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  1. I play as German and before you enter any building rip the ground floor and the second floor and you can't go wrong. The Soviets also give their position away too soon and shoot at anything what moves. Same story at the bridge, show your halftrack at 500 meters and the HMG starts shooting. Wonder or I will finish it two wounded so far. I think it is better for H&H and it is a beautiful map.
  2. What you guys possibly ask for is that the 'Pause, Stop and Evade Radio Buttons' to be used at any time during the WeGo mode of play. TBH it is a game some issues the TacAI can't deal with. I put my AFV in the hull down and instead of one tank all of a platoon turns up. Sometimes the TacAI reverses and pop smoke and sometimes it doesn't. The evade button could be a solution. Same when you take fire only on hunt and seeing a full contact the units stop. It would be more fun if the evade button could be used.
  3. You can do that; it works with a strong sound contact. Fast forward to a hull down position and reverse. A five to ten second delay is a calculated risk.
  4. Yes, I agree 100 % you just need to change the parameters.
  5. There is an Urban Myth about the 'Honest John'. They forgot to undo some bolts and the launching vehicle also took off. They saw it disappear beyond the horizon. This thing looks a little bit like it.
  6. There are plenty of very good designers giving as some real challenges. Play on Iron and show some Total Victories. I was disappointed in FR 'To Berlin' they extended the time with the patch up. I already started before the patch up and that would have been a challenge now it ended in a Turkey shoot with the Germans surrendering before I took the objectives. The designer gave us a very good campaign but who made him extend the time for the first mission?
  7. He is a veteran; in the American army it may have been different but learning to drive a halftrack could have been specialist training for a fully trained infantrist. I think it is a little unrealistic to leave him behind in his vehicle.
  8. Never saw this mentioned. In modern combat you can acquire Javelins but in Battle for Normandy the driver is more useful if he acquires the 'bazooka from the halftrack before he parks it and dismounts.
  9. Also, it depends on the editor. They made the recent campaign game in RT some 30 minutes or 40 minutes longer which made it a lot less challenging.
  10. Time limits should be a recommendation to be able to score a total victory. Also, that the player has his available units of map so that he can deploy his troops at the time of his choosing.
  11. Then we have people complaining about the graphics, we never had it so good.
  12. For the execution Mortars and the APC's were the key. Mortars on Airburst and the APC's for breaching walls buildings. For the scouts use their Guided Missiles they need to get out of the vehicle. The unconventional troops are green too, I didn't have that impression in the game. Airbursts are effective the only sidearm which had succes was the sniper five kills. Fire power is combined arms 'Observation and Fire Positions'. Small games are not the easiest this was harder than the last game which was 'The Thin Black Line.'
  13. You need grenades for buildings a squad can hide in them and wipes out anything. KT is Tall Sara. I would send a scout and sniper there it is your call. The scout (Moving Quick) was receiving fire the range is 550 meters (A calculated risk) The sniper was on hunt he spotted the LMG there is also one more contact. Spoiler
  14. You need to make a different unit. For starters he should have a short cover arc in other words don't shoot till you give the orders manually. Shades don't play a role in this game. They could design something like thermal sight for a sniper scope but don't call it as such. Your idea to have a special generic smoke which could be generated every time you give him a cover arc. He can fire but won't be spotted. When he moves with a cover arc it is on hunt or slow. A sniper should be expensive to purchase in the game. As such we don't have snipers in the game only marksmen. They shoot at anything to my chagrin. As an afterthought let him plot an LOF like a 60 mm mortar which other riflemen can't. This simulates moving by stealth. Here is what I mean the TacAI let them shoot at anything in larger battles you can't think of anything all the time.
  15. In my opinion that should go with elite of any unit. Put a sniper in a building for starters he wouldn't shoot through open windows. Say a few minutes to prepare like making a keyhole. A rifle with a scope doesn't make a sniper, they need training too that maybe the reason they wouldn't allow it. We would end up making a different game. Like making a mission with objective finding key terrain to make a listening post.
  16. You need to mask his activities once spotted they are a priority. I think this could be inside the AI battleplans. Players must do this manually, pause the game and work out your tactics.
  17. Snipers get special match grade ammunition. For amateurs you achieve this by shooting store bought ammunition fire it once and resize only the neck of the case. Then you buy the bullets by trial and error which gives the best group at a given range. In the military reliability comes first at the expense of accuracy. Case in point the Italian Carcano rifle. If you are a handloader there is nothing wrong with this rifle, Lee Harvey Oswald was an accredited marksman, always wondered why he used this rifle. A Springfield would have been the obvious choice in the US.
  18. Thank you. I use XBox Game Bar for my screenshots and post process it in Affinity Photo. If you don't like the Photoshop Subscription, I strongly recommend this program. I don't use Mods.
  19. Nope nearby were ISU152's they spotted the escaping Germans, and the result was not pretty.
  20. The Topic is: How to deal with soviet smg teams? The best way to find out is to play as Soviet. Their weakness is lack of range, and they need armored support. The other question is 'Foxholes' once they have become visible the occupants become like spiders. Prisoners in their own web. A good team, any tank will do. The Valentine has no MG but has a radio and before the battle organize command and control. Foxholes make it too easy in my opinion for the attacker. The weakness in the Soviet attack is lack of flexibility if you defend as German have top notch communications in your outposts and a plan to withdraw in time.
  21. Russian Platoon Attack on German Foxholes. The Soviet Forces have a lack of radios. There is only one method and that is their riflemen firing and hoping that nearby support units will spot the enemy too. Mosin-Nagant range 300-350 meters. Difficulty Iron. The Germans must have noticed my maneuver to expose themselves like this. Inside the first 20 seconds rifle fire suppresses. At the end of the turn the Germans start to break and give up their position.
  22. I like AT-Rifles 14.5 mm slug. Here is a decent article Soviet Gun Archives: Infantry vs Tanks (sovietguns.blogspot.com). Recently they had a good look at them. Played with the bore made match-grade ammo and put a scope on it. Here we have the modern sniper rifle. Happy gaming and keep your sense of humor. Sour grapes make bad wine 🤡
  23. They are like golfclubs you can use them for golf but also for home defense. Taking out trucks, (trucks are mobile ammo dumps). Suppressing AT-Guns a lucky shot on a Tiger1 are my recent positive experiences with this weapon.
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