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Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

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The mod package is for scenarios set in a fictional country. Either way, here's another look at what we've come up with so far...  

Inspired by the work of @Zveroboy1 on the ANA, I decided to try out a few things with the Syrian Airborne. This is the result... It's rudimentary at the moment & with many plac

@Sgt.Squarehead - as I've said before I think, stop noodling around with your stuff.  There comes a point where chasing the 1% is counter-productive.  Tidy them all up, write the briefings and square

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Sgt Squarehead suggested I post in this thread.  I'm a newbie with previous mod experience in other sims, and I'm interested in - perhaps - modding CM.  In exchange for being shown the mod ropes, I'm willing to adapt some already existing Asian object models to CM plus make a few more for Heaven & Earth.  A few sample shots below.  They are lowish polycount models intended for static window dressing - "flavor" models, roughly equivalent to LOD2 models that should not impact the game's performance very much.  The UVW maps and artwork would have to be reworked to fit CM's requirements.  Additionally, I already have a few high polycount models plus can also make a few new ones.


Airfield Composite-10.jpg


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1 hour ago, borg said:

you have now got me thinking... once done and dusted... how big/large would the 'mod' be in terms of size ? 

Is it something we are already accustomed to? (e.g., Stalingrad mod) or.

Thanks guys.

'Heaven & Earth' currently weighs in at 2.35gb in your z folder. 

Once it's installed, almost nothing remains entirely the same as before.  The editor functions are about the only completely unchanged things that I can think of off hand, Blue TOE remains largely unaltered too, but we don't use those for the main game (although I will be using some of them for my very late period stuff).


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34 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

I can’t wait to try mapping in this!

Why not PM @37mm

We're actively looking for map-makers, so I'm absolutely confident he will oblige (be warned, it's a big mod, you'll need to pull all your other ones to be safe).

6 minutes ago, Combatintman said:

View from the SW Guard Tower as Callsign Blueboy deliberately crash lands into the Son Tay POW Camp Compound:


Someone's been exploring the new FO's & special purpose TOE by the looks of things.....I've not explored those, beyond the boats, to date.

PS - Will the helicopters lean over if you put a dink in the terrain underneath them?  I often do this with vehicle wrecks, to make them look more, well, wrecked.  ;)


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