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  1. chuckdyke, thanks for this great database link! i will spend a lot of time with this. Erwin, i think you're right. that's what all cm-letsplayers say. some mechanics of the game i also had to learn to understand - things i thought had to be one way or the other - but the game had a completely different solution, not obvious to me. be it pathfinding, the behavior of the tactical ai when it comes to entering houses, etc. Combatintman, i'm not pragmatic enough for that.
  2. hello dear wargamers. i have a question: which sources do you use to train yourself regarding military tactics? for me, in comparison with various other military strategy games, combat mission is a deep battlefield simulator where real military tactics lead to the goal i notice more and more that i need to catch up here. in other words: the more i play cm the more i notice that i need to learn more. it's almost like learning to play the guitar. now i've already tried the search function of the forum and unfortunately didn't find anything suitable what goes beyond what I already know. and
  3. what a slaughter. i finally got the battlepack 1 and the vehiclepack. my tactic was to leave wide parts of the map unconsidered. out of the consideration: if i completely pull everything at the southern map border towards the east, i minimize a lot of potential enemy contact and am almost at the gates of the rail center. i moved the entire infantry into the forest in the south. the hill in the southeast served as a bof for the two mg teams and as a scouting base for the company commander. artillery strike, "all in" on the rail center. area fire of the three light tanks. assault of the infantry
  4. As a full-time musician i have to say: hell, yeah! Non-war games? Puh...i like some "easy to go"-games. "loophero" is as great as the letsplayers on youtube say. "divinity2" is really great fun in a group of three. my guitar students celebrate "crypt of the necrodancer". you have to press the keys very skillfully in rhythm and you can even do this to music you choose yourself. "faster than light" is a really well done little game, roguelike and set in space. "opus magnum" is probably the most innovative game i've discovered in the last few years. it's a puzzle game where you create
  5. ig deals with keys for platforms like EA Origin, Steam, Ubisoft, NCSoft and this for many years. i would like to claim that this would not be the case anymore if these keys would be put in market illegally. i myself (region germany) was a "heavy user" at ig for a while and had only the best experiences. since i got stuck on cm i fortunately don't have to look for new games that often anymore.
  6. short question about spotting. following situation: cmbn / sherman stands with front at a bocage hedge, directly beside him is a friendly hq team and a fo team, both teams also directly at the hedge and with their front in the same direction as the tank. the tank commander looks out of the turret. in about 500 meters straight direction / line of sight of my units / behind the hedge is a tank 4. hq and fo spot this, the tank commander from the sherman does not. not even after several rounds. i think i read somewhere that the information flow between tank and infantry works when the co
  7. @landser thank you very much for your work and this reference. this is exactly the kind of campaign review i had wished for, and it does indeed exist.
  8. Many thanks for the info and the link to the thread!
  9. hi guys, quick question about the situation: tank crew got out - get back in. mission "shield and hammer", the tiger hit several of my shermans, but two remained functional. now i want to let the core crew of the 3rd sherman get into it. something strange happens: the crew members are shown as "in the tank", each crew member with the corresponding icon (e. g. loader) but the tank is still declared as "dismounted" and i can't get back in. g. loader) but the tank is still declared as "dismounted" and i can't assign any commands to it. there is a crew icon above the tank, furthermore th
  10. Came to CM in 2018 with CMBN, so many exciting hours in front of the screen. Even away from the screen i often think about the respective tactical problems. I'm from germany, here there are three or four good combat mission-youtubers, a small wargaming community. Very instructive, as is Bil Hardenberger's blog. You won't regret the investment if you've already had fun with the demos. Yesterday i bought cmfb. finally. playing time since then: 9 hours. Gotta go then too, cmfb is waiting. Have fun.
  11. @Thewood1: it's probably an "occupational disease" of mine, in my trade (guitar teacher for...let's say "unpopular playing techniques" ) such terms as the one you highlighted in bold are on the agenda - with the result that after a few years you have to deal with a small but very reliable fanbase. you can find my approach ridiculous, you're welcome. it's also moaning on a high level, slitherine does a lot of things right. for me, video games are on the same level as artwork, be it a song, a movie or a painting and i'm a bit emotional about it in this context my "responsibil
  12. congratulations, it went straight onto my wishlist. i just found out. i'm too busy these days. as much as i basically like slitherine, i have to say that they are not acting wisely on every front. currently it is a big annoyance that they use their big community of panzer corps to promote panzer corps 2 massively. and they just leave a rough diamond like battle academe 2 lying around, what a pity. it is hoped that they become aware of their responsibility - their target group are no teenagers. hopefully they don't overdo it like they did with panzer corps 2. steamreviews: a lot has a
  13. Hi Bil, sounds good, I´m really looking forward to new content; your battle drill is bookmarked in my browser. Thanks to "armor forward! but with intelligence" in your battle drill I became aware of two other interesting...eh..."small books". "Fibel" we´d say in Germany. 1. Panzer helfen Dir! (Merkblatt 18b/38 vom 15.9.´44. Was der Grenadier vom gepanzerten Kampffahrzeug wissen muß) "Tanks help you! (Leaflet 18b / 38 from September 15th, '44. What the Grenadier needs to know about the armored combat vehicle)" 2. Taktisch richtiges Fahren mit dem Schützenpanzerwagen "Ta
  14. Hi Bil, thank you very much for your battle drill blog. It is fun to try out the new knowledge, it is very educational. Keep it up, greetings.
  15. Hi Steve, Attilaforfun brought up the marketing-point; as a relatively new player to CM (I´m in for 1,5 years, maybe) I can tell you: It was this video... ...that brought me to CM. Don´t know if I would have recognized the game ever otherwise. Which would have been a pity. (Good) letsplayers will do the work for you. Out there are some great guys like Hobbygeneral, headbreaker, Taktikfuchs (german yt-channels that do a lot CM-stuff), I´m pretty sure their CM-related-video-content is the best advertisement you can get.
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