away. The 88 rounds bounced off the front armor of the t34 while every second or third round fired by the t34 would penetrate my tigers with
  19. Haha, just seeing if anyone is paying attention.
  20. So far CMRT is my favorite, but I am partial to the east front because I fought there. Then CMBN, lastly CMFI and that is only because the Italian theater is my least favorite.
  21. I liked operations as well, thought they were a great idea. I wish we could have both. Admittedly I'm on the first mission of the German campaign and I really don't get why people are complaining about German tanks/ equipment being so inferior (like it's Italian equipment). So far in tank duels I've lost two tanks while knocking out five commie tanks. At ranges of 1500+ meters and possibly 1200+ meters the PzIV is superior at least in my experience. You just have to use German equipment at more of a stand off range and utilize fire suppression. Two of the Russian tanks were KO'ed at close
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