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kohlenklau CMFI North Afrika QB map-mod project

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On 7/13/2021 at 12:43 AM, kohlenklau said:

I made a few tweaks and revised it...

Grab it here. Play ONLY as axis vs AI. 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xol65i748o1orpg/Bloody Wadi.btt?dl=0

I'm going to try !
I played the first one I already had a lot of fun
I love this game format and your map is very well thought out
In addition it is the ideal format for me currently who am busy
Thank you


Did you notice the bug on the vehicle, it has a fixed wheel !!!

or it comes from my mod

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25 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

small and quick game

I also enjoy the small and quick scenarios. Micro Battles? @Bud Backer coined the term I think. Another guy back in CMBB called them "byte battles". For my brain and attention span they are better versus large monster battles @Blazing 88's but of course some folks opinion will differ.  

Tiny battles are much easier to envision as I get a hankering to make a scenario. Then I can jot some notes and scribbles and do some research and over a FEW days I can finish it. They are also easier to test. They are also less of a hassle to go and tweak. Map making is easier with a 208m x 208m tiny map.

For the desert battles, with the same forces, the map can be easily made bigger with not as much mouse clicking...which is a technique I am planning to take to Barbarossa as I use big undulating fields of "Crop 2" as my desert with some action area near a village or bridge or road intersection.



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On 7/14/2021 at 9:40 PM, kohlenklau said:

Interesting! No, I did not notice. Very odd. It was nothing I did. I haven't messed with that particular vehicle. 

I don't think it's from you but from BF
it's like the dingo wheel, I also spotted some problems in some German halftrack on RT, I will take some image capture and will do a post this winter or I will have more time....
thank you for these scenarios and all these mods

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4 minutes ago, Falaise said:

thank you for these scenarios and all these mods

You are very welcome!

Question: Can you see below my posts, the signature area with the dropbox link for "KOHLENKLAU'S CM GOODY BOX"?

I am experimenting to just offer ONE DROPBOX LINK from now on...

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4 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

Yes I can see it and it works.

oh, thanks. It is an experiment. Trying to just have ONE PLACE I put my CM WW2 stuff to offer to the forum. In it there are separate folders for CMFI, CMRT, CMFB, and CMBN. 

Folders for the mods to use for a scenario also...! It can get a bit overwhelming. 

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Also, does anybody know where I can get an all dark yellow Flak88? No green and no brown... Thanks!

In general, anybody who feels they have an item, a mod of something that would augment and improve "CMFI CMAK2" or whatever you want to call it or anything else I am fiddling around with in this forum such as Barbarossa mods in CMRT, PLEASE MENTION IT, show it, provide a link or point us towards where to get it. :-)

It is appreciated greatly!

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3 hours ago, Falaise said:

your link work CMRT and CMFB are empty and CMFI contains 3 scenario and the AK mod
I checked the psw 231,  the 2nd  right front wheel don't move

yes, it is in progress to put some stuff in CMRT and CMFB. 

So, maybe in another title the PSW231 mdr file is working correctly. Calling Doctor Frenchy!!! @Frenchy56

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1 hour ago, kohlenklau said:

Very nice!!! 

Are those Blender 3D mods to flavor objects? Is there a place where I can obtain those? A link you could please post here or do I need to go over to CMMODS4?

it's a great mod, but I can't find the author's name 🙄
the guy did this on Blender
Accessorys on sdkfz 250 and Protze and flak 36.
For the flak, the sandbags are purely decorative and do not protect the flak

and the flak is the color you want !!!
I am contacting you by mp


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Just played through as Axis (of course).  I have to say that's quite brutal, whichever side you might have been on. 

Result was as expected, 88s were phenomenal, and I had quite a wall of MG fire going out to the infantry.  I enjoyed the Italian 45mm mortars, but they only hit 3 people - seemed like a small grenade exploding in the sand (oh wait, that's what it was 😉).  First call the Italian artillery took forever to fire and totally missed.  Second call, I lost the FO to British artillery, so you can guess what happened.  On the other side the British artillery was nasty, I assume 25 pounders?  Even knocked out one of my Achtrads...

Anyway thanks, great fun and thought-provoking.

Edited by Vacilllator
Clarification, maybe...
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41 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

I assume 25 pounders

No, they are not 25 pounders. Just company mortars! I only recently learned as I re-studied this battle, it is historical sad event that the 25 pounders slated to prep barrage the Axis Halfaya position, they got stuck in soft sand and were unable to be on time and on target.

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