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  1. Go to this thread, where you have various flavors of company on the issue: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?p=1259622#post1259622
  2. Was able to install the demo and run it with Online Armor and Avast both turned off. Upon reboot and turning both back on, demo would not run unless I turned off Online Armor. When the demo ran at that point, it would not respond to the "minimize" command (alt-tab).
  3. The demo will not start on my Dell XP desk top machine. At the end of the install, where you click finish and start demo, it drops to desktop. Trying to start the demo with the shortcut or executable in the game file does not work either. I have played CMSF [Paradox version] and the CMA demo with no problems on this same computer (even tried the CMA demo last night after the problem and it still works). A reboot did not help. A reinstall (from different downloaded versions of the demo, as well as the original) did not work. The same demo download installed and worked fine on my Windows 7 laptop.
  4. Here's the best place to start: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/
  5. It's been five years or more since I modded CMBO, but the best place to find CM x 1 mods is GreenAsJade's CM Mods Warehouse: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/
  6. Long running site Chris' CM Database may be exactly what you are looking for. Link: http://mysite.verizon.net/pchardwarelinks/cm/
  7. OPERATIONS: A Day in the Cavalry Ardennes--Team DeSobry Arnhem--The Red Devils Carentan Drive to Mortain Stolberg--Punching a Hole Villers-Bocage
  8. From an article I printed on September 9, 2000 from the Wargamer (with one correction): BATTLES: Tutorial A Walk in Paris Aachen All or Nothing Bruyeres Chambois Chance Encounter Clash of Eagles Drop to Destiny Elsdorf Fear in the Fog Fire and Maneuver First Clash at Cambes Grafenwohr Grosshau ridge Ham and Jam Hamminkelm--We Start Here Kommerscheidt L' Abbey Blanche L'Elle River Crossing La Fiere Last Defense Le Lorey--A Hard Stand Merry X-mas at Hemroulle Move It or Lose It Night at Cheneux Nijmegen One Long Cold Day Paratroops on Parade Polish Airborne at Arnhem Red Devils Riesberg Saarburg--A Way Out Sherbrooke Fusiliers Singling Shootout Small Gain Son South of Sword St. Anne's Chapelle The Sunken Lane Valley of Trouble Villars Bocage--Tiger! Westwall Wiltz
  9. No it was several years or more ago. You opened each new CMBB battle with a password that he provided. As I recall, it was called Operation Storfang (Sevastopol 1942). Here's an old link remnant: http://eichenbaum.i-dropper.net/Storfang_Map.html
  10. Thanks Earl Grey--I'll catch you over at Martin's Warehouse.
  11. Best wishes for a healthier future and many thanks for your contributions over the years.
  12. CoG--thanks for your years of service to the CM community. Thanks also to GaJ and others for picking up the baton.
  13. As long as I still have one way in, I'm OK. Just hope others are not having any problems.
  14. What did not work still doesn't work. However, on my laptop I switched from Firefox to IE and have been able to upload using it.
  15. Martin--all of a sudden late last night I encounter trouble uploading mods. Out on the blue I got a message that I needed a newer Flash program to proceed. That was on my old desk top. I downloaded the latest version and that did not fix things--even after several reboots. I tried my laptop and always received an error message. Do you know what's up and can you provide any suggestions to resolve these issues?
  16. Paul Carell is such a person. Undoubtedly you'll hear much from others about his Nazi history.
  17. Here: http://www.tspindler.de/cmak_mod/
  18. I helped Astro Cat with a missing mod or two after the crash. If you are missing something I may have it, as i have been compiling CM x 1 mods for years. As the collection is quite large, it would be helpful to know when a mod is released, so I can limit my hunt for it to a couple of CDs.
  19. Use the McMMM mod manger with either CMAK or separate CMETO initial of CMAK, and you can customize until your heart is content.
  20. CMBO was originally advertised as being developed by Big Time Software for Avalon Hill as a computerized Advanced Squad Leader. See this old web page from April 18, 1997: http://web.archive.org/web/19970418050241/http://www.bigtimesoftware.com/ By December 2, 1998 Avalon Hill was being bought out by Hasbro and the game's title had been changed to Combat Mission: http://web.archive.org/web/19981202193131/http://www.bigtimesoftware.com/index.html
  21. Go with the one that covers the theater in which you are most interested. I like the CMAK (later) version of the engine better. However, there are many more user made scenarios and mods for CMBB. Either way you can't lose...unless you are running VISTA.
  22. My quest is to find a winter gelb PanzerJaeger I. Has anyone spotted this unicorn? If so, where can it be found? Thanks....
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