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  1. Yep. I'd easily lay down $50 for a proper campaign game for CMBB. So let's get 'er rolling! Can't wait!
  2. Hey Sly looks like the same email was sent to both Bert and I concerning our game. The email did not include a file. Bert's anxious to beat me up a little, so if you can send that along to one or the other of us I know he'd appreciate it.
  3. Not a fantastic start. LOL! I can't believe how close the Allied scores for Mackay's Fortress were!
  4. Costard and I have finished our game. I sent the files to you, Slysniper... did they get waylaid enroute? Oh and Mrcobbler and I are almost finished with our game. Relocations and vacations are not very conducive to CM play. Hey Bert looks like we get to play again! *harkens back to Out of the Dust 1*
  5. Back online... so should be able to knock out this last game very quickly. I'm up for a one (1) large game on the next round. Just so long as the other two stay smallish. That's my $0.02 anyway...
  6. Hey guys I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow (business, not pleasure!), and I won't be available to play for at least a week. Hopefully by then I will have moved into my new apartment and will have my PC up and running. Hope yall can wait that long... but if you need to step in the finish my games, Sly, go right ahead. I'm sorry this whole thing had to blow up so close to the end of the first round!
  7. Apologies for moving slow on my end. Dinga and I have finished our game, but I'm afraid the others have been moving slow (much due to my fault). I have just recently been hired for a new job in Delaware. A hasy relocation is currently in progress, which is occupying almost all my free time (still working the two weeks notice for my current employer too). Not sure if I will be able to participate in the second round. I certainly hope so, but it may be a few days before I can get the new apartment set up and an internet connection secured. In any case, apologies for the slow play and hope yall can bear with me while my life undergoes this major change.
  8. I'd go ahead and send an email to Sly, just so he has confirmation of your correct email address. That's what I did anyway. *shrug*
  9. Yeah we've got to have Walker. Please inform him that he has been conscripted by the Grand Council of CMx1 Fans, Dinga.
  10. Glad to hear this great event might be running again. If the force points are kept smallish (as has been mentioned), I'd certainly like to participate. I hate that I had to miss the last one.
  11. Uh... no, the Histwar project is a far cry from this ghost town. The Histwar developer, JMM, posts on the forum regularly. JMM is great. He doesn't promise the moon, but has given us a rough time frame for game release. I've been very pleased with the developer/fan communication associated with that project. This place just seems to gather dust and CMx1 malcontents (yes, like me!).
  12. That's 'cause you've been naughty, Bergerbitz. Shame on you.
  13. loooooool... Come come now, you don't expect Hunter to give you weekly updates, now do you?
  14. I still have my hope... my hope eternal. Don't shatter my dream.
  15. Well said, Cid. Love the quote in your avatar BTW...
  16. Thanks, that's what I was guessing. I just wanted to sound out to see if anyone had any quick fixes before I went through all the eLicensing stuff (bah, wish I'd stuck with the CDs). I have an Nvidia card, BTW. Not sure if that info helps.
  17. Hello all, I glanced through the tech support stuff and other topics, and didn't see any similiar issues to my problem... so I apologize if I missed it somewhere. The issue I am having is purely graphical, where all in-game text, objective flags, roads, and various terrain tiles (rough, trees) are blocked out in colored white or a light blue boxes. I have played CMBB for years via a CD copy, but have recently uninstalled that copy and reinstalled a direct-to-drive copy (which I purchased along with CMAK). Eager to try out CMAK, I haven't played CMBB in months, so I just now discovered the problem. CMAK works fine, which leads me to believe that this perhaps not a video card problem? My earlier CD version of CMBB worked fine on the same video card. Anyway, hope yall have some suggestions. Would a reinstall of CMBB work? Would I have to unregister the current copy, then in turn register the newly reinstalled copy? Thanks for any help.
  18. Then perhaps they had better simply release the multiplayer version. *Problem Solved*
  19. LOL, Kingfish. Nevermind the individuals who delight in abusing other people on the slightest pretense. It just makes them feel special, I think. Kinda like, um, the same feeling a hack gets with abusing everyone with his exploits. A good player (and a good person) doesn't need that stuff to get from game-to-game (or day-to-day). So stay around. There's good eggs around here. Just avoid the rotten ones. Even though my involvement on the forums is limited, I've met many good friends here. To answer your question, I've never been faced with any sort of cheating. Sometimes incredible stuff happens in CM, and I always marvel at them! It makes CM interesting and certainly less linear than many wargames.
  20. Hello all, I'd like to extend my sincere apologies to all the folks who attempted to contact me about this new tourney. I'm sorry I never got around to responding to you. Work/life has been hectic, to say the least, and my CM PBEM participation isn't the only interest in my life that has been suffering as a result. That said, I'm delighted to hear that good old CMBO is still attracting enough interest for an event like this, and that the event seems to be going well so far. Everyone watch out for Walker, because he's a tough opponent to face. Just when you think he's gonna go CENSORED, he CENSORED toward the CENSORED. Then, he goes ahead and CENSORED anyway. Ghastly frustrating, so I'm sure he'll be giving a few gray hairs in return. Do keep me in mind for Out of the Dust III. Hopefully life will wind down..... sometime.
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