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  1. The Archers MRSI capability is in the wiki link I provided. Upp to 6 rounds (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) compared to the 5 round MRSI for the PH 2000 And the fastfiring gun you name, is bandkanon 1. Could fire the entire magazine of 14 155mm shells, in 45 seconds.
  2. And dont forget that politics is involved. I know sweden is looking at the M142 HIMARS rocket artillery, as divisional artillery. As a counter purchase, if the Archer should be selected! And Sweden has also agreed, to set up 2 regiments, with 2 light infantery battalions each. As ambushprotection for the US marine brigade, heading for Trondheim in Norway in case of need. The first of these regiments ( I13 dalaregementet) just Opend up. The marine brigade has all heavy equipment stored in climate controlled caves in trondelagen near Trondheim. If the marine brigade goes through Sweden, heading to swedish eastern ports. For departure to the baltic states. The four light infantery battalions mission, is to secure the way to the eastern ports from the Norwegian border.
  3. The gun itself, would probably be the same. Since the army want a mature system, ready for serial production. But the Carrier could be of US design, or completly different.
  4. Archer. at least. Has a smallarms safe cabin, and engine compartment. And I belive the same is available for the rest. Mobility, to keep up with the Strykers is a priority. Together with high ROF, long range, and fast shoot and scoot times.
  5. The US Army are testing a new, very mobile. Long shooting artillery for their Stryker brigades! Some info here: Israeli, Serbian, And Swedish Self-Propelled Howitzers Are Headed To A U.S. Army Shoot-Off (thedrive.com) The combatants are: Archer (Sweden): Archer Artillery System - Wikipedia : ATMOS (Israel): ATMOS 2000 - Wikipedia : Caesar (France): CAESAR self-propelled howitzer - Wikipedia : Brutus (USA): No wiki unfortunatly. Only this: Brutus 155mm Mobile Howitzer System, United States of America (army-technology.com) And unfortunatly nothing in video/youtube 2020-2021 NORA B-52 M21 (Serbia): Nora B-52 - Wikipedia : Please look at the linked Wikipedia, above each combatant, and not just the Youtube video. The tests at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, is almost finnished! Interesting to see the verdict!
  6. I Would rather say: Your game is the most realistic tactical strategy game out there. And you improve it all the time. Though not in the time, we (the shortfused lovers) demand
  7. Since I know, you are a fan of later T-80 models. And @The_Capt also have to prepare for the next module . Here are the Swedish terrain trials with the 1250hp gastubine T-80U vs the Strv 104 (Centurion with an aircooled V12 Continental Diesel 750hp) Part 1 from autumn 1993 Part 2 from winter 1994
  8. I´m not saying you are wrong. It´s almost 30 years ago, and I only remember T-80U. The 2 tanks sent for trial, had K5 on the turret and no ARENA. Wich probably would have been evaluated separately. But they had Agava Thermal sights, for the gunner! I´v tryed to searsh every Swedish site. But everyone just say T-80U, and nothing else. Found one interesting article. From the first Swedish delegation to Russia, to the trials in Sweden. A lot of pictures (one on the gunners monitor from the AGAVA thermal sight), but unforunatly in Swedish. So you have to use Google translate. Its the second half of the long article. The first half is about the 5 T-72M1, 800 MT-LB, and 350 BMP 1 Sweden bought from Germany in the early 90´s. Still only say T-80U though! När fienden kom till Sverige (ointres.se) "The Russian openness surprised the Swedish group, who were free to photograph and examine details on tank T-80U. Here is the gunners sight. below and to the left is the monitor for the nightsight AGAVA." "Shooting tests were carried out at FFK in Karlsborg against protection modules representative of T-80U ballistic protection" Just google translated from Swedish, of the text under the pictures I posted from the article.
  9. T-80U equipped with Agava sights. And interestingly equipped with ARENA aps. Was offered by the Russians. The ability to fight in the dark, proved insufficient to the requirements for tanks in the mechanized brigades. This applied to both active IR, and the tested IRV camera.
  10. I was in active service at the time, in one of the mechanized brigades. Which would had been one of the users of the T-80U With thermals. Belive me, they had thermals. There was no interest what so ever, to buy a tank whitout it in the mid 90's
  11. The Swedish trials was 1: For our Armored Brigades M1A2, Leclerc, and Leopard 2 Improved And 2: For our Mechanized Brigades Used M1A1, Used Leopard 2A4, and new T-80U With Thermals The T-80U Was only compared to M1A1, and Leopard 2A4. Which both sported lower grade thermals, than their latest versions. Unfortunatly before the firingtests could Begin. The goverment had decided to buy Leo 2i, and used Leo 2A4. And the T-80U had to be returned to Russia immediately.
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