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  1. Off to see it tomorrow evening, so watch this space! 😉.
  2. So, pray tell, did they shop owner stick to his word?
  3. I remember this T shirt well, and thought the "cancelled" venues on the back was superb. My mate had one and i wanted to get one, however, my dad had other ideas! His father had fought through Europe at the back end of the war, Suffice to say, he WASN'T impressed!! Can see his point now, but as a young teenager, couldn't see anything wrong with it at all.
  4. Have just bought all three titles, and have had a great afternoon re-visiting old battles i had long forgotten about. Well done Battlefront and GOG games. I also find myself scrolling the wheel to raise or lower the camera. 😕.
  5. Can't believe the price, WHAT a Bargain! .
  6. When you say "navigate" to that folder and run set up program, not quite sure what you mean. it doesn't give me an option to do any of that. 😕
  7. Thanks domfluff, Think i may have cracked it! Thank you for your prompt reply.😉. As usual, the Battlefront Community is 2nd to none. Edit. Have managed to download, do i need to then compress it to a zipped file then extract it? if so, where do i extract it to? Have tried numerous locations, both games still showing older versions.
  8. Hi all. I have tried downloading the patches for CMFI and CMBN, which seem to download ok. However when i try to open the files, i get this error notification for both games; " Adobe reader could not open CMFI Windows v201 patch (1).rar because it is iether not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged, (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)." Anyone got any ideas? Tia.
  9. Thanks IanL, All up and running, not quite sure how i did it, but i did!! Appreciate it, thanks again, Ian.
  10. Thanks Steve, I have successfully downloaded the installer, i,m on windows and downloaded both options, dunno whether that makes a differance or not?? It,s running the installer i can,t seem to do. Havn,t got to licensing stage yet!! Ian.
  11. Thanks for your reply earlier Steve. Unfortunately i still cant get to the CMFI activate new products. Installers all downloaded, but just hanging around in file format, i don,t get the option to "run" them. I did read the option of changing the name in the properties thingy, but not confident enough to know what to change!! Just really need to know where or how to get the file open, pretty happy to have a go with all the license keys input when it comes to it. I know we will get there in the end, we always do! Rega
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