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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54356336 Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Why Caucasus flare-up risks wider war casualties mount on both sides.
  2. Yes, verbal communication between different groups can be extremely effective . For example, an inf team spotted an ATGM ahead, they run back and communicate with an unbutton Tank commander. Then TC communicate with other tanks in the same tank company on PDA while the inf team report their finding to their leader through radio. In couple min, the ATGM's position will be broadcast to every units on the map.
  3. In CMBS Trophy APS can intercept Javelins
  4. Try a Blue vs Blue game in CMBS, Trophy Aps will generate a magic shield to stop Javelins. The next round Arms race began. Oh, and to the argument of field 100 Javelin team to counter a MBT, after a 20kt tactical nukes denote the one left to be operational is probably the MBT Since 1920's people think tanks are obsolete , history proves they are wrong. In my humble opinion, the tanks will not be obsolete, but they may go through an evolution that makes us no longer recognize them anymore. The future tanks could be a UAV carrier. It can carry dozens small to medium size UAV
  5. Yes. And CMSF: Fast and Furious CMSF: Mad Max CMSF: buckle up or face fines You name it
  6. CMSF2, then you can have a Red vs Red battle. And both sides fight in their Toyota Pickup 😄
  7. Even the magic force shield CM trees will not stop small arms area fire causing casualty . There are many times that the first time I have a visual contact with enemy, is I found their casualties from Area Fire. And more important, the small arms fire suppression effect is still there , so area fire will be essential when your assault team move close for the kill. You may find enemy take cover on the ground while your assault team take their aim or toss a grenade. and some cunning human opponents could combine Area Fire and Withdraw command. Pause and AF 30 seconds , withdra
  8. Yes, it is a great AAR, Detailed analysis of terrain, a sounding battle plan, brilliant chosen battle position, decisively commit force into the battle, keeping a cool head and calling a timely withdraw, plus some unexpected drama, all makes this a great read Also, the changing of ATGM team's fire position is brilliant. That is a very useful tips in CMBS, don't give your opponent a static target, do your best to mess up his fire solution.
  9. This happened in a PBEM. I do hope the StuG III crews got a blindsight, deaf ears and a headache after the hit, apparently they are totally fine . They quickly fired 3 shots put my ISU-152 out of action, then knocked out a T-34/76 at the end of the turn. The next turn begin with breath hold and finger crossed. My last T-34/76 reached the destination 18m away from the StuG III, the TC got the StuG III on sight. So the next turn begin with T-34/76 rotating turret and the StuG III change the facing. It took 5 seconds before the shot fired but to me it feels like forever. Anyway, the T-
  10. Nyet, more and more DF-26 and DF-17 HGV that is going to be field soon posed a big threat to Guam
  11. Regarding Soviet's ATR, I think Russian player should use them as a skirmisher. Keep them firing (and change fire position every couple min) while your main body is hiding and holding fire.
  12. You don't see this happen too often, a 152mm bounced off from a StuG III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BeqXcyroqg&feature=youtu.be FIRE! "We hit them hard!" (just remind me the good old days in WOT )
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