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  1. Absolutely the best game I've ever played. Spent more time on it than every other game I've played put together.
  2. I recently got a squad who were out of ammo to join in on the endgame charge into the enemy trenches. They still had plenty of grenades so thought they'd make a useful contribution. But they didn't throw a single one despite my other guys' willingness to do so and the enemy survivors' willingness to do the same.
  3. I tend to give up on broken troops as first whiff of gunfire and they're off again. But they can do buddy aid (although not much advantage in them picking up any weapons) and they can occupy victory locations that the fighting has moved on from.
  4. I'm not so sure. Yes, no-one would want to be in a Sherman when the tank could go up with a shot from an anti-tank gun you haven't even seen. But when the threat is right in front of you and vulnerable because it's pointed the wrong way, I'd think your safest bet would be to shoot it again. I'd also note that in RL, the Panther couldn't have even rotated its turret in the narrow street but I don't think CM models that.
  5. It occurs to me that in RL, the best you're liable to do with a grenade is immobilise it. Blow a track off. (In ASL that would be the "Defensive Fire Phase method") To get a kill, you'd need to be shoving grenades through vision ports or hatches. (In ASL that would be the "Close Combat Phase method") But the current engine can't really model the latter. So I assume (as someone has already said) that it's abstracted to account for that plus specialist anti-tank devices, grenade bundles etc.
  6. When I got that Panther with infantry, I actually had a Sherman stalking it. But the crew were rattled. They got behind the Panther and fired one shot. Even got a penetration. What did they do? Finish it off? (It was short range, they were unlucky not to get the kill with the first hit) No, they popped smoke and reversed. *sigh* Then the infantry in the building next to the Panther (who'd just taken multiple casualties from the Panther's MA), KO'd with two grenades. Go figure.
  7. Yes, curiously armoured vehicles are more intimidated by tanks than infantry appear to be. On the other hand, maybe that makes sense. Infantry at least can hope they've not been seen or there's something more important to shoot at.
  8. The lack of HtH fighting has never really bothered me. They fight with their weapons at close quarters. SMGs and grenades are the killer weapons. But what happens if they're out of ammo? In RL they'd fix bayonets. Is that modelled at all (even if it's invisible)? Or are they doomed?
  9. Yeah but it's fun. To be honest it genuinely doesn't bother me. Tanks shouldn't be getting too close to infantry. If they're forced to in urban terrain then close infantry support should keep them reasonably safe.
  10. A Stuart? I got a Panther with two grenades last week.
  11. My hunch is that, currently, there's no TC involved. (And also that grenades are more effective against tanks than perhaps they should be)
  12. If it does (and it might), I've not seen much evidence of it lately. I've had more AFV kills with grenades than actual infantry AT weapons in the last couple of months. Many unplanned. As well as the aforementioned "distraction" incident, I had some engineers blow a wall behind a tank to give the a PIAT LOS. But as soon as they blew it they shouted "Enemy armour!" and started throwing grenades, knocking out the tank before the PIAT could fire. Curiously they didn't even use a satchel charge. Watched it several times to make sure.
  13. That sounds about right. I've been playing 20 years and I've just returned after a long gap. My comments here are based on what I've seen recently but I must admit that I don't remember infantry being quite so effective against armour in the past. That's why it took me a while to notice. I never used to let my infantry anywhere near a tank and only discovered how easily they could dispatch one with the incident I described further up (when I used them to distract a tank but they ended up knocking it out). Done it repeatedly since which may or may not be realistic. To me it makes p
  14. True enough. But as frustrated as often get with my pixeltruppen, they never seem to be shy at chucking grenades at tanks. Mind you, I'm always surprised how effective those grenades are.
  15. Actually, what I should have said was, "It's easy to forget just how vulnerable tanks are to infantry at close quarters in Combat Mission." As I've never tried taking out a tank in RL, I'm not going to comment on whether it's actually realistic. But I think you mentioned playing a lot of ASL further up. And as we all know, infantry can't try to take on a tank at close quarters in ASL without passing a TC first. That's something CM's pixeltruppen don't have to do. Perhaps they should have to do something similar. Morale dropping temporarily while next to an enemy tank? Tanks were/are
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