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Halfsquad Poll

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Same here, I've never encountered this tactic in an opponent!

If this did happen though... I wouldn't object, as long as splitting squads is used in a localized tactical maneuver, or an extremely spread out defence. However, I do object to the wholesale splitting of an enemy force.

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Originally posted by Glider:

No objection, except for tediousness.

Kind of sums it up for me. The thing is though, the wholesale splitting of squads *does* seem to offer a great advantage. Great enough to force you to do the same. And IMHO that adds to the workload of making a turn without adding any to the fun.

So I guess as the tediousness is real, so is my objection.

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Here's the post from Battlefront that supports my opposition to massive use of half squads. Put simply the game system (the tac AI especially I suspect) is not designed to deal with this "technique". Battlefront said:

"Remember that CM is not real life and therefore unanticipated things tend to undermine the system because balancing elements are simply not there or are not balanced correctly. It would be nice if things just magically worked as they would in real life, but that isn't what happens.

If both sides play with all their squads in halves... it is more even, and in some ways a little more realistic. On the whole though it is less realistic than if the squads were kept in one piece. The reason is because the game was designed around the principle of the squad, and therefore there are some things that simply don't work as well when faced with tons of half squads. The reason for that is CM was never intended to work that way. Since we didn't intend it to be, we did not program it to be. And if we did not program it to be, chances are it can not be.

For those of you who have coded any type of application that is used by lots of people, you know what I mean. One of the unrelenting rules of software is that the closer the user is to the one in the developer's head, the better the software will perform its intended functions. The opposite is true. Good developers are the ones who anticipate or restrict user actions and program accordingly better than others in their field. And the more complex the program, the better the developer has to be at it. Inherently, however, it is still software and it can still be broken through unanticipated user actions. Swarms of 1/2 squads were not anticipated, ergo the sim will (in some situations more than others) not function as intended.

For us we have never been surprised that people have found ways of doing things we never thought of or actually spent time trying to prohibit. Nope, the surprise is how little of this there has been over the years in relation to the complexity of the scope and subject matter. In this case, we're not surprised people found a loophole with the half squads in certain situations... we're surprised it took 5 years to find it


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Philippe, thanks for your suggestion, but I repectfully decline your offer. Here is why. No vote is very meaningful unless the people voting are informed about the facts. I do not necesarity share you assumption that everyone who will vote here is familiar with two other threads, at least one of which is very long. I did not post the opinion of just anyone or of anyone merely taking a position on this issue. I posted a direct quotation of what the makers of this series of games have said. If Battlefront posts other information on this issue, it also will be helpful to have here at the polling place. That is true, regardless of which side of the poll, if any, it can be viewed as supporting.

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Since Philippe's point was that everybody who voted had already read the threads, I saw no need to post a link to them. I'm surprised that you did not do so yourself, if you thought it was important.

However, since you didn't, I'm glad to do so. We'll let everyone decide for themselves whether or not the quotation I posted was taken out of context.



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