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  1. My thoughts is: BF could have released this module a year or so earlier. But then we would have, a much more meager module!! The content, wich is in it now! Is something we only could have dreamed of, and maybe in for an 2nd module! Now its all there, two mudules in one! And only days/weeks away. So don´t whine!!! Its comming right up your face, with more content than you normally would wish for, from one module!! With that said, I wishes every one a good day, evening, night, or dawn! Whatever your place on earth is!
  2. Anyone who knows the LoS difference in Armour, between different NATO Centurion tanks, at the time. And the M48a5? Just for mod purposes, and scenarios?
  3. At the time this coment was made. It was over 39.000 dead, and over 258.000 wounded!! This is jungle fighting, for the most part. with some city fighting! Dear America: Letters Home/Vietnam Intro (Fortunate Son) - YouTube
  4. Its still here 😁. Dont know why I did´nt see it earlier!
  5. Great documentary of the 93rd mech brigade in 2 parts (3rd is comming). And the battles it was engaged in. 2014-2016 it lost 138 KIA, and over 1000 WIA. English voice, and subs
  6. I only play QB ( Done with the campaigns/scenarios). And most of the time, on the biggest QB maps. But none is 5x5km. I have every CM game, exept normandy! My former problem was, with the old PC. That if I had an Mech inf bat vs an inf mech bat. in RTS mode, the "Computer" IFV´s did´nt move more than a few meters every few minutes. That´s not a problem now. The fps is almost the same in very large scenarios. My old PC is in my daughters room, with all CM still on it! So easy testing! If you want some numbers? Cant do it right now though, since time is 00,29 here. And she sleeps, preparing
  7. If you live in GB? It does not matter, whre you move. It will rain less there anyway 😄
  8. Hey, take it easy! He just wont to know, if it works to play CM engine 4, right? And it will!! Is his new Mac, the best? No! But it will run CM, at low fps. The same, as for the rest of us! My former PC, was a 4c/8t Core I7, with a GeForce GTX 970, and 18GB RAM. My latest is a Core I9 8c/16t, Geforce RTX 3070, and 32GB 3200mHz RAM. And really? There is not much differance in fps! Load times are faster, but CM is on an SSD in the newer one. In real time mode, it works better with more troops on the ground. Than the former, but thats it! So you will be allr
  9. For you Andy Is this pure propaganda? Yes, for sure it is! But nonetheless, it has a lot of nice fotage and info. Episode 168. T-90M. Proryv - YouTube Episode 22. Armata. Terra Incognita. - YouTube Episode 104. Armata. Terra Incognita. Part 2. - YouTube
  10. I think the next module for CMBS, and CMFB. Will be with engine 5. Thats why Steve is so cautious about it? It takes more time, but in the end. Its a win situation for us, right! And back in 2016, ChrisND said this: "Black Sea module: think Marines, Naval Infantry, and VDV, among other new forces. And new high-tech toys. I want to really flesh out American, Ukrainian, and Russian forces/equipment on all levels before moving on to new nationalities" Well, we see. What we see
  11. I know all about Zalogas books. Dont know why I waited so long, to buy a few of those. I think I will just keep on buying them.
  12. It was actually my first E-book ever 😄, but it worked out. Thanks.
  13. I have read the T-80 Standard tank. And it was very easy reading. most things seems to be correct. So I´m pleased with it. Plan to start to read T-90 Standard Tank, tonight.
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