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  1. I hope for you CM: Pacific hopefuls your dreams are fulfilled. I think the issue is what were the ranges that the banzi charges occured? From what I've read I believe the Japanese came out of the woodwork at about 100 yards more or less and charged straight into machine gun nest. Just doesn't sound to fun. Plus hardly any tank support which the Russians had plus the other deference is the Japanese never did a preparatory artillery bombardment on the scale of the Soviets before charging to their deaths. On another note I get tired of the Bocage and limited line of sight offered in CMBN I
  2. I can't believe this many people are interested in a CM: Pacific. I hate maps now that have a ton of forrest and woods on them. I don't really think the Cm engines are designed for these type of battles. I realize not every battle was fought in the jungle but a lot were and those would be really boring battles from a CM standpoint in my opinion.
  3. You've never played Pbem and you've been a member since 04. That’s impressive.
  4. My squads dont carry over the thompson they scavenged from their wounded squad leader. Maybe it has to do with them not being the squad leader? Either way it sucks to lose the smg. I have also noticed the BAR missing as well. The BAR varies though sometimes it is carried over maybe the weapon was damaged. This is with the latest patch just happened yesterday and I haven't received any reinforcement yet or ammo rue supply for that matter.
  5. Instead of asking for reverse we should be asking for the ability to conceal them better. Plus they should be able to dig in or have better cover in trenchs etc.... I think its way to easy to spot them now even before they fire and then subsequently take them out.
  6. I think you have to start with a clean install. So CMSF, Marines, Britts, NATO then 1.32
  7. Yeah I like Brit scenarios too. In fact the Brit campaign is the only one I've finished.
  8. Is there still plans for the release of a patch to fix the campaign setup bug and various other bugs or has there already been one released that I've missed? Plus when is the pay for features supposed to happen?
  9. Hello I was wondering if any red v red scenarios or campaigns are available complete with red air power? I know Paper Tiger released some awesome stuff a while back but I believe because it was an earlier release it used blue air power in place of red because it wasn't available. Or are there any new red v red stuff out there that is a can't miss?
  10. Unsubstantiated BS haha..... what has he said that is unsubstantiated? Because I don't see anyone here refuting his claims the only thing I've read was that people think he's weird. Does your copy of the game not have any of the problems that his does?
  11. I think he's referring to the mob mentality around here. Where it seems everyone just dog piles a person with a different view. Yes the inquisitors were the fan boys of their day.
  12. I don't see what all the fuss is about MD. I swear some of you are on BFC's payroll by the way you go after those who think this game can get better and pointing out a review scoring 96% is ridiculous. I'm interested to see what you guys would rate the game? I give it a 90% it seems all it needs is some polishing but without the polish I find it hard to play the way I want it to so I'll wait for the patch.
  13. All you need to do is give them a cover arc. The smg generally doesn't fire unless given the target order manually.
  14. I'm down for pbem. Quick turn return and I don't care which side I play
  15. I only watched the video once but it looked like the plane was firing at the bunker and got his men as a bonus. Cool vids.
  16. Deployment bug, red button bug are the ones I'm referring to. I don't want the moon. Worked on and fixed for release are two totally different things. Like I said in another thread if there was a patch a week I'd never ask for a thing to be fixed but that's just me. My joke about gov subsidies was a lame joke like yours about food stamps being taken away from the poor
  17. I really want the EF game more than another west front game but alas I know that's not the case. I don't mind there current business module I think it's fine to charge for work you've done. My problem is.... paying top dollar for a game only to find that it is bugged and doesn't work as advertised. I know this happens with other games but I am a full fledged groupy of BF so it hurts more . Maybe its like sburke said, that they're being subsidized by the government so they aren't as motivated to make a bug free game as they would if they were totally private .
  18. Haha that was a pretty funny story. Even worse when u have an ATG in a perfect ambush spot only for him to give his position away by firing at infantry.
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