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  1. I use HQ 1.4 which I find very realistic and immerse. But I haven't seen 1.5 yet either. Didn't even know it was out.
  2. Yes I've experienced that also. But having the *option* of air support is a really nice feature and it's not something I'd like removed, especially now the AAA assets actually look for it. It does make spotting those pesky guns somewhat easier. When you had control of your air support you could tell it roughly where to look, and you could cancel it. At present, certainly in the campaign to date, I've had two separate missions where I've been straffed to pieces and had platoons obliterated by massed rocket fire. I've not been able to cancel the missions at all, and because I like to play th
  3. I'm not entirely sure it's as easy as just 'lowering it' although I know what you mean. I think there are a number of reasons why blue on blue seems high. But a lot of that depends on the design of the mission - for example, green aircrew *might* mean higher friendly casualties. But the balance of the mission is very good in this campaign and it always has been. Friendly fire has been an issue for me, but with 3 it is crazy high and with the lack of control it takes all the fun out of the game. It's just my opinion of course, but I'd like to see it reverting back to how it was.
  4. Mission 3 of the Road to Nijmegen is a good example of why uncontrolled air support does not work very well for game play reasons. Regardless of whether it is deemed more realistic or not, we all need to remember this is a game and if you take some of the more important aspects out of the game then it becomes less enjoyable. 4 x Typhoons laden with rockets and AP ammunition. All four are totally uncontrolled at present and you have no way to cancel the mission. Even if you hide your units as best as possible within the alloted time you will still take casualties. I replayed that mission th
  5. The infantry within HT's are able to fire small arms at nearby targets but to do this they have to attain LOS - hence popping their heads up to fire. They are extremely vulnerable though as you have found. Maybe you should keep the halftracks further back
  6. haha yes quite a problem. But it's worse when you dream about it! Go Go Go!!!
  7. I've been a fan since CMBO. But I was late to the party with CMSF, although that was no bad thing from what I've heard. I missed the teething troubles and instead ventured into an absolutely amazing world of the combat simulator. NATO was definitely the best module in my honest opinion. Full of glorious vehicles, and lovely, lovely missions. But that said, I can see vast improvements since then. Market Garden was pretty phenomenal and Red Thunder seems to get the balance right for the scale. It's full of little improvements which add to the overall enjoyment. But I think the biggest improvemen
  8. I disagree that a donate button is necessary. It detracts from a 'donation day' like what we've just seen. I don't know how much has been donated but I bet it would be considerably more than over the course of a year using the donate button. Previews need to be larger and perhaps offer more than one. Login needs addressed in some shape or form. Perhaps a few more features could be added to the search functionality. But I love the site generally.
  9. You guys are a generous bunch. I would love to donate, but I am not earning at the moment
  10. Lovely video. I've never been able to replicate an attack like that though, even with support on the flanks. Just doesn't happen in my games. Must be a bug!!
  11. Oddball, I have seen he has just released his first version. Thanks to you too for your mod.
  12. Thanks for this, as for the missing sounds, maybe this will be addressed.
  13. haha Juju that is absolutely brilliant. Just goes to show, he never even gets time to play the game.
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