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  1. 😮Humm, I'm glad somebody got some use out of parts of that Mod..... I think I have some extra stuff that was never uploaded... some better low crops, I will see about uploading someday later on so anybody who wants too can cannibalize the parts they like..... I have a different low grass now but it only looks good on high in systems 🙄.. ..
  2. Hello, it was part of a terrain companion Mod I made a while back ago but it crashed and burned (seems to only work on my computer? 🤔). I'm just dusting it off and kicking it around some... Some Wildflower ..
  3. JSYK…..............….Like BFC I do not hang around here much anymore. Just send PM for info, I will see it quicker. I looked at those files and did not see any problems, just try again. Since I have little time to mod these days the uniforms will come out in small blocks and anything labeled extra is just more uniforms of that block but will look different. . . . .
  4. yes most of the links in this thread are dead, the main link where all Mod’s are stored is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kpb3tobjyxq98hz/AAC6bHWI767zNnLgzQ16MpdKa Currently the German Uniform Mod is offline pended it completion but due to real life work obligations a full complete set is just not possible at this time. So I will put up Sunday what has been done and after that just check link above every 2- 3 weeks for any updates. .
  5. Hello It is possible there is a translation gap, downloading someone else’s Modded material and then re-uploading that material without asking permission of the original Modder or maker was at one time a BFC no no. Has this change. Just wanted some clarification. I am not questioning his work but why he used some of my work, which took a lot of my personnel time to make, without asking or saying who he got it from. Seems a reasonable question. ez .
  6. I asked myself whether or not I would say anything and at first I was not but since a long weekend is coming up I have gotten curious and I have a question? Could you explain to me and the other people on this forum why you used some material Modded by me without asking me or even noting where it came from, until someone brought it to your attention? At first I thought maybe this was and honest mistake but then you put out V2 again same stuff. Now maybe I am old fashion or out of touch with the times but on my side of the pond this is or at least was considered rude, so I was wondering i
  7. Hello, The last SS Mod I put has not really change that much other than I now have a PeaDot pattern I am happy with but I am still rebuilding the shadow pattern. The only thing I can offer is WIP Mod but nothing today, I will send a PM on download link later. Best I can do. ez
  8. Hello Heer camo smocks will not show in the game unless the scenario designer selected the mixed camo appearance option when units oob was created. You can change this, but I don’t know how this impacts the Multiplayer part of the game. However if you play solo you can change all aspects of any scenario by opening it up the scenario editor. .
  9. Small FYI update, this Mod is currently offline pending completion if ever, though parts of it will perhaps show up elsewhere……. .
  10. Thanks for offer, but I think 1 or 2 weeks of doing something else is what I need. I have already started on a working test skin but need to build a better shadow pattern. My reference information comes from ATF. The stock 44 looks great but I have to make one, well actually I don't but I will. So it will get made. .
  11. Thanks, all Will finish after short break. .
  12. Thanks mjkerner, Still working on them and I want to try and make a M42 version with the pockets but with the way the gear hangs they may not show. Right now the Pea pattern is giving me a little trouble so I need take a break and walk away. If you want test the smocks for any issues you can find them here. Thanks .
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