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  1. After a long hiatus, I have finally retaken and finished this book. I really liked it, it's full of detail and some good maps, looking at the further reading list at the end, it looks like i have read most of the English books listed, but it's nice to have all the details in one place. A nice opportunity to expand on the stock scenario from CM:A with new details, but it also highlights the reality that you will never get such a good result as the Soviets did in real life.
  2. With the introduction of the french in Rome to Victory it would be possible to have something reassembling the Foreign Legion with some modding.
  3. It has been out for a few days, yes. I started reading it but had to postpone it for various reasons. I'm liking it so far. Apparently there is a second book coming from the same author, a campaign book about the battles in the Panjshir Valley.
  4. This looks great! I would love to join on the Soviet side once the option is open. Great idea Rice.
  5. So... are we going to be able to detach the Soviet squad leader to remain inside the AFV as was Soviet doctrine or is this another title that will degrade the soviet side with sensorless AFVs once the squad deploys?
  6. Try the second post, it's a better solution than using the files from CMSF2. You have to explode the brz files inside the data folder using the mod tools to find the file. Sorry, I don't remember which one, but most likely 101.
  7. I think that if they wanted to have a CMA game they would just do it. I don't understand why they would need permission from the Russian developer? Just call it a different name and redo the missions and maps. The Russian developers don't have the rights to the Afghan war, OOBs, Operations or the layout of the terrain. CMA is so old you would have an easier time starting from scratch or reskining and adapting mechanics from Shock Force 2 instead of updating the code. Maybe they signed something where they can't have another game set in this conflict? That would suck. But if we are having a new CMA game, please try to respect Soviet doctrine of leaving the squad leader inside the AFV and give us an option to detach him independently!
  8. Osprey is going to release a book on operation Storm-333, the taking of the Amin's Palace, it's due on March 18. https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/upcoming-books/preorder-2-months/storm-333
  9. The truth is I only wanted to use the overlay option in the newer games editor. So it would be a matter of creating a blank map, doing the elevations and converting that to CM:A. But I don't own, or plan to, CMSF2
  10. How can you do it? I have tried and it with some tools and no luck. Can you also convert maps from modern CM games into CM:A? I would be very interested in that.
  11. Did you manage to solve it? What was the issue?
  12. 1939 to 1940 for me, but would love "Combat Mission: Graveyard of Empires", start with the Soviet Invasion just like CM:A and then a module for the American Invasion, then British.
  13. Has anyone managed to convert maps to work in CMA? I'm trying with a very simple map from CMBN to CMA and it doesn't load.
  14. How can you make compatible maps? And does it work with Afghanistan? I would love to use the background feature of modern games for creating heights and importing them to CMA!
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