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Let's talk about the Road to Nijmegen

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On 3/31/2014 at 7:25 PM, Lahm said:

The hotel gives you as much points as the two plasmolen objs and the windmill insures you a victory (200vps > 150vps)

I did that and got a tactical defeat (my best result in three attempts).

I'd won the first 4 missions (German surrender in all cases) but I've got completely stuck on this one. It might be (just) winnable but it says you'll need your forces to defend in a later mission.

As I assume your paratroopers are not going to get resupplied, they'll also be having to do it with hardly any ammunition too.

So I've decided the best way to handle this one is cease fire on the first turn resulting in a defeat but at least you'll have your force intact with a full loadout to deal with whichever mission they're next required in.

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I just "completed" this mission, running 4.02. The bridge is bugged for the Americans, after you blow the wire you cannot cross the bridge, or even step foot on it. I assaulted along the american side

It was once said that there where many different issues with bridges, and they had to fix it case by case, so the glitch you found might even be a different one (with the same result) than the one the

What it means is, that I have actually tried to find out why the glitch occurs. A "Thank you" would have been nice. But, you obviously have no manners.

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