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    Commanderski reacted to Haiduk in Soviet on-map big guns in the module for historical accuracy   
    The fragment of book "Artillery in Great Patriotic War". Chapter 14. The last assault
    So, on one of the streets of Berlin, the enemy fortified himself in the round form building with the walls up to 1,5 m thick. During a long time 152 mm guns fired at this building, but couldn't destroy it. But this building it was necessary to destroy as quick as possible, because MG- and SMG-shooters of the enemy, who were settled in it, delayed the advance of the whole battalion with their fire. For the destruction of this building, turned by the enemy in strong point, it was decided to attract a battery of 203 mm guns. With ten shots of 203 mm howitzers, brought to the target at a distance 250 m, the building was partially ruined and set on fire. The assault group burst into the burning building and completely destroyed the enemy that strenghtened in it.     
    This module, which reflects last stage of the war, where huge amount of assaults of heavy fortified positions took place, needs new heavy fortified buildings, much more stronger than this "new large independent factory building". Else very important layer of developments and warfare will be thrown out. 
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Infantry gun in action.  Scenario Alarmeinheiten. 

    Scratch one T-34. 

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    Commanderski reacted to DerKommissar in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Wonderful equipment and especially foliage! Thanks for the status update -- eagerly awaiting preorders.
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    Commanderski reacted to Chudacabra in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Some shots from Gog and Magog. A really great scenario. I'm down to two IS-2's and some anti-tank guns, but have severely reduced my enemy's fighting capacity. 

    Submachine gunner's view.

    No Country for T-34's.

    No country for Panzer IV's either.
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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Meanwhile, a fresh T-34 moves up to provide overwatch for the next street crossing. It's been quiet there and a friendly assault gun in the desired position has not been attacked. The Soviet tank rounds the corner and approaches its final destination. As it does so, the distinct sound of a panzerschreck is heard from a keyhole position across the street. The German had been patiently waiting in his hiding place.
    Bye-bye 70 rounds of HE and 3,000 MG rounds. Every time I break the "send the tank with lowest ammo" rule...

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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    After a few point blank rounds are put into the position, Soviet troops make another attempt to take a hard point that has been giving them hell. All is looking good until another defender is spotted deeper in. The advancing Russians quickly dispatch the dazed enemy rifleman. But, suddenly, point blank MG 42 fire from a hidden position rips through them, cutting down two attackers. As the friendly "insurance" team rushes in the back door, the German gunner is spotted loading a new belt of ammo. It's not looking good for him...

    However, confusion reigns. The first attacking team is stunned and unable to react quickly. The second has not yet spotted the threat. The German machine gunner, on the other hand, is a crack trooper and in the zone. With steel nerves, he finishes loading the belt and rises to fire.

    He cuts the nearest Soviet in half as the man desperately attempts to flee.

    Then, with lightning speed, he delivers the same execution to the second-nearest man, who claws the floor, paralyzed with fear. But now, the second Soviet team is closing in.  A Russian rifleman peers through the smoke and slowly lifts his weapon...stepping on broken glass as he does so. The sound reaches the German's ears and he instinctively spins around to its location.

    As the smoke dissipates, the Soviet hesitates, for fear of attacking a friendly. The German, who knows is alone, does not.

    It is a fatal mistake for the thoughtful Russian.

    But now, time has run out for the German. He is fast and deadly, but the last two Soviets keep their nerve and aim true. It is the end for him. Another stepping stone is gained at heavy, heavy cost.

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    Commanderski reacted to t34577685 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    the russian in the APC,wearing greatcoat!!
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    Commanderski reacted to kohlenklau in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Will there be any Valenki felt boots?

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    Commanderski reacted to t34577685 in Fire and Rubble Update   
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    Commanderski reacted to MikeyD in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Oh, Soviet greatcoats are in the game too. Not just greatcoats but also a version of standard dress with the folded up greatcoat draped across the body (often incorrectly called a 'bedroll') So there's lots of variety.

