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  1. Hahahahahaha, that's pretty funny. I don't get why everyone these days have to act like some holier than thou crusader thought police.
  2. On topic I'm really looking forward to playing with/against the axis minors.
  3. In the words of ZZ Top "every girls crazy for a sharped dressed man". I think it is just for the fact that everyone knows the name ss and assume that they all were fanatical super human, allies crushing machines who were never defeated. Plus it's weird because I don't really associate Germans with fashion, but it's hard to say anyone else had cooler uniforms than the ss. Plus the word ss is cool, like Camero SS, it's just cool. Just like people like playing grand theft auto, it feels good to be bad sometimes.
  4. I didn't see the Rpg listed in the manual, so are they still in?
  5. Erwin, this response is hilarious, because you used to be the one shouting people down when a concern was raised. In fact you did it to me in the CMSF forum a couple years back, so why now the change of heart? I always thought you were a turd for how you responded to my post (which wasn't offensive by the way). But it seems lately you have been doing some complaining which I find ironic seeing how you used to talk down to people who raised concerns before.
  6. I think you are right, but it suits me just fine as I far prefer the east front. It may also seem like such a huge eclipse because it is a new game with a lot of new content instead of another module.
  7. Haha, I was actually thinking about making that the title but figured the other one went better with my question.
  8. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the molotov's but worried about the Rpg's.
  9. It was Africa I believe not Russia
  10. The rpg I'm referring to was a thrown shaped charge, not fired like a bazooka, like modern rpg. From what I read the Russians tested the bazooka and didn't like it so never asked for them or made their own.
  11. I looked at the weapons list posted and I didn't see the rpg or molotov cocktail listed. Will they be an option for Russian infantry to carry or will they be abstracted like the German infantry AT grenades if they are still being used in abstract.
  12. What a night my Seahawks won the SB and I just pre-ordered the game. Go Seahawks I mean Russians!
  13. Is the bunker occupied? When the AT gun fired earlier it may have killed all the enemy inside.
  14. That's pretty funny. Sounds like someone spent some time in an armored vehicle.
  15. Looking forward to this one, thanks for all the effort that went into making it.
  16. You have only released one CM east front game to my knowledge so how can you say it will under sale? From what I thought I remembered was that CMBO sold the best followed by CMBB, lastly CMAK sold the worst. Am I correct in my recollection?
  17. Well I am thinking of going over there and leaving a horrible review because no east front game is out yet. West front/ Market Garden= Boring garden!
  18. Actually I have a further question.... Why did you decide to create the campaign around the recon and engineers. It's very unique I admit and I have been a fan of yours all the way back to the CMSF but I'm not sure I fully appreciate your artistic touch as far as the infantry are concerned.
  19. John wasn't it the 501st SS? Maybe I am not remembering correctly.
  20. Fair enough thanks for the answer
  21. According to the briefing the only infantry available to the player in this campaign are scoots and engineers. Why is this? I'm not well read about scicly but I was fairly certain the HG division had infantry units why weren't they used for this campaign?
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