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"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

AT guns to the left of me, Shermans to the right, here I am...

Hi Guys I love this game and I make my own scenarios with buildings ive made.

Posted Images

Yeah, I've gotten 3 near piat misses on one of my tanks when I closed in on one of the buildings thinking the residents were suppressed enough. You have to make sure enemy has their heads down.

What I did is I split my squads in assault end support teams and,advanced with assaulters until,they,would come under fire. Then I would suppress the enemy with support units who are covering them from behind (make sure they have LOF). I also used area fire reckon to see if I'll get any enemy,response without risking lives of my,assult troops.

It nevertheless gets very tricky in the thick forest advances whdre I acrued the most casulties due to practically invisible enemy until you are right "on top of them".

Good luck.

Edit: Never mind typos, typing from the phone.

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A video from my next narrated PBEM game:


Playing H2H "Muddy Waters"; I thought I tracked the enemy Stug as it tried to make an escape - I was wrong! Luckily the crew was so panicked, they backed up, and tried to escape again. A lucky break I unfortunately paid for with interest later on....grrr - there was quite a bit of panicked screaming from both myself and my opponent, I imagine.

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Here's another little teaser from a PBEM that's in-filming. Bit of context: I made a feint with a few light tanks to see if I couldn't get a reaction from my opponent, and sure enough he deploys some of his tanks. He's moving over open ground, but my Stuarts are moving behind and around woodlots - guess who gets the first crucial surprise shots off ;)?


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... He's moving over open ground, but my Stuarts are moving behind and around woodlots - guess who gets the first crucial surprise shots off ;)?

I haven't watched your clip yet, but based on my own experiences, I'd say that "the enemy who is moving over open ground" got the first crucial spot and shot.

This, sadly, is what happens to my ambushes. The ambushee invariably sees and kills my ambushers. If only it worked in reverse ... :(

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can anyone recommend me Cpu +GPU that will give me at Very least 20-25 + fps on huge maps,level 1 camera , Huge forest +bocage , on at least Improved/best AA:on, shadows +shaders ON

Great inquiry! I would be personally interested into finding out if it's even attenable.

BUT I would suggest that you make a new thread about your question or put it into more proper thread cos it's off topic.:rolleyes:

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Would these be in a mission especially created for the 21st Panzer Div, I thought I read somewhere they were re-equipped with some French tanks and vehicles in Normandy, probably one reason why they were not as effective as they could have been. Nice screen shots. I am probably mistaken, I know some of the captured French armored units served with some Infantry units, and replaced some Panzers but for the life of me, I can not find one of my books.

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