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  1. Ah excellent, I have all the upgrades, games and modules it shouldn't be a problem, thanks guys.
  2. Also, can I install my Combat Mission games onto my newish laptop so I can play turns when I'm unable to get to my desktop PC?
  3. That's correct. Not since the first activation, but a few days after I installed Fire & Rubble it began to ask again. Yes when I first installed the game. Will do, thanks.
  4. I recently bought and installed the Fire and Rubble DLC. I copied my old version of CMRT onto my desk top because I was playing a battle against someone who wasn't getting the latest patch. So we've played a few turns since but now when I try to play either version of the game I get brought to the product activation wizard, and when I copy my product key into it, it say I've exceeded my activations. I've only ever had my games on the one PC.
  5. Ha cool, some new campaign ideas and I can finally do a Twilight 2000 campaign.
  6. I love the rules myself, gives each engagement a realistic feel of C&C and I wish I'd played against more players who'd use them. I'd love to do a HardCat rules of engagement campaign.
  7. I have FRAPS, but I only get black screens shots.
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