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  1. You can bet he knew that and a whole lot more.
  2. 1. It's has everything a Pz I or II has, so I don't think it's a stretch to call it a tank. 2-5 Duuuuuude
  3. Vickers D3E1 looks like a steam cabinet, a tractor, and a lawnmower had whatever the stuff from Transformers was poured over them and out sprang this:
  4. Nice site. Definitely a rabbit hole to lose a bunch of time in.
  5. Yep, no way she's anything real. Certainly not an squad MG handler.
  6. Ugh, typed that without thinking, meant Tunisia and Operation Torch in general.
  7. US troops at El Alamein stored extra ammo outside the bins and bad things happened. That was the spark that fanned the flames of exaggeration. The wet storage was a much needed improvement, but Shermans didn't brew up any more often than Pz IV's and T-34's.
  8. Judging by the colors and the logo looking like a scary face, I'd say it's the International branch of Monsters Inc.
  9. Having M-48's is never a bad thing. Even if you lose, you do it with style and grace.
  10. I don't know why this is in Maps and Mods, but with the earrings and makeup, I'd say there's a pretty good chance she's an instagram warrior, not a real one.
  11. That's great, but be careful, you don't know where that E drive has been.
  12. Nope, just referring to the fact that sometimes you spot 'em and sometimes you don't. He asked for people's experiences and I'm certain that target arcs aren't a liability, so I replied.
  13. I play a ton of pbem and I would never even consider not using target arcs, of all sorts, in the vast majority of battlefield situations. Spotting is one of those c'est la vie things. It isn't perfect, but odd things happen in real life too.
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