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  1. Looking forward to this so many thanks in advance JonS I have tried the editor but found the manual doesn't cover everything. For example, with the flavour objects, you have keys 1 -4 (if my memory serves me right) but the manual doesn't explain what they are for. I also find the briefings harder to do so will be following your progress with much interest. Hopefully then I can venture forth into the editor with renewed confidence. No pressure JonS
  2. All depends how the game engine places the forces and the location of the flags. A designer can and will make a superior small scenario. But then the only way to really enjoy the CM games is play against a human opponent. Once you have taken this step, playing against the AI will seem too easy!
  3. Here's a couple of my pet hates Reinforcements coming on in full view of the enemy :mad: Maps that are designed to channel the player into a certain area. If you don't take that route, then you can't advance :mad: Badly written briefings full of spelling errors and badly laid out. Mind you, if I know the designers first language isn't English then it does not bother me so much (but he could get someone to check the briefings first). I could go on but people might think I'm a moaning old so and so!
  4. Funny isn't it? I have had players tell me they don't like knowing when the reinforcements turn up and others tell me they like to know. It's the same with set up's. Some like them in place so they just hit the 'GO' button while others like to set up their own forces. I look at it this way. I made the scenario and I know I will not please every player out there so I write the briefings how I like them and set up the forces that way to. By the way, I do mention what forces are coming on and where they will turn up
  5. Just popped over to the Bovington tank museum webpage and spotted this: American armour weekend at Bovington TM It's in June and they usually put on a great show
  6. Have you tried Sie Kommen! This is a series of battles linked together. You can find out more about it at Fredrockers CM website: Sie Kommen!
  7. The best way to play CM is against a human opponent!
  8. Just uploaded the scenario to the new SD. My scenario is based on the Talonsoft EF scenario by Doug Bevard. It's not an exact copy but all the play testers enjoyed it! Here's the main briefing: This scenario is based on the Talonsoft East Front scenario by Doug Bevard. Converted to CMBB by Bob ‘British Tommy’ Millard. EMAIL: bmillard7291@yahoo.co.uk SCENARIO: Surprise for the 17th Panzer! DATE: July 1941 TURNS: 30 variable BATTLE TYPE: meeting engagement FLAGS: 5 large, 2 small TIME: mid day WEATHER: clear GROUND CONDITIONS: very dry TERRAIN: rolling hills with patches of t
  9. GJK is the guy working on it. Best thing to do is post a message at the Proving grounds.
  10. The answer is quite simple. If you don't like the idea of having a cookie from a site, DONT GO THERE. Also, they are other sites on the internet which has CM scenario's... use one of them. And last of all, just make your own scenario's!
  11. Sounds good GJK! Only thing you could drop is the ' seeking opponent ' option. There's enough clubs ( and the PG site ) which covers this already.
  12. Mr Dorosh, that is no way to speak to the guy who might in future host your forthcoming scenario's! :eek: Take a wooden ruler and smack the back of your legs several times while chanting, " I must not use naughty words while addressing GJK "
  13. The reason I started this thread is to get away from 'death of the scenario depot'.We are all sorry to see it go but something else needs to replace it. A new thread such as this one would just talk about GJK and his idea's ( as well as other people ). So I don't encourage people to post there!
  14. I've kick started this thread off so you guys can express your opinions as to where the next CM scenario site should be. My view is that it should be linked to the Proving Grounds. This is the natural way to go as scenario designers can get their beta scenario's well play tested before it's uploaded to the new CM scenario site. This then will help to reduce the amount of badly made scenario's that show up now and then. GJK at the Proving Grounds has shown an interest in building a site but not for a few weeks yet due to work pressure. There again, should there be two or more sites hosting s
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