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  1. CMBN and CMBF, 2 games not apart because together they represent what was possible to play in CMBO (BN: AT bunker, flame team, BF: jumbo, snow and riding tanks). CMSF 2: variety of units and the historical aspect, the game indirectly simulates the 2 wars against Iraq, but I am disappointed: the French troops are not in the game whereas they are much more involved than Germany in this type of conflict, in Africa, in Lebanon... For my future purchases, my heart swings between CMFI (which will never really be CMAK) and CMRT (which will never really be CMBB).
  2. 2 turns later same problem: my opponent's file is unreadable. We had to give up this exciting part. I believe I know the cause of the file corruption: before starting the game I modified the map and added a lot of items and debris to make the map look even nicer.
  3. Thank you for your reply. My opponent could not open the file (turn 88) on his PC because it did’nt appear in the save list. He sent me the zip file but the problem remained the same. The file was sent by Wetransfer for the same result. Finally I redid the turn 86 to have a new turn 87. He sent me back his turn 88 and this time I could play it and do the turn 89. So the problem is solved. The file was probably corrupted on turn 87. My opponent did not give any order to make the new file 88. I modified an order on turn 86: an armored vehicle was retreating on the path of another armored vehicle which was retreating at the same time without hindering itself.
  4. My opponent's 88th file (.cma, 130 mo - large scenario - Nasty Surprise H2H) sent by drop box is not read by the game, it does'nt appear in the list of files (it exists in the correct folder but not in the save list once the game is launched). The File was remade then sent by We Transfer but it is still not recognized by the game. I have no problem with the 150mb files in PBEM on CMBN sent with Drobox.
  5. - Animation and texture for shells falling in water (no dust) - Snow cloud when shells fall in snow, especially on deep snow map (like dust cloud on dry ground, it could look like smoke bombs) - Tracks of tracks/wheels, vehicles in snow and fields. - Textures for vehicles and armored vehicles in flames or having exploded. Vehicle models destroyed. - Sidewalks and stairs for cities. Representation of emblematic monuments of Paris, Berlin, Rome. A more detailed representation of factory interiors such as in Stalingrad etc. - Sound opening / closing tank hatches (as in CMX1). Sound rotation of the tank turret, possibly sound reloading of the shell. - Animation of armor shell firing: in CM the tank locates a target but during the time taken by the shooter to calculate the distance and lock the target the gun remains in its initial position, then lines up and fires immediately (this is may be realistic in CMSF, certainly not for WWII tanks). The gun should line up as soon as the target is acquired, but the gunshot should not be fired immediately to better represent the reaction / action time which varies with the skill level and condition of the crew. - Correct bugs in the excellent campaign "Amiens tonight" of the battle pack CMBN (Amiens not Ameins, "Jellalabad road" on map !! It is not Iraq. In the third scenario absence of units, no officers or flamethrower team without flamethrower, cause: number of trucks problem). - CMSF2 : ability to order the Bradley to execute a short shot at a building without using their TOWs. - Sound artillery call for the Syrians. - French army
  6. Here is my mod for the portraits of the American and German units of CMBF: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t40rcm8tknmjuty/UI_portraits_german_US_CMBF.rar/file Image of the brz files contents: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kno7j7bhmsc7uym/UI_portraits_USA_German_CMBF_.jpg/file
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