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  1. I´m impressed though, with the EFP warhead of the BONUS round. Detonating 75 meters, from the RHS 80mm target. And total penetration, even on the witnesplates!! And 2 attacking warheads of them, in each 155mm round, attacking from the sky! Especially, since this is almost 30 years ago!
  2. I found this 28 year old demonstration quite interesting . Why? Because much is still in use. And the bonus round, in part 4/4 is just getting into the US inventory (interim solution though)! The AT-4, Carl Gustv (Maaws) is still in use, by US Miltary. And many systems are in CM:SF2, or CM:BS! But If you were a captain, in 1944? And your HQ, gave you a 28 year old tank. And said: Hey Captain!!, heres your brand new tank, go and get some kills out there! You would probably died in a laughattack 😄. The very much, more advanced things of today! Is very much, more timeconsuming. And expensive
  3. I dont know what this means. But from Wikipedia "Lebanese Armed Forces fired several hundred Copperhead shells at ISIL targets in east Lebanon during the Qalamoun offensive (July–August 2017). At least five technicals, five occupied buildings, and several troop formations were struck with precision. The US replenished 827 shells after the successful completion of the offensive." And these shells, should have been. At least 27 years old, at the time. In wikipedia, USA stands as a current operator. Might be wrong though?
  4. Oh, I did not say. The best!! I said, "their" best! Quite a difference! And that mean, it was the Brigade/Divisions best men.
  5. Is both the Excalibur round (Bofors/Raytheon), and the Copperhead round (Martin Marietta) simulated? And if only one, why? For the AT role, Copperhead is still in use. As far as I know? I know that the,155mm Bonus round (Bofors/Nexter). Is being procured, right now by the US Army. As an interim solution. But that wouldt be, to late for CMBS. I assume?
  6. It´s mainly, a matter of doctrine (and availability) I think. US, use their BCT´s. In the same manner, Russia use their BTG´s. The BCT´s, is the main fighting elements, of a US division. But Russia, only uses one BTG. From each division, or brigade in Ukraine. And Russia use, a lot more proxy forces. The main difference is: Russia use their best/proffesional soldiers, from the Brigade/Division, in their BTG. In Ukraine, at least. In a US Division, all soldiers are proffesional. So the US, can use all their BCT everywhere, at Anytime!
  7. Did he say "Yes" ? at 38:07, When the "raket" (ATGM) hit the target? It was for sure, not a "Da" 😁
  8. I tried that, with the proxy battalion. Since they only have trucks. But then a 2 man RPG team, got allmost 1400 rds of 5,45mm. And I want it to be, somewhat realistic. It is actually a remake, of the "Bridgehead at Kharalyk" scenario. But with new, and larger forces. And this first one, is only playable as Red. When this is up and running. I intend to do the same, but for playing as Blue.
  9. It´s Black Sea. I´m working on a Scenario, where parts Of a US ABCT. Attack a dug in Russian BTG. With a battalion sized, proxy screening force, to take the first blow. And it´s a pain in the a**, to have them mounted. And then put them in their trenches, for each testing round. Since the attacking force, is heavily mechanized. And the defenders know whats comming. Thew have taken some extra AT weapons with them, into the trenches. In a platoon, or company sized battle. It would be no problem. Maybe, its easyer. To just give them all availible AT resources, put them in their trenches
  10. Probbably not, but!! Russia needs money! And with Nord Stream 2, in place. And a year of constant delivery of gas, from it! Parts of Europe, will be addicted to it! Then, its a walk in the park. To take the Baltic states. Germany need´s the gas, and if they do anything? They are out of gas?
  11. Ok, thanks mate. Hope that @MOS:96B2P has an easier solution
  12. Is there any way, in the editor. When you make a scenario! So you could, acquire equipment. From IFV´s or trucks, to squads in the editor?? And not just, in the setup phase? No problem in small scenarios. But when you do a large one. Its hard to test it, otherwise
  13. 2Fiore17.pdf No it doesn´t. Not in Edge, but works in Chrome. But this pdf should, I hope 😷 Edit: This works in Edge, but not in Chrome. STRANGE! Read it. Its very informative, and easy to read. And gives a good picture. How Russia used their, at times. Numerous BTG´s in eastern Ukraine. Otherwise, just google this: Defeating the Russian Battalion Tactical Group
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