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  1. 1939 to 1940 for me, but would love "Combat Mission: Graveyard of Empires", start with the Soviet Invasion just like CM:A and then a module for the American Invasion, then British.
  2. Has anyone managed to convert maps to work in CMA? I'm trying with a very simple map from CMBN to CMA and it doesn't load.
  3. How can you make compatible maps? And does it work with Afghanistan? I would love to use the background feature of modern games for creating heights and importing them to CMA!
  4. Yes, you have to copy the modified files into the mods or z folder for them to work.
  5. You have to explode the brz files and look for the soldiers folder, and then for the nationality and uniforms folder, it should be there.
  6. Wait, the simplest way would be to copy the MK3 mdr file and it's associated bmp file and rename it like the MK2, then when the game looks for MK2 it will get a MK3 instead!
  7. You have to edit the mds skeleton files of the infantry with a software like Notepad++ and replace all mention of Mk2 with Mk3, it's a bit more involved but that's the basic you should start looking into. When you open the file you will see a lot of strange symbols, bot just press CTRL+F and search for the exact denomination of the MK2 file that's probably inside the uniforms folder and replace it with the exact name of the MK3 helmet. Again, it might be more complex, but this is the basic. Hope it helps.
  8. Is it a random bug or they are not in any Quick Battle? Anyway, incredible that there's not a quick patch to fix this, the game has been out for quite some time now.
  9. Ok, I asked this in another topic but it might get some more attention here: I edited a bolt action rifle in CMFI with a new obj, have clip, muzzle and extraction. Managed to export as mdr from blender. But when I fire the game, the rifle is invisible. I'm guessing this is a texture problem. The file I have renders textures in Blender, all wood and metal. But when I go to UV editing there is nothing there. And the textures are three separate files (two for metal, one for wood). Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. Of course, I will be returning home tomorrow and will have a look at my old HDD, there might be something there too.
  11. Apparently Post Scriptum is doing an early war expansion with the battle of France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2v03mizxU4 I hope one day we can say the same about Combat Mission.
  12. I have had no luck looking for it in CMMODS, could you upload it somewhere?
  13. I remember it added some snowy trees with no foliage, and added snow to walls and other objects.
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