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  1. The infantry within HT's are able to fire small arms at nearby targets but to do this they have to attain LOS - hence popping their heads up to fire. They are extremely vulnerable though as you have found. Maybe you should keep the halftracks further back
  2. That's a really good plan. Unfortunately for me, I went down the left flank but didn't scout the right flank effectively. I sent a Dingo, a sniper team and a jeep with a command squad (for artillery purposes) through the wood on the right side - but I lost the Dingo to a mine, the jeep got taken out by something else (probably an 88) and the Sniper team sat there ineffective for most of the mission. A major problem for me was the lack of infantry support on my side. I had taken a *lot* of casualties in the other missions and even with apparent resupply (which I'm pretty sure didn't happen due
  3. Yes, with a 3 hour time limit sometimes you don't want to continue to the bitter end. Providing you have acquired enough points in the mission you will be awarded a win. But it can be a risky strategy so always save the game before the ceasefire just in case.
  4. I have won roughly half so far - my problem is I really enjoy the larger scenarios and the smaller ones (which feature quite a lot so far) don't hold my interest for quite as long. But that's down to me. Close Combat ABTF was definitely what I grew up with. I absolutely adored the series too. I even loved the encyclopedia that came with ABTF if you recall - with all those lovely sound effects and the photos. Amazing stuff, they just don't produce software like that anymore. Hey, I replayed badlands and won a total victory, now it has sent me back to Here we fight, which I believe I have al
  5. I believe that it is based on historical or at least semi-historical data - but PT will correct me. We all know how contested the battle really was. It's a shocker and you really feel it. I'm not saying it isn't fun though because it is, it's just frustrating with it. But patience is a virtue. Play through the missions in a methodical way, with a strategy. If you fail at first, try again. Try something different.
  6. I *believe* I read that on Day 2 you are resupplied in full, but I'm not too sure about replacements. I hope you get both. What mission number is the Lock one? I got to about mission 6 or 7. I restarted Badlands and have tried a different approach but the last VP is going to be a very hard fought over affair. Every mission has been a challenge in some shape or form. Personally I prefer the epic, huge scenarios. You have more at your disposal. Just makes it more fun in my opinion. I believe the maps are reasonably accurate but I could be wrong. Scottish Corridor is my favourite at
  7. Interesting PT. I managed to exit a single under-strength squad (about 5 men lol) but failed to get any armour up that road. I used smoke to cover my tracks against those damned 88's BUT I completely ignored the fact that any enemy units might be laying in wait on the other side.. Inevitably I got hit by a lone AT squad. I tried several different tactics (reloading every turn) to try and get a single tank up that road, and each time it would be hit by that AT rocket. Every single time, no matter what I did with smoke and such like. I ran out of time in the end believe it or not.. All 3 hours u
  8. I'm replaying through Badlands at the moment, with 3 hours. I tell you something, 3 hour missions are a good idea. Gives you plenty of time to plan a strategy plus you can ceasefire at any time without consequence providing you hit the targets. I like it. I was winning about 50% of the missions until I got to Bloody Aalst. Great mission but has anybody managed a win yet? You have to fight for every inch. It's crazy and costly. Just wondering if this one is winnable - will have to ask PT.
  9. Please note this thread will contain *SPOILERS*. Okay, just got my backside handed to me, in a total defeat and booted out after a dismal effort - I hadn't even finished the campaign, got nowhere near. It's the hardest campaign to date in my opinion. Just not enough support elements for the majority of missions. Infantry centric missions and very difficult. I play WEGO in Warrior mode. By the end of play I had over 600 casualties all told. A tough nut to crack! How have you guys got on?
  10. Indeed - awesomely impressive, providing you keep them far enough out of trouble
  11. Thanks guys. I have downloaded your Sherman V mod and for some reason it doesn't appear to work in MG. Just checking to see why. No Firefly VC either? Ignore.. I don't know why but I had to completely come out of MG and reload before the mods would show up. I've not had to completely restart before.
  12. I'm playing through the allied campaign in Market Garden and am trying to find some British Staghound/Daimler mods - do they exist?
  13. My god Fuser that is fabulous. I've been trawling through you mods and the latest ones are better still. I don't know how you manage it.
  14. Well spotted Holien - I haven't noticed that to be honest but things like buildings that were standing in one battle and not in the next is a bit weird. You could put this down to abstraction I suppose but it does lose a bit of fluidity as a result. I've got one weird oddity in Mission 6 so far. I have been careful to keep hold of my Bren carriers because they are valuable assets in these early missions. But the one carrier I have here I cannot man. It permanently says 'dismounted' no matter if I take a driver from a jeep, or a scout crew. Obviously it has lost the crew in a prior mission,
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