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  1. https://youtu.be/AdzZBx2eUcQ 😃
  2. Thank you for correction. I must toke too much vodka and thought there are four platoons in a company. : ) Thank you for the insight. I didn't think about that. I thought the rifle platoons function as fire elements but then puzzled by the very limited DP pan magazines. Now I remember someone told me, when you noticed a soviet army units with unique organization structure , don't think that unit is going to preform a special task , but think that is an amplifier. So I guess the rifle Co. will be a shock troops, the Assault Plt. is an amplifier of the volume of shock. T
  3. it depends , 76mm ZIS-3 can knock out a PzIVD at 1500m. but will have trouble against a Pz IV H. It won't be able to penetrate IVH's front hull unless at very close range.
  4. I think the tank guns and AT guns in CM's WW II titles are too accurate against infantry size targets. Please note I am not question the gun's accuracy or the lethality, I am wondering how come the AT gun can hit center of a infantry squad 800m with first shot? Or a T-34 first shot a HMG team hiding in a foxhole at 600m away? The problem is the range finding, how they can find the range so accurately with infantry size targets? I remember in CMBB and CMAK, the AT Gun will take at least 3-5 rounds to correct the aim.
  5. Hi all. As I remember, one of the biggest change in FR is to correct the Sov’s Inf company’s OOB. Change the 4th platoon into a SMG heavy Assault Platoon, while the 1~3 platoon kept as regular Platoon, SMG in each squad reduced to two. And I remember some of the member here mentioned that due to heavy loss each squad could have only 6-7 person, then at the end of 1944 the unofficial 6 men squad become official too. I am reading a website that records different counties infantry squad structural. https://www.battleorder.org/ussr-rifle-co-1944 Here is some thought on this topic:
  6. I am looking forward FR can provide a unique atmosphere, Götterdämmerung. A feeling mixed with taste of victory and the fear of defeat. the desire of revenge and the instinct of survive. I am looking forward to play in a scenario similar to CMBB's "Once a King". You command an ad hoc battlegroup consist of SS, Heer, LW or whatever the troops that can still carry a gun, try to break through the Soviet's roadblock when under heavy Katyusha bombardment.
  7. I can understand your frustration. My wargame buddy and I had a conversation couple days ago. He is more connected to John Tiller’s Squad Battle series. In that game he understands he is in charge of Battalion , sending the instruction and guideline to Company COs and Platoon leaders to get their job done, he don’t get the Combat mission series because he is confused about his role here. Is he a Battalion CO? Yes, he has a whole Bn of Panzer + PzG under his command, But he has to make decision for every squad? Crap. CM is full of details . Sending your squad stand behind a fence in a gun
  8. I partially agree with you. Using Bazooka against targets in open is not good idea. But in CM these short range portable WWII AT weapons are still very lethal against weapon in open. I saw a panzerschreck rocket took out 4 GIs before
  9. But sometime you must take a gamble. I had a PBEM game in which my opponent sent 3 BMP-3 to disembark Infantry in front of my position. I had only one Corsar ATGM team available, and they are not in an ideal position. There are some trees in front of the building. The next building could be an ideal fire position. So I issued order like this. Here is the result ATGM Maneuver and Fire Part I ATGM Maneuver and Fire Part II
  10. In WEGO game this can be done in an ideal situation, it has restrictive condition so most of the time I would not suggest to do that. It is preferred to have Jav team hold fire. then at the end of the turn the intended target is in sight. When issue the order, give a target or armor target arc. In CMBS JAV team needs 15 SECONDS to finish lock/launch. So give a withdraw order then put 30 Seconds pause (20s pause is also an option , but it could be risky).
  11. Walls are annoying. Tear down the wall! I remember Rainbow Six II and III have a great feature. it allows you to pre-run the plan (in a non-hostile environment ,replace all terrorists by dummies) before the action. I hope the future CM would include the same feature. Of course people are going to complain that because with the other side shot back the result could be totally different. but "No plan survives first contact".
  12. PRP-4 "Nard" , Artillery observation vehicle
  13. I would love to see the auto cannon on IFV and reconnaissance vehicle can engage attack helicopter
  14. Thank you for sharing. ahh, too bad there is only one "smoke" command in game.
  15. yes, pause + smoke combination doesn't work . An alternative way is to have two squad, one smoke, the other pause for 30s~45s then charge. but it is better to play it safe, wait for one min, check where the smoke grenade landed then issue fast/quick command in the next order phase . I have experienced a lot of issue that the smoke grenade landed two spots away from intended place.
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