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  1. The respect I have for this game and the folks who put it together is immense, that scenario does exactly what was intended! Can I also just mention how awesome it is that with a company this size and in this market, that the people who worked on it are accessible for conversation and advice to their customers and fellow enthusiast (especially when compared to big AAA corporate studios with layers of HR and PR people between us and the devs) I'll get off my fanboy chair now
  2. So I'm doing the small Scenario in defense with the starships, but it's a problem I'm having in general with these scenarios: I need to defend ground that is already TRP'd and the enemy is definitely calling in FFE in the first minute. I always find myself in reptile brain when this happens. Am I supposed to sit there and take it in these positions that will be useful after the barrage, if any of my forces are left? Should I anticipate this by staging my forces away and then moving them into place after the barrage is done, risking being out of position for the killshots? Perhaps these questions should be obvious, but hearing from the armchair generals would alleviate my panic haha
  3. I've been lurking for years, i think 7 years ago i posted asking if a cold war mod could be made from black sea. You guys have made my decade, thank you!
  4. I've been lurking as usual. I notice that alot of the forum goers here, and probably by extension much if the clientele, is old enough to be my father at least, and probably my grandfather (I'm 90s kid) I'm a little concerned about both the development cycle time as well as the slow whittling away of the core consumers by the ravages of old age
  5. Perhaps there's a battle recording function for AB?
  6. I know Steve and Co don't want to do it and they have their reasons, but geez if they did it, cm fulda gap would frickin print money
  7. I'm still gonna be a part of the crowd that enjoys it when people jokingly seriously tell bfc to make a fulda gap title, but I'm glad stuff like This comes out elsewhere to scratch the itch lol
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