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  1. Holy Cow! BFC should put you in charge of Pack creation and sales.
  2. That is utterly fantastic. What a gift! Your well organized naming conventions are also much appreciated.
  3. Interesting to see that Kieme paid a visit to the forum on May 18th.
  4. Always thankful to see another scenario maker. Looking forward to more of the TY saga.
  5. Another thing to keep them from getting tangled is to give the second vehicle a 5 second pause, the third a 10 second pause, and so on. More if the vehicle in front of them is doing anything but going straight ahead. Any turns or pivots before moving require a little more pause to keep the accordion from getting all snarled up.
  6. According to the 1993 US Air Defense Artillery Yearbook, the Mujahideen gunners used the supplied Stingers to score approximately 269 total aircraft kills in about 340 engagements, a 79-percent kill ratio. This translates to the missiles being responsible for over half of the 451 Soviet aircraft losses in Afghanistan. No idea how many helicopters that includes.
  7. The goodness just keeps on coming. Too bad a bunch of CW maps aren't included.
  8. That right there,...is good stuff from someone who knows.
  9. Why? The Vulcan is capable of a much higher rate of fire when the target is locked, though bursts are short to conserve ammo with both vehicles. Also, as @Redwolf pointed out, the M163 is armored slightly better.
  10. I missed this, but fantastic news and much appreciated.
  11. The only caveat is that uncam won't unpack any of the myriad SF1 campaigns if you want to use them in SF2. You still need scancade for that. Download it here
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