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  1. It was either that or take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. While it was the only way to be sure it seemed a bit ahistorical. Actually, thinking about it, that would be a good way of doing urban assaults with the Brits. It'd only be slightly ahistorical.
  2. Well shiver my timbers. Just reloaded from my last save and both bridges are now fine! The one that had been stuck on the second bridge for about five turns suddenly started to move (as I hadn't cancelled the order). Everyone going nicely over the first, either direction. Didn't load properly? Good to know a reload cures it.
  3. Searched the forum and haven't come up with anything on this but I'm playing Ritirare! as the allies and none of my vehicles will cross the first bridge (the ZO01 objective, if I recall). Infantry are fine but vehicles just get about as far as the third support (or first if coming the other way) and stutter like a glitch in the matrix. You then have to reverse them off. Tried various movement commands (even hull down) but they won't cross. Searched the forum and nothing coming up despite lots of people having played it so I assume it's not a bug (unless no-one but me has actually tried driving across the bridge - you can win it like that but it's still annoying). Any ideas? (The second bridge was also a bit funky but it had two wrecked tanks on it so put it down to that - but it let my vehicles cross one way and not the other)
  4. In ASL or CM? In ASL, I honestly don't remember (in fact I don't even remember ever using overrun - hardly ever saw infantry stopped in the open near a tank and if tried on an ATG it usually got you first). In CM, your tank gets KO'd. I always try to keep my tanks a long way from infantry. Too dangerous at close range. If you spotted them in the open, then you'd probably get them with the MA/MG long before you got close enough to "overrun". (I put that in inverted commas as I'm pretty sure overruns aren't modelled other than short range firing at them) If you get close enough to call it an "overrun" and the infantry are still in some sort of order, they'll chuck grenades and then you're in all sorts of bother. If I recall, in COD, early war tanks used to force a morale check just for getting near a squad. If they failed they had to shift out of the way. (Early war because they were less familiar with tanks - which is ironic considering early war tanks)
  5. Ah, right. That explains their reluctance to bail. Didn't know that either. I suppose it depends on how they got immobilised. I always assumed it affected morale because often they were under fire. But thinking about it, they don't ever bail when ground conditions cause it. I must pay closer attention to the morale status when that happens. Cheers
  6. But wouldn't they be a bit more inclined to bail if they come under fire? Or maybe that's only if the immobilisation was the result of in-game enemy fire. Yes, I suppose their morale would still be unaffected.
  7. I was looking for a Private Walker one but couldn't find one with his suitcase full of dodgy tax free computer games.
  8. I don't really know how digital downloads work as far as imports go but everything on Steam is in pounds when you're in the UK. But then wouldn't it be subject to VAT anyway? In which case, you're right, they must be just doing their own pricing.
  9. I wondered whether the price had changed on Steam. But the prices on there are in pounds. So Steam's CMSF2 is £46.49 and Battlefront's is $72.00 (in the UK). So Steam's is cheaper (I think). But is that just because it was cheaper anyway (hadn't looked before) or does it avoid this tax (for whatever reason)? Was it £46.49 before this week?
  10. I was trying to work out how you do spoiler text. Failed. So put a big gap in instead. Apologies.
  11. Yes, but see my post above. Looks like the tax has appeared between Monday and today. (For the record, I don't think there are any positives )
  12. $95 (for CMFI, GL and RV) Hang on! Update: Just checked the price in the store and it's now $114 (reduced from $156). Don't tell me I purchased it just in time! Bought it on Monday. While that's a good thing, it's slightly annoying as I'd have got everything I don't have had I realised it was about to attract tax.
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