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  1. Have you thought about using the student's names (if you know who has signed up) for various units they'll be commanding? Might increase the immersion factor for them.
  2. I think you give yourself too much credit.
  3. The shoe designer deserves an engineering excellence award... Richie will contact you to work out those details.
  4. The votes have been tallied and I'm happy to announce the winner of the best AAR is... BigDuke6 in Push to Maleme Congratulations to Bigduke6! Let us know what model you select. I trust everyone is working on their AARs for the finals round - they will be due 1 week after the scenario due date.
  5. Absolutely - by participants, I meant anyone that has played or contributed to ROW V. I would also like to point out that we will be picking the best AAR from the finals round, so I hope the players are working on those AARs even as we speak, er... type.
  6. The nominations for best ROW V AAR are in and I have to say that every evaluator commented on how hard it was to select the best from among the outstanding submissions. I will try to post some comments later on AARs that did not make it to the final round but still deserve recognition. On to the nominations. In alphabetical order, the nominees are: Andrew Kulin in Push to Maleme Bigdog944 in Wet Triangle BigDuke6 in Across Moltke Bridge BigDuke6 in Push to Maleme Platehead in Wet Triangle It is now up to you, the ROW V participants, to vote for your favorite AAR. Sen
  7. I've been able to block the entrance to a bridge with a single roadblock in one scenario. It may be dependent upon the terrain around the end of the bridge. In the scenario where I was able to do it, the banks of the river were very steep.
  8. It doesn't matter - it's just eye candy. The visual appearance is based on the mods you have on your computer. You can make your AVFs bright pink, but your opponent will still see whatever camo scheme he has on his computer. The game engine still computes everything the same, regardless of what mods you are using.
  9. Thanks for posting this, GaJ. Looks very useful. Could you explain how the Significance value was calculated? Just to be clear, this is all PBEM or TCP/IP games, correct? No play against the AI?
  10. Despite questions of how realistic it was, I loved the leadership representation in SL. It worked beautifully, the impact of leaders (or lack thereof) was obvious, and it emphasized the importance of leadership in a military organization. I thought the Designer’s Notes explained the concept rather well, using real life examples of how the death of a single highly respected soldier could bring an advance to a halt. The Hedgehog of Piepsk illustrated the need for leadership extremely well, with the Germans outnumbered 4 to 1, but still able to put up a good defense because of long-range MG fi
  11. How about something to celebrate number 200? Say, a 200m x 200m map with each side having 200 points in a battle over a 200m hill? At any rate, Hans, thanks for your contributions to the CM community.
  12. Well - doesn't that just make me a bigger idiot than I originally thought! No, I had no idea that you could tell which enemy units were "exit for points." I just assumed that was a fog of war thing and didn't bother checking until the end of the scenario. But, you are right - the EFP label is right there in the unit data window. Also, I'd like to retract my earlier statement that everything was weighted in favor of the Germans. Based on the scores from the tournament, Things Go Bump in the Night was actually the most balanced scenario. From the Allied perspective, it had a median of 51 a mea
  13. Thanks, Redwolf. I found this link which gives a good description of exit point scoring, but I can't find anything that describes how a score is calculated when a player has a negative point total. I've juggled the numbers trying to guess how the final score was arrived at and I just don't see it. I know CMBO had some exit point scoring problems related to no credit for units exited while riding vehicles. But that problem got fixed in later versions. Still, makes me wonder if there may be some other problems with exit scoring.
  14. Bah! Your opponent must have been a rank amateur. I racked up -586 exit points as the Allies (yes, that’s a negative 586 points, as in, less than zero). Coupled with my whopping 108 points for the casualties I inflicted (actually, I think most of those were from accidentally backing over the Germans that encircled us as we tried to reverse out of various disastrous situations), my overall score was on the order of -400 something (yes, negative). Yet I still managed to earn a score of 22, which didn’t seem right to me. Can anyone provide an explanation for the scoring in exit scenarios. I’ve
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