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  1. I did delete the demo before installing the full game. Nevertheless, I am 99% sure that it would not provoke any sort of conflict, as if I remember correctly, the save files are different and the demo doesnt have to share any code with the full game. Still, if you are sure that you are going to buy the game, i would unistall the demo, just in case that 1% of doubt becomes a reality. Also, talking about Youtube Videos. I cannot recommend enough the series that General Airmchair did back in the day about tactics in CM games. Its production quality its outstanding, and they are, even
  2. It could be that those are all old bugs that havent been corrected for the demo for as far as I am aware Battlefront doesnt update them. Infact, just before I bought Battle for Normandy i also downloaded the demo, and it was still using the v1 (or v2, dont really remember) version of the game engine ( When i bought it, v3 had just been released). There is an easy way to see if this is still the case. Do the sound contact icons have an interrogation sign or do they show an infantryman or tank silhouette?? If the former, the demo is still running an ancient version of the game engine
  3. Thank you mjkerner for looking into it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  4. Mmmmm, you are going to want to re-check the textures for the new french weapons. Not going to lie, it would be comical that this patch, that presumably has been worked on for like more than half a year, has such a blatant texture fault, if it wasnt downright sad. Unless is a problem with my installation, then forget what I said. If someone can check if they have the same issue I would appreciate it.
  5. While playing the Two Crowns scenario, my T32 Mountain gun refused to fire for some reason. The gunner kept in a permanent state of "turning" the weapon, but never fired, despite having perfect line of vision/fire and being commanded to fire via the target command. It is true that one of the 4 soldiers that usually handle the weapon was killed before this, and maybe that was the reason it refuse to turn the weapon, as it needed the full crew to work, so maybe is working as intended? I doubt that as I feel that would be extremely odd and unrealistic but who knows. PD / "Sp
  6. Thank you both for the responses Curios seeing that it happened to other people. Were you able to find the reason behind it? Good to know! Nope, and I didnt install any new programs that could have (well, from what I know) messed up with my user files either. Guess unless DerKomissar found what it was it Will remain a mystery.
  7. Hello all! So yesterday I decided to play some CM FB after some time of absence, just to find that all the scenarios and campaigns were gone. Tried FI, same problem, tried RT, and again, all gone. After some investigation I found out that all the CM files saved in my user file were gone for some reason that scapes me. I dont know where they went, but I guess the easiest solution to my problem is to make a reinstall. The thing is that I remember reading somewhere in the forums that there is a hard limit in how many times you can install a CM game in a computer. Is that true? And
  8. Welcome John! If you want WW2 close quarters experience then definitively go with CMBN, especially with the MG pack, as it cover a lot of urban fighting. Also, this game ( with all modules and 3.0 version) is the most complete of all and it is the one with the major quantity of units and equipment. I wouldnt recomend you CMRT if you are looking for small scenarios, as it has very open scenarios, with little cover apart from woods, and usually featuring lots of tanks. CMFI has some very interesting city scenarios but the majority are also open. CMFB is more or less similar to CMBN so I wil
  9. As you alredy have CMBN, I will recommend you to get first the modules/DLC for that game and the 3.0 upgrade if you dont have it. They add a lot of new stuff and feature some new countries and a lot of very good made scenarios. If you prefer something new I personally prefer Fortress Italy, because while all the other games are set in 1944, this one is set in 1943 and it really gives a different feeling from the other games. Nevertheless this is my personal view. They all are very great games and all of them (WWII ones) are or can be upgraded to version 3.0, so I will recommend you to choose t
  10. Now that you say it, I dont remember any scenario that actually has them, neither the panther turret. Maybe they are exclusively in campaing scenarios and in quick battles. Nevertheless, you can go here :http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/search-2/#search/category=CM+FORTRESS+ITALY+[SCENARIOS] and try to look for a scenario with Panthers.
  11. A very interesting read I agree with you with the need of adding more weapons to CMx2, it feels a bit uncomplete the amount of infantry weapons in the game (Still a good quantity IMO) Furthermore, if they keep going to the end of the war, weapons as the M2 Carbine and all the volkssturm ones (VK 1.5, VG1/2, MP3008...) are imperative. Maybe,with a bit of luck,we will get to see all these weapons in CM
  12. Hello, Semhustej. I had the same problem in the past. If you still had not being able of solving the problem, I recomend you to unistall the game. Then Install the game again, but not the 3.0 upgrade. Then see what is your current game version, that should be 1.12. In my case was an older one. If it is also your case, go to http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_versions&Itemid=317#CMFI and press Gustav Line folder. It should redirect you to the download. When you downloaded and installed the 1.12 upgrade, then install the 3.0 upgrade. It worked for me, so I hope it will
  13. Hello all. Retaking the Armata topic, I thought that this video will interest you all
  14. Hmm, if I am not wrong, 105 Shermans were also used for indirect fire role missions, so it is posible that they had VT fuses too.
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