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  1. Guess that is part of reason why Soviets SMG teams are so formidable in CM. They always have enough armored support. Most of CM scenario have high density AFV, puts German player in a dilemma position. Try to stop SMG team cold in open ground at long distance will not work, most of time your HMG and LMG team will be eliminated by a salvo of 76mm HE. try to setup an ambush in keyhole position at close range may backfire for obvious reason.
  2. A little bit of OT, today is 80 years anniversary of Barbarossa https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20210621-hitler-s-war-of-annihilation-operation-barbarossa-80-years-on
  3. Did you use "Target" command to engage the enemy inf units? If so, then your squad will fire Dragon ATGM at the infantry units . Avoid the "Target" command.
  4. That looks great Falaise! Yes, my vehicle passed thanks to my luck, only two infantrymen were pushed off bridge . But later when I sent one Sdkfz 251 back , try to pickup more infantry , I experienced the bridge crossing problem. The SPW pushed whole Volkssturm platoon into the river , then stuck in the middle of bridge. I S/L and sent all the rest of infantry cross the bridge on foot.
  5. Yes, experienced the same problem. Make sure save before crossing the bridge. Only send one vehicle pass through bridge each turn. Don't send on foot infantry and vehicle pass the bridge at the same time, otherwise the infantry will be pushed off the bridge by vehicle just like the screenshot below.
  6. FYI CMCW Maps and Mods subforum does not allow guest visit
  7. Soviets Northern Group of Forces and Central Group of Forces equipped with T-72
  8. I am in the beginning of a PBEM game, so I will skip pervious discussion to avoid spoiler . Glad to know that Hauptmann Von Stransky got into trouble again. (Maybe he has a different name in "Kampfgruppe von Schroif" ?) One question about soviets spotting score: Does sound contact count as spotting ? I killed a Soviets ATR gunner, and his assistant gunner flee into the deep woods. But he could hide in a place that can hear my panzers. I don't know if I should spare extra scout team to hunt him down.
  9. if you want to be the e-hitler . Hit "pause" will stop your pixeltruppen withdraw from their current position.
  10. Thank you for that. But I am playing the game on my laptop with an integrated graphics card. So Nvidia control panel doesn't work on my laptop
  11. I thought Soviets requires assistant Plt leader stay on one of the BMP's commander seat while the Plt leader dismount? So there should be one BMP in the Plt has 3 crew members? Anyway, Here is a gamey method to improve BMP's spotting ability while keep the majority personal fighting dismount later. Split a scout team from the squad. Make sure the scout team board the BMP first. the one who occupy the commander seat will change description to "Leader". Please note the squad will combine again when you board the rest of the squad on the BMP. To avoid that you can put the 1st squad/A team on 2nd BMP, 2nd squad/A team on 3rd BMP. Or you can make the scout teams belongs to 1st Plt board the BMPs belongs to 2nd Plt .
  12. Just finish this scenario. This is a great scenario, fun to play with. A sense of Götterdämmerung, reminds me the CMBB scenario "Once a King". Street fight is intense, and you got make a quick decision based on limit information. In one min you are attacking Soviets position , the next min you have to rapidly change into a defense position and fight for your survival. but the Weidendammer Bridge is buggy. The AFV could trap and then bounce on the bridge ( guess this is the old CM crossing bridge bug) I have to S/L once to avoid my AFV trapped on the bridge. And one of my pixeltruppen fall off the bridge . That is a great place to take cover from incoming fire 😁
  13. Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense . I was using T-64A as the target , so the Bradleys gunner was trying to use ATGM to engage. Good to know they will use cannon to engage soft skin target through smoke.
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or WAD: Smoke screen is generated by Artillery I noticed that the TOW, M47 , M901 and M2 can identify the target behind the smoke barrages but could not engage it. On the other hand. M1 and M60A3 TTS can engage these targets. M60A3 TTS, the LOS/LOF changed to grey but can engage the Soviet Tanks behind the smoke TOW team seems to have the best spotting ability, but do not have a valid LOF M2 has the most weird behavior . it turns the gun to the target, gunner's action changes to "aiming" but do not fire. LOF is blocked by smoke
  15. most of the IR lights and optics work at near-infrared to Short-wavelength infrared spectrometer . Thermal sights capture the Long-wavelength infrared. That's two sub-division under infrared spectrum, but they have a significant difference on wavelength
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