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    Commanderski reacted to StieliAlpha in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Here are some shocking news from the UK. Perhaps @Warts 'n' all can confirm:

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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Also, on the bright side, not only are the symptoms mild in most middle aged and younger people but even some of the elderly are able to recover.  I copied the below from a news article:
    A great-great-grandma from Washington who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 is showing the world what strength really means as she continues to fight off the infectious illness — and win.  At 90-years-old, Geneva Wood is not letting anything stop her from living life with her five kids, 11 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren, according to a feature in Seattle Refined written by her granddaughter-in-law, Kate Neidigh.
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    Commanderski reacted to Erwin in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Looking on the bright side, we may have gist and research for new CMSF2 MOUT scenarios...  
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    Commanderski reacted to Ultradave in Red thunder and Covid -19   
    Not here. All closed. Schools closed. Restaurants closed but doing curbside or delivery. No events. Town meetings all by video or phone conference. No gatherings > 25 people. Over 60 no gatherings > 10 people. 
    Chamber of commerce has a helpful web site with a spreadsheet on line with all food vendors (stores, bars, restaurants) their hours, and whether they do take out, curbside, delivery or drive thru. Local micro brewery is taking next week off from brewing to spend a full week making hand sanitizer. Then they'll give it all away. Pretty awesome. This is not a big company. Pretty successful little brewery but still.
    People who keep touting the flu numbers just don't seem to have read (or believe?) the medical experts that are saying and have been from the beginning that these measures are so that this doesn't cause millions of deaths around the world. Sure, so far only thousands have died. The POTENTIAL is very much worse.
    To add some on-topic content, I finished George's scenario that the dark and moody screen shot came from. One of the most enjoyable I've played in a while. Great map, REALLY well thought out AI opponent, choices to make that have big consequences. Really fun. Lots of good work is going into the scenarios. Your gonna' love it.
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    Commanderski got a reaction from Wicky in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    One thing that I also noticed is that over the past several days I haven't received any robo calls or calls from telemarketers. Maybe they shut down those call centers because of the virus...😀
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    Commanderski reacted to Falaise in Red thunder and Covid -19   
    In short, it's to say that I am very happy with my purchase
    I find it particularly well done and finished. Already Italy had impressed but Red Thunder is incredible and realistic landscape it and I often go to the region !!!
    It may be necessary to give CMBN a "facelift" because when unpacking it is rather disappointing and since not everyone knows the mods.
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    Commanderski reacted to MikeyD in Red thunder and Covid -19   
    An unexpected (short term) benefit of the situation is a number of the Beta testers and scenario designers find themselves stuck at home with nothing to do - except work on the module.
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    Commanderski reacted to Falaise in Red thunder and Covid -19   
    With covid-19 containment
    and  the time available, I decided !!
    I bought Red Thunder without waiting Fire and Rubble
    kept smiling and positive
    with great thought for Italy
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    +1.  Very cool!! 
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    Commanderski reacted to Attilaforfun in Fire and Rubble Update   
    The bottom pic. Outstanding.
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    Commanderski reacted to Lille Fiskerby in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Thank you for the reply George MC. Very much looking forward to the Winter weather conditions in the FR module.
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    Commanderski reacted to MikeyD in Fire and Rubble Update   
    I whipped up one little scenario set during the siege of Poznan. I did another set in Kostrzyn, a river town few miles up the road from Seelow. The eastern front was so vast you could type 'the siege of    (fill in the blank)   ' and insert practically any name you want. Pretty much every city was defended/captured/liberated/besieged/assaulted/destroyed at one time or another. Donetsz Ukraine used to go by the name Stalino and was practically obliterated by war's end, only to suffer a similar fate 70 year later.
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    Commanderski reacted to Combatintman in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Unlikely as the TO&E changes with dates - if a piece of kit or organisation was introduced in say December 1944, then it will be made available at that date in the editor.  Previous organisations and equipment remain available as long as they continued to be fielded in significant numbers.  It is one of the many things that makes these titles so realistic and also probably why the release of titles slips beyond their planned release dates.
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    Commanderski reacted to DerKommissar in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Awesome to see you guys constantly improving, can't wait for the preorder.
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    Commanderski reacted to George MC in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Hi Lille
    The above shot is set in January 1945 in Hungary.
    Personally, I've not tested the full range of weather parameters and this was taken using a beta build when I was doing some AI plan testing in a scenario I made.
    Caveat. How and when winter shows up and how to access whitewashed vehicles could change. Suffice to say winter terrain and weather conditions and whitewashed vehicles are in.
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