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  1. Thanks I have been there - the site is a great resource, but I always find it a bit overwhelming. (I can't see an obvious way to sort by highest rated or anything like that.) I'll have a rummage!
  2. Thanks, I'll check them out. Do they come with the base game?
  3. Thanks all for the input. I will work my way through your suggestions. (I only have CMBN, FWIW - and that will be the case for the foreseeable)
  4. TLDR: I've played Devils Descent, Road to Montebourg and Road to Nijmegen - what should I play next? (Preference is playing as Commonwealth, or secondarily the US) I’m a relatively new player looking for suggestions as to which Campaign to play next. My preference is to play with Commonwealth forces, but I will play as the US too. Really not interested in playing as Germany. I've worked my way through several campaigns already but consider myself a decent, but not elite, player. These are the campaigns I’ve played so far, in the order in which I played them, with some brief comments: Training Campaign - really enjoyed these scenarios. Devil’s Descent (Major victory) great campaign. Enjoyed the small scale and role-playing elements, really suited the game engine and helped me learn the game. Road to Montebourg (Major victory) great overall - one or two scenarios seemed needlessly punishing, but that’s okay I guess... I watched some of Totally Hapless' videos which helped guide me along the right path when I was stumped. Road to Nijmegen (minor victory) - mixed feelings. The ambition of it and the attention to detail were great, but at times it felt like it was made to be difficult for the sake of it and so it felt like hard work. Having said that it gave me some of the most epic / cinematic moments I’ve had with CM. I restarted quite a lot of the missions, (e.g. when losing two entire platoons to artillery fire on the first turn during one of the Riethorst missions), which broke immersion. I missed out on the Hunner Park scenario (perhaps partly because I lost Heuman Lock Bridge after ceasing fire due to the bridge glitch, and ceased fire on the first turn of the final Riethorst scenario because: a) I had no AT assets at all remaining, which meant facing lots of tanks wasn’t going to be much fun, and: b) I was bored of that map, having fought on it 3 times already)............ I read someone say this campaign was designed for the game the designer wishes CM was, rather than the actual CM that exists - and that seems spot on to me. The time limits also meant that the scenarios felt unrealistically rushed - so once I got given the increased time limits I enjoyed it a lot more. Also - I just played the Copse scenario with the Sherwood Rangers, which I found to be really great fun. So, some possibilities for my next Campaign are: Amiens Tonight - is this still fully functional? Looks tempting. Courage and Fortitude - punishingly hard? In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow - haven’t seen much written about this… Lions of Carpiquet - 4 company scenarios? Too big for my taste. Scottish Corridoor - punishingly hard? Short time limits? Which would you recommend? Or am I missing a good option? Ideally I don’t want something as difficult as Road to Nijmegen. Thanks!
  5. No problem. Would be great if it is possible - I need to do a bit more digging into how it all works under the hood.
  6. Hi Erwin - I'm not talking about damage to maps - see my past few posts above. I'm talking about scenarios setup zones reflecting what objectives you take, when playing on the same map across several scenarios in a campaign.
  7. Forgive my ignorance - what are the criteria for determining the next scenario, and how many different scenarios can there be? Is it just a matter of Win / Loss branching off to different scenarios (in which case my suggestion is impossible - and it's just a matter of campaign designers working around this limitation in a better way), or is it possible to have more than two (in which case as far as I can see my idea might be possible)? Thanks!
  8. I see, so presumably the nature of the subsequent scenario is determined by whether the player achieves a win, draw or loss (tactical, total etc) and not by what objectives they control. In which case (in case any future campaign designers are reading!) I think it's imperative that the win/draw/loss corresponds with particular objectives being won, so that the following scenario's setup zone or held objectives match those that the player won in the previous scenario. Difficult or impossible as that may be! Otherwise it's too peculiar to have to win back the same objective 4 times in a campaign.
  9. I don't mind fighting over the same ground so much, it's more that either: I) it needs to be explained why so in the campaign in a narratively convincing way, or preferably: ii) the missions should respond more flexibly to the objectives you take. I.e. if I took the windmill in the previous mission then my setup zone should include the windmill in the following mission. Otherwise there is so much attention to detail from the designer - it seems to me kind of odd that these overarching points aren't implemented.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I just completed Night Fight - I rushed my troops unopposed into the objectives I'd previously occupied, so in the end it didn't have too much effect on things. I then successfully defended them. Now I've loaded up the next mission and, LOL, once again the hotel and windmill are out of my control! It does create quite a peculiar dynamic, and certainly for me it breaks immersion. (Sorry if this seems moany).
  11. I have just played the Heuman Lock Bridge scenario and can confirm that the bridge is still bugged / broken / impossible to cross. Likewise, the ditches do not provide any cover (in fact it was straightforward to attain enough suppression to cross the open ground on the far left of the map, so this wasn’t game-spoiling). I have now reached Night Fight and am somewhat dumfounded that, having taken Riethorst Hotel and the Windmill objectives during For Those About To Die, I now have to retake them. I can’t fathom why this is. Is this a glitch or as intended but underexplained? Perhaps a glitch due to me ‘losing’ with a tactical defeat despite taking those two objectives during FThoseATDie??
  12. Just a quick note to say: I took the plunge! CMBN big bundle. Now I'm half way through Devils Descent!
  13. John Buckley's 'Monty's Men: The British Army and the Liberation of Europe' is highly recommended if you want something with a wide scope, perhaps to complement a first-hand account.
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