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  1. Rafalski coming back would be HUGE, but I don't ever hear about him coming back?! Wings were hosed on that goal, for sure. It's NOT a reviewable play, the ref just called the play too early... where was he when he decided to blow the whistle? Those things happen, though. Been great playoffs so far... Herr Kruger
  2. Pens and Caps could be great... would have been better to see that in the Eastern Conference Final, but oh well, at least it will happen. Caps star players need to deal with pressure better or Pens will take it in five or six. Washington was lucky to win Game 7 earlier tonight. Sharks drown again, this time in the first round. Catastrophic loss for that organization. Change must come. Flames fizzle yet again. Uninspired play from an uninspired team. Also a team that must make some changes. My read is Cammalleri will score big money elsewhere, aflter losing an arbitration decision
  3. So, I guess we'll go with 'severely misinformed' on the score of Halo 3, then. Herr Kruger
  4. A few points : I agree, my information about co-op on that specific game is limited, however, everything I said applies. Your lost progress is no doubt an Xbox hardware problem, and not a CoD game problem. Do you own a 360? As per your claim on Halo 3, you are severely misinformed or flat-out lying. I own Halo 3 and I just tested your claim. You can't choose any level you want without having first completed the previous level. I am as I sit here signed into my Xbox and Halo 3 with two profiles that have not completed any campaign missions and I can ONLY choose "Arrival" to play, whi
  5. Suffer through a what, 15-sec cut scene?? LOL! Oh, the horror! Hardly a criticism worth noting. H3? Do you mean Halo 3? For the record I rented this game and played solo only, and it was good, but with all the CoD games I've played there is something missing. I don't think they are great. However, some of Kettler's criticisms seem very silly to me. I don't buy his accusations of a terrible co-op experience. Playing co-op should not mean you get to skip ahead into a game to play any level you want without having finished the previous levels. How is it that there is no Save for your
  6. Well, he did say split-screen. That's a dead giveaway. Yes, I feel the same, in some ways, about co-op being under-supported. I wouldn't call split-screen proper co-op, though. Proper co-op to me is System Link. Herr Kruger
  7. I've played it a little on the 360. Only single-player so far. I like it, but something about all the Call of Duty games I've played feels off. It's hard to describe. Also, constantly tossing grenades back seems silly to me, it happens too much. I'm not far into it but in one of the early American missions I kept finding myself getting stuck on my fellow American soldiers, or stuck in a corner, or stuck on the environment in some way. You can't brush past your compatriots or move them at all, it seems. Frustrating b/c it happens so much. Also, I just really dislike the grenade throwing
  8. CMx1 Quick Battles were/are the bomb! It's basically all I ever played. Loved the random maps and force purchase. Incredibly fun! I'm not saying they were perfect. I'm not 'conveniently forgetting' anything about them. I loved them. CMSF QBs, not so much.
  9. I suspect he mens the HistWar : Les Grognards subforum here on this forum. I could be wrong, though!
  10. Renting before buying is generally good advice. As is checking out numerous reviews. I've had a 360 for awhile, and have had no major problems with it yet. I've never lost a gamesave. Armored Core may be a terrible game, I don't know, haven't played it. Indicting the 360 on the basis of one game is beyond silly, though. I expect I'll get the RROD one day, but not yet. I have an Elite. "The price jump for games in going from the X-Box to the X-box 360 has been huge, nearly a doubling." Umm, what? Are you saying it costs the consumer twice as much money to buy a new 360 game today
  11. Some people, not all, feel that in the console market we, the gamers, are getting more for our money then ever before. Games are not that expensive to buy and the price has gone up a bit or relatively stayed the same over the last ten years, hasn't it? But games, on average, cost a whole lot more to make over that same time period, isn't that true?? Anyway, I'm not sure where I stand on the whole piracy issue. The only game I can remember pirating was Hero's Quest from Sierra, which I later bought. That was in the early 90s. Herr Kruger
  12. Sex ed in schools is a great thing! The more information you have, the better. It's makes one better equipped to deal with situations.
  13. That's just it, I am not biased. I have played and owned both for years. I'm glad you admit to your bias, though. I don't and won't maintain that console or PC-gaming is superior to the other one, ever. Just different. Sure, some people may choose to like one over the other. That is fine by me, that is their choice. Your original post: "f you ask me, the success of the console can be attributed to just one thing: marketing. Throw enough money at advertising something over and over, make it nice and shiny, and people will start buying it. Even if, looking at it logically, it's the mos
  14. Your comment is laughable BECAUSE you seemed to be saying it ONLY happens in the console world. Get it? Is CMBO essentially not the same game, at it's core, as CMBB and CMAK? Yet you claim people only come back to the same games happily in the console world. Wait, of course, BTS/BFC made those games KNOWING they wouldn't sell as well. What about your other games? Strategic Command? Theatre of War? CMSF and Marines?? Sequels, improvements just like what happens in the console world. How about a comment on that? Not a gut feeling, crystal clear EVIDENCE the SAME THING happens in PC,
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