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  1. Your welcome matey, any questions just ask 😉
  2. Personally I would go with Il-2 1946 and more specifically VP Modpack, it's not as bloated as BAT, and if your comfortable with adding mods you can specialise your install to your taste. My particular interest is the Nightfighter/Nightbomber war, and I have built up a very specific install covering this. I have even made some of my own mods for it in the past. Whilst Il-2 Great Battles is far better visually, I find the AI fairly predictable and easy to beat. VPmodpack is available at SAS also
  3. Many thanks 37mm really appreciated mate. I have one question, I installed all the scenarios/campaigns on page one, without reading your instructions first 😬. Does it overwrite any stock scenarios? If it does I didn't back up first, so how could I get the stock scenarios back without doing a full reinstall, any ideas please? Cheers
  4. I don't think these sites are totally legal to be honest, there are a few around if you look. I'm not sure how they get thier steam keys, but I have heard that if steam find you have bought a key from one of these sites they can confiscate and close your account. So be careful would be my advice. Research it on the internet there is lots of info on these sites. Regards Slippy
  5. Great news choppinlt, hope it works out for you mate, been following this since the start, you have my total admiration for taking this on. As mentioned above this will indeed breathe new life int the game. Good luck. Regards
  6. Thanks Elvis, that's all I ask, not least for my sanity 😉. Take care all
  7. No worries mate. I play CM and browse the forum as a way of escapism, as I'm sure a lot of us do. I'm just fed up to the back teeth of hearing how we are all doomed after Brexit, by those who never wanted it in the first place. If you really want something to fail it will. I just think we should get on with it now and learn to live with it. Moaning gets you nowhere, ask my missus 😉
  8. Can we not make this political? It would seem by your post that your not a supporter of Brexit? Nevertheless a democratic vote was taken and the result was Brexit. Wether you agree with the result or not is irrelevant, it is here and we must make the best of it for all concerned. We all know the media love to put a negative spin on everything, continually moaning about what a mistake it is will do no good for anyone, and is quite honestly becoming rather tiresome. Regards slipper
  9. On this subject can anyone recommend any good books covering WW2 Tank armament and ammunition please? I have a pdf copy of World War II Ballistics: Armor and Gunnery mentioned above. cheers
  10. Brilliant work Lucky Strike, definitely one of my favourite mods. Been following your work for a while, so in some small way i can appreciate the work and effort you have put in to release this mod. Much appreciated mate. 😉
  11. Thanks everyone, i am aware of Hard Cat rules, i probably should of mentioned as i use them and Frankos rules for Infantry. For me though there is still this gap when it comes to Armour/Infantry Cooperation. I also use the rule that armour can only target enemies it has contact with, or enemies that a friendly unit has 'pointed out' (same action square, tracer, etc) i am more looking for some rules on cooperation, and how messages would be passed realistically. I'll continue to work on my ruleset. Thanks for replying regards slippy
  12. Hi all Something i have been unhappy with for some time is the interaction between Tanks and Infantry, especially in the WW2 titles. With the 'gods eye' view of the player its possible to have a single tank track halfway across the battlefield to help an infantry section, which seems highly unrealistic. I have done a little digging around, and there are some quite good resources available (mainly from the British and American point of view). A good one here covers the Canadians at Operation Charnwood, the British would be following the same procedures. https://scholars.wl
  13. Thanks Repsol for clearing things up for me, no mate would not try and use a Corps in one scenario, i think my computer would blow up! 😉 regards slippy
  14. I realise you can use a master map to cut up for scenarios, but can you do the reverse? Can you take two maps and 'stitch' them together to make one larger map? Also is there any limit to the amount of units you can hold in the 'core units file' for a campaign? Could you in theory have a Corps for each side? Thanks for any replies slippy
  15. Great Information Ithikial_AU would be interested in any other paperwork you have on the Normandy Campaign please mate regards slippy
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