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  1. Well, the thing with the Ppsh is that it wouldn´t need that much work to be introduced, only in the coding department. In fact, it surprises me that they have come in great lenghts to add weapons like the VG 1.5 and the MP3008 series, which would need to be modelled and coded from scratch and were, atleast that is the impression I am under, definitively rarer than the Ppsh 41 (in german hands, I mean), which wouldn´t need a new model and its inclusion would have been easier. Then there is the thing with inmerssion. One of my favorite weapons of FI is the Beretta sub machinegun in german u
  2. No Ppsh 41/ MP 717(r) 😕 Weren´t they quite common to be found in german hands, not only in volkstrum units, but also in the Wehrmatch by the end of the war? Atleast that was my impression from what I have read.
  3. Curios. The description of events that I told you were supposedly also what happened the past night, atleast that was what the guy claimed. Funnily enough, I found the twit during the morning, when the incident had not been yet confirmed by the Ukranian navy but there were already rumours about it. I would not find surprising that the guy found the rumours and decided to add its personal touch to the story. No doubt from my part that you are right tho, you are a far more credible source ;also, no matter how I search, I cannot find the twit, so it was most likely deleted.
  4. That is a relief to hear. Hopefully it stays that way. Curiosly, I had read about that incident, thought the version I had read stated that it was only one ukranian ship, which if I remember correctly they said it was rammed, against 6 russian vessels, and not 5. If i find the twitt from where i read it i will post it here. Thanks for the clarification and the info.
  5. I can post it as a pop up, instead of as a link, if you prefer it that way. Here it goes:
  6. @Haiduk This news has just appeared in my Twitter TL : https://twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/1382772816483876876 What do you think? After the possible closure of the Kerch strait and the Polish and USA expulsion of russian diplomats (I know that there has been a dispute betwwen a russian diplomat and the Latvians as well) I am starting to really worry. You probably have somewhat more information being in the field. Do you think there is veracity to this news? I worry for what it may happen this night if they are true. Anyways, be safe
  7. Counterpoint: This might as well be considered an act of war. Edit: Also, about the comment related to the supposed lack of logistics, I would like to add this : https://twitter.com/pmakela1/status/1382581982278922240
  8. Well, for what it is worth, I am 22 years old and I would play the hell out of an early WW2 game, specially in the Eastern Front, thought I wouldnt say no to North Africa or France as well. Plus, I do not feel I am an oddity in my "generation", here in the Internet at least, as there are tons of people of my age that enjoy WW2 games. The same goes to wargames, a lot of people of my age enjoys games like Men of War, Hearths of Iron, Steel Division, Post Scriptum; which are generally speaking non -arcade games with a setting in WW2. And I am sure that with proper marketing, a change in prices po
  9. From the Pre-orders are open thread:
  10. Well, that its not exactly true. Some years back Russians did send Wagner mercenaries (which they might as well be considered another arm of the russian army at this point) to Venezuela to "protect" the oil fields there : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/25/venezuela-maduro-russia-private-security-contractors. Its true that russians have less troops deployed overseas and outside of its territory that its rival, but I think that its not so much a result of a lack of desire from the Kremlin to stay away of foreign adventures, as much as the very limited capacity to do so. But when they
  11. So this is were all of those resources were being used off!! Extremely exciting to see you going into the cold war. Not only that, but pre-orders are already open!! So we can expect the game between the next 2-4 months, hopefully. It does seems Christmas has come somewhat late this year, but god dammn in which way it has come.
  12. Same. We have been stuck waiting for this module for 3 years (6 since it was first teased, if I remember correctly). Plus once this module its released, and the one for FB also does, a new door for new conflicts to explore opens up, as late 2WW will be nearly fully covered up (The hungarian, romanian, finish armies between others are still unrepresented, unfortunetly); so we will finaly see them (hopefully) moving into the early war, or they might cover a new conflict, wether real or hipotetical; or they might start working into CM3. Either way, they will start working into something truly new
  13. Fantastic! Thank you a lot for reconsidering its inclusion. Cannot wait to face those steel beast against my IS-2s
  14. Maybe we should do like that guy did for FI and lobby hard for the Fantasy Pack. Be right back, gonna invest into Gamestop and help to the downfall of Wall Street "suits" in the name of Armored vehicle representation. In a more serious note, Steve, If I may ask, the lack of the Jagdtiger from the TOE is also a mistake of that provisional draft; or is that going to be the case in the final game?. If is that so, may I ask why is not being included?
  15. Kinda. It started production very late into the war and only a handful were completed by late april. And it was mostly the hull that was produced, as the production of the new turrets, the so called "Schmalturm" never kicked off; thought it is possible that some saw service in the battle of Berlin, even with the new turrets; thought most likely as hybrids, having the turret of the old Panther G instead of the new ones. It is somewhat the same situation as with the Maus, vehicles that althought they didnt really saw any service, except maybe in Berlin; they have been represented in media a
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