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  1. Your teasers are always great. PF vs Wirbelwind is just brutal.
  2. Without those lend lease trucks, it would have taken the soviets a lot longer to get to Berlin.
  3. I believe they could have taken Moscow if they had concentrated on it, instead of ignoring Army Group Center's call for help (which is exactly what they wargamed out beforehand as happening) but it wouldn't have ended the war.
  4. Awesome hoard of stuff, but definitely not the country to be doing that in.
  5. Thrilled to have a new RT campaign. Thanks for taking the time to create it.
  6. A new RT campaign? Looking very much forward to that!
  7. That's the only other one that I know of, but I haven't used Scancade in a while as I'd prefer not to have to have Java installed.
  8. I haven't done anything with any CW campaigns yet, but I tried just now and you're correct. I wonder what's different in CW?
  9. Interesting read. Also a good reminder of why you should never shake a baby to console it, keep it quiet, etc.
  10. I wonder what they're working on now? Steve has been unusually quiet for quite some time, which typically only happens right before something comes out.
  11. Yeah, you can bet the loader was dismounted. Sitting on those shells probably didn't inspire a lot of confidence.
  12. In urban terrain even more than anyplace else, follow the mantra... Never send a team anywhere a scout hasn't been. Never send a squad anywhere a team hasn't been. Never send a platoon anywhere a squad hasn't been. Never send armor anywhere infantry hasn't been. When you have time and opportunity, never send anyone artillery hasn't been.
  13. It's the ambush. Just like red ones go faster, ambush cammo kills more.
  14. That was a fun defense. Spoiler alert * * * * I was really looking forward to using the 90/53 but it fired one round, missed and the first return shot from a Sherman toasted it. C'est la vie.
  15. It's not a U-2. There's no dihedral in the horizontal stabilizers of the U-2's tail, plus it's too small. It would be very difficult to hazard a guess from that little piece. The missile on the far left looks like an SA-2 though.
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