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  1. Madmatt accidentally deleted all of 2003 a few hours after telling us we had a week to save anything we wished to save. Doh!
  2. Have we come up with the final list of vehciles that are certainly missing winter mods? I'm not going to make any promises here, but if we do, I *may* mod one or two of them.
  3. So, in the Final Analysis, which CMBO vehicles and equipment can definitively be said to be lacking winterized versions??
  4. Greetings, I am in need of advice to improve my defensive skills in the above point range in CMBB and CMAK. Assume I am German, moderate to heavy tree coverage, usually good weather... any really good articles already out there? Or would someone be willing to reply to this post?
  5. Some system of sorting would be very helpful, at the very least identifying between CMBO and the two later games. But I would prefer having articles marked or sorted into all three game categories. Just my input. -J Kruger-
  6. Unless you've purchased a certain kind of fortification when you are defending in CMBB. J Kruger
  7. A great addition to a great site! I'll have to go check it out... J Kruger
  8. I just wanted to say your work is really appreciated by all, these charts are really useful! I've been using them since CMBO. J Kruger
  9. Select All and choose a font or a font color. Things should show up then. - Chris </font>
  10. Which versions of Excel are these compatible with? Nothing shows up in the fields on Excel 2002 here at work. J Kruger
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