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  1. Try to bypass the PC as much as possible which is not easy. Example a Soviet Sapper Platoon spots an MG42 but he has no radio. He can however in the game somehow contact the FDC (by flares, field telephone etc) Once the adjustment phase kicks in he can cancel the fire mission and Regimental HQ can dispatch reinforcement's. Us playing Zeus on Mount Olympus can do this at any time.
  2. US its HQ can call in the air force and heavy artillery if it is WW2 it mirrors real life there. But I understand you meant post WW2 the precise Russian capabilities are probably highly classified.
  3. Horizontal Communication in Mountains of the Moon. The Mortar HQ is in direct C2 communication with his Regimental HQ because he is in close proximity. The Observer of the Sapper Battalion has a radio but he doesn't share it with the infantry HQ to communicate he needs to be in close proximity as well. Recon Platoon HQ of the armored units needs to share the intel of his 2 scout cars the reason he is placed in the close proximity of HQ's he likes to share his intel with. All Soviet units up to company level don't have wireless however all HQ can access the FDC of the Mortar units. They need to follow the artillery strikes. This mission also has 2 independent FO's with radios which can be embedded with the advancing forces. I understand the Radios work with the unit or units shown by the green radio button on the left corner.
  4. C2 for example playing Russian each HQ can access mortars and this mechanic can be used to simulate field telephone, flares or signal torches. We use it as a house rule once the receiving phase ends and he can adjust the regimental HQ can send a company of SU152's for example. The fire mission can be canceled anytime if the FO needs the assets. Jeeps and K├╝belwagens are effective for information sharing. I like Z├╝ndapp motorcycles with a mounted MG42 on the sidecar. Nice project for a modder?
  5. Go to camera position 1 and you will see that the MG42 for example is reloaded in a totally realistic manner. MP44 vs the Sten. The bullet of the MP 44 is more powerful and has a more messy wound channel. Being hit by a 9mm is not a pleasant experience either but a surgeon will be more successful possibly. No discernable difference could very well be right.
  6. At least there is something I can agree with @LukeFF. One more 'like' to you.
  7. Panzer grenadiers and Soviet tank riders (Tank Desant). Tactics is simple and effective they go where the artillery shells drop. Who needs a radio?
  8. Not really if the Germans had located their armor somewhere else they could have pulled it off. If they had turned left towards Breda the Port of Antwerp would have been available a lot sooner. Plenty of ifs, but from hindsight it is easy to judge.
  9. In the game the Shermans can shoot smoke which is a definite plus compared with the T34's. Instead of trying to eliminate the enemy unit to make it temporarily irrelevant by obscuration is at times a good alternative. Also I read somewhere once that WP was used to light up an enemy unit in combination with HE. I don't know or it is true or not anyway it is not modelled in the game.
  10. You can learn by forward chaining or backward chaining. You can go from small to big or from big to small. Both methods have their merits. From big to small you need to know how the administration works and every turn becomes a mini game. Big games I found are best played in WeGo.
  11. By clicking the plus (+) key you will open a unit in this case The Regimental HQ. Under the three flags you see the troops under his command. I click to select the 1st Company. As the Russian HQ don't have a radio the SU 76 is the communication channel as they are the support. I select the 1st platoon. You see here the blue hq button you need to click this to unlock his units. In this case I select the team. Also when you split units they also show up here. In five clicks you can find any unit. By selecting any unit you can find any hq unit on the bottom left corner.
  12. Organizing your forces, when you start it looks like chaos. I will post something about Hammer's Flank you really need to use P7 Proper, Professional, Planning, Prevents, P*ss, Poor, Performances.
  13. Blunting the Spear, by the way nothing wrong by putting the hard ones aide for a while. Till you know how to manage battalion size formations. Experience is the best teacher. FB has only 3 campaigns but they are all very good.
  14. Exactly and they use the wrong units to do it. Use a unit with a minus and veterans are better spotters than regulars. I watch YouTube videos and they use as in real life Elite with +2 for recon units. Elite in CM don't have an IQ with 100 + AI at best is an percentage point of 0.01%
  15. Spotting from vehicles 'Usually Hapless' came up with this gem on YouTube.
  16. Like smoking at night to steady the nerves? You can see that from miles away.
  17. Minute 41 he is explaining how the Panzerfaust works. The Stug was the perfect AFV for Finland. Light and a low profile.
  18. Check this out. The Fins had a few used nowadays in their movies. (5) The Unknown Soldier (English Subtitle) - YouTube
  19. They are used for movies but they were not operational at Kursk. Production of the T34/85 started early in 1944.
  20. Tanks of Iran - Wikipedia They mostly broke down, the Chieftains Iraq used were captured ones. The T72's they later purchased were more reliable. Armor and a powerful gun only is not enough you need reliable mobility.
  21. You didn't let us see what happened. The unit was not selected and we can't see the stress levels. The unit which jumped over the wall got hit. Possibly the stress level went up to rattled or even panic understandably they seek cover.
  22. Thank you for this tip. I will use Affinity Photo which is very similar to Photoshop.
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