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  1. Yes thanks Erwin, I was aware of that thanks. it was the hierarchy of subfolders I was unsure of.
  2. Thanks 37mm, glad you understood what I was getting at, didn't fancy trying to explain it again!! 😉 Cheers mate
  3. Hi all Just a quick question on mod folder structure. Does the game read sub-folders of a folder before other folders in the data/Z folder? in the example below, say i had folders X and Y containing mods as shown Data/Z/zzfolderX/subfolderY and Data/Z/zfolderY as i understand it zzfolderX would be read after zfolderY, but would subfolderY then be read after zfolderY bit confusing i know, but hope someone can explain. cheers
  4. Ok thanks Benpark, I know what you mean about time mate 😉. Thanks again
  5. Nice Benpark, will give them a try. Anything similar for other modules that you know of please?
  6. Thanks both. I have checked out Bills post, and it is very good with great tactical advice, but it's not really nation specific. I'm looking for something more historical for the different forces within the CM WW2 game timeline
  7. Hi all Can anyone recommend some good books, websites that cover infantry and/or armour tactics used in the second world war please. My knowledge on Eastern front tactics is not very good, but could do with reccomendations on all nations really. Have read some osprey titles but find them a bit hit or miss Thanks
  8. Yes I too would order Barbarossa, France 1940 straight away
  9. Yes saw that also Aragon. Have you looked at some of the editions heimdal books also? There is one called 'three days in hell' which has been published in French and English, I have not read it, but it covers the battle at Buron. I have a few of their Normandy series on Rauray and Op Martlet and they are very good. They are in French though which I can't read , so I use google translate 😉. Also Pen and Sword seem to be publishing some of the French editions Heimdal into English, I think they have done battle for St Lo, Carentan, and battles of the Odon so far.
  10. I see Tim Saunders has a new book out about the 12th SS Hitlerjugend in normandy, not read it yet though.
  11. I was not aware of how to add flavour objects either i must admit. One question if i add flavour objects to a scenario and uploaded it, would the new flavour objects be available to everyone who downloaded it? My first thought is probably not, but thought i would ask cheers
  12. Over the battlefield' series by Ian Dalglish. Three books covering Epsom, Bluecoat and Goodwood, are really good as are the battleground Europe series
  13. Does anyone have the Commonwealth helmets foliage mod referred to a few posts back please? I cant seem to find one anywhere. cheers
  14. Hi all again Somebody kindly sent me a message saying they would forward me a copy of the map and to contact them by email, you did not include your email address though, could you resend please? Thanks
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