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  1. Here are some decent maps of the lower Alpine region in Italy, even tho the war didn't go that far north but they give a good flavor of terrain for map making, you can always change place names. https://dolomiti.webmapp.it/ http://brenta.webmapp.it/#6/46.140/10.784
  2. Try this site: https://www.falk.de/stadtplan/venafro?data=eyJncyI6ImJpY3ljbGluZ09zbSIsImdwIjoiNDEuNDI0NTUzLDE0LjA4OTUyOSIsImd6IjoiMTMuMDAiLCJjIjoiNDEuNDgyOTAwLDE0LjA0NDY0MCJ9 EDIT: and use this site to resize your browser page to get the screenshot you want (remember to to click on custom URL and paste the above link and resize the pixel width & height) and then use a 'snap shot' browser extension like Full Page Screen Capture to get a screenshot of the area you want, and remember with Full Page Screen Capture make sure your bang on in the middle of the browser page.
  3. I have found memories playing this way back when. Does anyone still have the rules and other stuff? EDIT: Ah found them! http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods/search?search=ROQC&commit=Search
  4. Just read this from start to finish, very enjoyable and well produced.
  5. Map looks awesome, where can I get it? EDIT: Never mind, found it.
  6. Splendid! Thank you for the prompt reply.
  7. Hey kohlenklau, I hope this message finds you well. Is there a chance I can get my hands on the Italian uniform mods from the screenie above please.
  8. What an ingenious system. How come you never mentioned this over at FGM?
  9. Enjoyable AAR to read, can't wait for the final chapter. @IICptMillerII
  10. The trick with GIMP is to add a transparent layer and draw the arrow then adjust the layer's optic.
  11. A question regarding command and control, if the platoon leader is killed or if the platoon HQ is wiped out are any fire orders/movement orders allowed at all?
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