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  1. Yep. Always worth dropping arty on tanks. A direct hit will even KO a Tiger.
  2. Actually, research reveals that it is a word according to some dictionaries. But it's an adjective, not a verb. So if you are unsurrendering, it means you are the indominable sort who doesn't surrender. It doesn't mean you surrendered but have now changed your mind. I'm not sure there actually is a word for that. There. I've learned another thing. 🤓
  3. I'm not going to say "partisans", but... partisans.
  4. They didn't have their weapons in CMx1 because the situation was different. They'd probably be marching off the field. In CMx2, if they surrender but haven't become white flags (at which point they can't be "rescued" anyway), they'll still have their weapons next to them. So if they're trying to surrender (after which they don't move) and the enemy doesn't actually take them prisoner, but your guys get close enough first and tell them to "pull themselves together", they can pick up their weapons and do whatever.
  5. Taking selfies with the enemy is a gamey to get spotting info. 🧐
  6. You'll have to trust me on this. It was quite a few turns ago and there was definitely no-one near them. Depending on what you mean by "near". How near is near? They'd been sat there with their hands up for a while already because I didn't think it was safe to enter their building due to the nearby church. But it turned out it was empty by then (except for dead Germans) so I went in to this neighbouring building to pick up the prisoners. I can confirm the village was not cleared at the time but no-one in at least 100m (approx). In fact their nearest friendly had also surrendered
  7. These were German (WWII). As far as I'm aware there were no non-surrendering friendlies anywhere near them. But they did share an AS with good ordered hostiles (my guys) for several minutes. To be honest, if they're going to be sat there with their hands up with enemy troops stood right next to them and they don't white flag and disappear, they're not really surrendering. In fact, they'd still be legitimate targets. But then why do the white flag disappearance some time later when there's no one there to accept the surrender? Basically, this is what didn't happen
  8. No, they disappeared after I'd given up trying to take them prisoner. As far as I understand, the only time a pixeltruppen stops surrendering is when friendly non-broken units (or perhaps just non-surrendering) arrive in the same AS. (Which definitely didn't happen here)
  9. They'd surrendered. They just hadn't become white flags and disappeared. Just knelt there with their hands up while my guys stared at them.
  10. Why do some guys take a full 30 minutes to become white flags while others do it the minute the enemy turns up in the same AS? I had some last night who I had to give up waiting for them to white flag and advanced my guys anyway. They disappeared some time later. In one case I'd never even gotten around to entering their AS.
  11. My halftracks are now firing with gay abandon. Thank you. But the tank crews who were sitting around making tea are very upset with @Warts 'n' all.
  12. I'm pretty sure I've never had to do it with German halftracks, even ones that don't have gunners.
  13. Funny you should mention that. I was wondering that last night. Never actually tried it. That's actually pretty useful. I've got quite a few crews sitting around. I've also got a couple of tanks with the MA and MG out so I've just returned them to the rear. So they could dismount and man the halftracks. (I've considered having the neutralised tanks advancing with everyone else to provide extra targets but that seems ruthless, unsporting and more than a bit gamey)
  14. I was playing a CW scenario a while back and the briefing said that historically there were two flail tanks but CM doesn't model flail tanks. Are they in some module I don't have?
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