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"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

AT guns to the left of me, Shermans to the right, here I am...

Hi Guys I love this game and I make my own scenarios with buildings ive made.

Posted Images




Scenarios may take a lot of work, but at least creating the titles gives me a chance to apply my warped sense of humor. The "Alike" part has double-meaning (actually, triple) as well. But that is more subtle and may take fighting the battle to figure out.

Hister, there are more of the new vehicles in it, yes.

I made a lot of progress on the briefing graphics yesterday. Now, I'm trying to work (as in my real job), but background stories for the scenario keep spontaneously composing themselves in my head. That makes it very HARD to do my day job!

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...German infantry move up into the village... where are the Americans?

They are waiting for you...with Lunchboxes of Doom!


Thanks, guys! Let me know what you think and if you find any goofs (via the email address in the Designer's Notes--not this thread). On the GAJ site file, I've already corrected one spelling mistake in the Axis briefing that was pointed out to me. Alas, fixing that on the Repository file (not up yet) takes a lot more waiting.

Enjoy and good luck on the battlefield!

Oh, any AAR postings (and more pics!) would be great!


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Char and Char alike continued...

Company HQ have occupied the largest building and are observing forward.

2 platoon with the main body of tanks have pushed down the central village road, and 3 platoon are checking the woods on the right flank.

Meanwhile, the recce team leads 1 platoon down the railroad track on the left flank, supported by a tank and a halftrack... still no contact!


Note... Using the terrain mod from the Aris collection.. :)

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Here are a couple of screenies from Pete Wenman's Boderland inc CMBN vehicle pack mission.

This is an awesome scenario! I haven't played the original so it was a completely new experience for me.

Having a blast with it as Germans on the attack! Char B-2 fire spitting tanks sure are VERY helpful in cleaning the forests and buildings of those pesky paratroopers. Their fire range is only 50 m so you gotta be extra careful those piats (or well concealed AT guns) don't put a premature end to them since they are the most valuable assets you sport for enemy clearing.

Haven't finished it yet but I am for sure putting a lot of pressure on those pesky English paratroopers on many important objectives at the moment. Wish me luck (ahem, my pixeltroops that is). ;)

Thank you so much for the scenario Pete!

here goes the pics. Enjoy.





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