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  1. Been working with Aquila on importing Max models into Blender, and then into CM2. We have a problem with texture mapping - it is not possible to skin the new models with anything but generalized artwork. So, working in Max, I am remapping the M60A3. If I can get it looking half-way decent in Max, it should be possible to then export the model (plus mapping and artwork) to Blender. Go to link below, click Combat Mission, and view "Distortion" and "Reduced Distortion" to see the difference between the original UV mapping and my new UV mapping. https://postimg.cc/gallery/s0wo6kum/
  2. I am encountering difficulties with my Max/Blender research because most youtube tutorials are for earlier versions of Blender, which do not match the most recent version - there have been changes to the User Interface. I am using Blender 2.79. Are you guys using an earlier version? If so, please let me know so I can get on the same page. Thanks.
  3. Have just scratched the surface researching the Max-Blender interface, but have already found something that might be useful to Blender users. Link below is a tutorial for Max users to familiarize themselves with Blender. While that may not interest you guys, there is a segment, beginning around 18:00 that describes how to set up Blender's addons. Blender has many addons that may interest you guys but most of them are not enabled! Tutorial shows you how to turn them on.
  4. Close-up of the FIAT CR42 which was used 'til war's end as a ground attack aircraft. Some CR42s could be sprinkled around airfields as flavor objects, and if there are no airfields we could make some. 😄 https://postimg.cc/gallery/s0wo6kum/
  5. An example of how early desert war stuff could be adapted to late war Italy.
  6. Correct. It was just a sample that I already made that was sitting around on my hard drive. I have no dedicated Northern Italy stuff - yet - but I do have desert stuff that can be adapted to Northern Italy. Sample at link - models in the foreground are still WIPs. https://i.postimg.cc/Fz81CL4m/Italian-Stuff-1.jpg
  7. Aquila - Thanks for the Blender info. I'm currently researching how to interface between Blender and Max. Hopefully, I can work out a seamless process for transferring models back and forth.
  8. I'm currently working with the Shock Force guys to see if I can import flavor models into CM, as I am interested in the next release of Fortress Italy. Some Samples. Will keep you posted with progress reports.
  9. Allow me to expand on my interest in CM. I'm a WW2 guy and - currently - only interested in the next release of Fortress Italy. However, I am willing to do some work with you guys so I can learn the ropes of modding in CM. I hate Blender's user interface and refuse to work in it except to import/export files. So.....I would like to hear from any of you guys who are familiar with Blender about importing/exporting models that are broken down into sub-objects (separate turrets, guns, wheels, etc) and also UVW templates so artwork can be made. Examples of existing WW2 models. If we can d
  10. OK, I was able to import the M60 model into my legal copy of 3dsMax9, and then export the Max model as 3ds format into Blender2.79. However, both the Max and 3ds models were unusable as game models as they were just one big mesh. They were not broken down into sub-objects - turret, hull, gun, bogie wheels, etc. Also, the exterior surfaces were not UVW mapped so they could be unfolded flat into templates. I suspect the problem is my old 32-bit edition of Max is not compatible with the newer 64-bit version of Blender?
  11. DL-ing the models now, and will take a look at them to see what can be done. Authentic, detailed skins require the 3D model's exterior surfaces to be unwrapped into a flat pattern. Sample below of a low-poly Lancia truck illustrates the unwrapped skin surfaces - like a template - and how the artwork is then designed to fit the template. What can be done will depend on what I find when I open up the model's files and examine the template.
  12. Sgt Squarehead suggested I post in this thread. I'm a newbie with previous mod experience in other sims, and I'm interested in - perhaps - modding CM. In exchange for being shown the mod ropes, I'm willing to adapt some already existing Asian object models to CM plus make a few more for Heaven & Earth. A few sample shots below. They are lowish polycount models intended for static window dressing - "flavor" models, roughly equivalent to LOD2 models that should not impact the game's performance very much. The UVW maps and artwork would have to be reworked to fit CM's requirements. Addi
  13. Newbie here. Still surfing the threads to get a feel for the different versions of CM, but I have modding experience - samples below - and can send you the above glider in .obj format. Let me know how you want to transfer the file to you.
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