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Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

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On 8/14/2019 at 4:30 PM, 37mm said:

@Mord I don't suppose you could help us out with an Asian tankman as well?

Your wish is mine command. This is what I came up with for the moment.




Plus a People's Army type dude.




And a new and improved regular soldier.





Here's what they all look like together including the militia guy from a few weeks ago.








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The mod package is for scenarios set in a fictional country. Either way, here's another look at what we've come up with so far...  

Inspired by the work of @Zveroboy1 on the ANA, I decided to try out a few things with the Syrian Airborne. This is the result... It's rudimentary at the moment & with many plac

@Sgt.Squarehead - as I've said before I think, stop noodling around with your stuff.  There comes a point where chasing the 1% is counter-productive.  Tidy them all up, write the briefings and square

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25 minutes ago, puje said:

Does the using rifle mounted grenade launcher register as a separate weapon when using it in game or how does that work? 

By default, all rifle grenadiers carry two weapon models... the primary weapon with a dud GL & a GL with a dud primary weapon.

You don't notice the switch normally because both weapons models are visually identical.

I just changed the GL model to the imported M79 & then the primary small arm to our M16's... since yesterday I've changed the GP-30 sound too.

Job done.

@Aquila-CM had figured out that this could be done when he saw the weapons models too.

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4 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Nice find.....Some more:

Have a feeling @Combatintman might find this appealing.....Not sure how we'd do it with 'H&E' though.

I carried a radio and had a really fun day on the bombing range in Belize in 1988 as Captain Rencher controlled Harriers dropping ordnance. In 1966 Captain Rencher was known as Pte 'Pom' Rencher and was OC D Coy/6 RAR's signaller at Long Tan. An absolutely top bloke who I was privileged to meet and sadly passed away in 2016.

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